Wolves Tolerate Our Intolerance….

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May we never be judged by anything so harshly or hold to as strict a life or unremitting of borders as the ones we try to place on and around wolves – Rick Bass


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  1. Our treatment of wolves and all animals is terrible and inexcusable. We are selfish, greedy, and sadistic as a species.


  2. We are definitely NOT the superior species. We prove it every day in every way.


  3. I believe there will be a final judgement, and I believe that the souls of all the animals who were murdered by sadistic thrill killers will be standing next to God when he asks these sorry excuses for human beings why they destroyed the creatures He loves. They never belonged to us. They belong to Him, and there will be a heavy price to pay.


  4. Alyhough we largely know of how far a young wolf will disperse to find good habitat and mate, from gun-happy psychopaths, we know that they are resilient.
    There are so many attacks on wolves going on now, that it is difficult to keep up.

    Unfortunately the Imnaha pack near Enterprise OR has some old and injured “alphas” and has been hitting the sheep brought by ignorant and greedy herders from Europe, and many are today slated for death as a result (OR DFW know that some collared are innocent, and will avoid killing them in response, but Ithink it will be a case of guilty until proven innocent. % injuries or deaths have occurred to calves or sheep since last fall)

    Worse, perhaps on a large scale, the US House of Representatives has passed the SHARE Act

    Congressional Bill Pushes to Expand Trophy Hunting Access…You Can Help Stop it


    You MUST go to the link for senators and voice strong opposition to this Act, ASAP.

    It includes insane provisions, including legalization of Elephant ivory import thus subsidizing violent poachers (100 African elephants are killed per DAY),
    Legislation overturning the proof made for wolf endangerment of extinction by state policies by US courts, will lead to precipitate removal of protections and the draconian state hunting to continue.

    Worse? It redefines Trapping as Hunting, opening the way for wholesale destruction of every furbearer in the USA.
    This is all increased to the worst possible extent by opening up National Parks and preserves to hunting, for any animal the state feels it can make money or assuage the violent gun-toters.

    THe bill MUST be STOPPED> Obama could, of course veto it, but the ;legislators of all parties need to hear YOUR voice.


  5. I read a passage from “Of Wolves and Men”. It was some time ago, but it is so appropriate:

    “The vaults of ecological understanding must be opened to those who value only the green that fits in their wallets. This is the central challenge of our time.

    If one day the wolf no longer finds the world a fit place in which to live, we may face a similar and inescapable destiny.

    We adopted the wolf, or the wolf adopted us because the two of us are so very similar. That is very significant. Thousands of years ago we brought a powerful intelligent predator into our caves and our lodges, and today it sleeps at our feet. While we were learning to love the wolf that became the dog, we somehow learned to hate the wolf that stayed the wolf. I hope this will change. If we despise the wolf, we despise the true nature of the world in which we live. And our planet’s health depends upon recognizing that we face the same biological constraints as the wolf and all other life.

    We must never forget that what the wolf wants, we want: food, space, peace, social order and a healthy environment in which to live. Of course the wolf wants one more thing, which should come as to surprise to any of us.

    Brother Wolf wants to be left alone.”

    Amen to that.


  6. Humans are too obsessive to leave anything alone. I’ve been dismayed reading commentary about those who would like to break down the Wilderness Act lately. Meat consumption is on the rise, despite warnings about over-usage of water, habitat destruction, greenhouse gases, and animal welfare. The beleaguered Chipotle is planning to open up another burger chain (like we need another one of those)! Someone must have convinced them of the errors of their non-GMO ways. We.Just.Don’t.Care.


    • So I would say I am one of Climate Change’s biggest cheerleader (Go, Climate Change, Go!). We’ll never get though to these lunkheads about anything green but M-O-N-E-Y.


  7. This isn’t about wolves – but it is so outrageous it has to be seen. What’s going on with our wild horses is abysmal also – Mengelean.

    Look at what is happening to this poor baby elephant – just look at the expression on his or her poor face! This kind of sadistic torture has to stop:



  8. My majestic animal, yes!


  9. Hope things can change!


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