Think of The Wolves On Earth Day…

Earth day diregiovani

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  1. I think of them and all of earth’s creatures every day.


  2. Nabeki … I am working on a novel, Yellowstone Howling, a novel about the interconnection of all things, set in the midst of Yellowstone and the wolf controversy. Your blog has been inspiring and helpful and I wonder if we could talk more? I will be in Gardiner May 11 – 17th and would love to meet in person if that fit your schedule and interests.

    Thanks for the work you do … joyce


    • Howls Joyce,

      Would love to speak with you. You can message me on FB @ and we can chat more about this.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki … so sorry to have missed this note. Just got back to scrivener. I spent a week in Yellowstone doing research and may go back in Nov/Dec to do some volunteer work with Buffalo Field Campaign. Would love to hear more about your work. joyce


  3. Thanks for posting this thoughtful page, Nabeki.
    Western Environmental Law Center has created some petitions at
    to protect wolves.

    They have other petitions for Griz, Lynx, and other predators endangered by US law and regulation at

    Please also sign onto their specific petitions against public lands fracking, etc. thank you!


  4. I think of the wolves, all the animals and the planet every day, and the Ancient Proverb…”Treat The Earth Well. It Was Not Given To You By Your Parents. It Was Loaned To You By Your Children.” More people should read it and heed it.


  5. Every day, Thank you Nabeka for that you do


  6. I think of all the animals every day.


  7. What a gorgeous photo. Thank you (ALL) for this blog and those who post on this great blog. It is a comfort to “hear” from others with similar sentiments to my own. You feel so close and the blog brings one closer to the threatened, underdog wolves we care so much for.


  8. What beauties! Hope everyone had a happy Earth Day!


  9. I love them. I am thinking of them all the time. May God keep you alive and healthy my angels on earth.


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  11. yes think of the wolves today earth day and everyday we must never forget they need someone on their side always and Nabeka your are really special to do this for them.


    Not wolf related but hopefully it will make a few people smile. I suppose some people just don’t know how to respond to a good thing, a shame.


  13. It looks a little like a Coyote. Ever follow Charlie the Coyote? A woman in Wyoming raised him from a wee one, wrote a book about him, and he has, thousands, I’m sure, followers by this time. He’s living the good life, as well he should.


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  15. I’m always thinking of them–it’s clearly not enough. What are the suggestions re Earth day, and do the suggestions differ from any other day?


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