2009 – Obama Declares War on Wolves…



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  1. I voted for President Obama but have been really disappointed in his administration’s policies for animals. He had Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior, who continued the war against wild horses on behalf of ranchers. US Fish and Wildlife Services also continued to act on behalf of hunters and ranchers, and his head of the US Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, allows the terrible abuse of farm animals and seldom enforces the Animal Welfare Act. It was also under his leadership that the horrendous research projects on farm animals was carried out in Nebraska (as reported in The New York Times). I read that the president would take a better stand on wolves, but this doesn’t look good.

    Animals don’t have money to donate and can’t vote, so what chance do they have? Most animal advocates can’t compete financially with the gun/hunting groups and ranchers either.


    • It is being said Obamapalin will go down in history as the worst environmental prez since R. Reagan.

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  2. I didn’t vote for Obama. Had a bad feeling about him from the beginning. I’m usually right about people…and this one I hit dead center. Within the first year I could see what his plans were for America. “Bring it down”. He’ would do anything for a buck no matter how much bloodshed it cost….humans and ANIMALS. I said from the beginning, ‘Either he’s a plant…or he thinks that he is a king and we are his subjects.” I just hope that the wolves survive the last part of his presidency.


  3. I’m adding a comment that is a little off topic but related: The Daily Kos has a article stating that infamous welfare rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle are starving on the range. They have been neglected for so long they are being declared by some as “feral.” I have suggested in the comment there that all the animals be fed and given veterinary care with the bill sent to Bundy, making him pay this time.

    I think there is one thing that is certain: If a wolf killed one of those unfortunate starving and neglected cows, Cliven would suddenly be overcome by a boundless love and concern for that cow and call on his outlaw posse to go gunning for wolves.

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  4. I think the wolf delisting and allowing guns in the National Parks, both done by rider, showed how little this Administration ‘gets’ wildlife and wildlands conservation. I voted for him the first time around, but refused to do so the second time around and voted for the Green Party. He’s done better towards the end of his 2nd term, but it really is too little too late.

    Compromise is one thing; but caving and giving away the store is something else entirely. As we can see from the recent sage grouse ‘compromise’ being touted as the best thing ever, these people want not only their share but yours and mine too.

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    • I would like to see “wilderness” be a wildlife habitat that does not include being a playground or hunting ground or trapping ground for human benefit. The politicians listen to the moneyed interests that look at the environment, the woods, the forests, and the rivers and their inhabitants as resources to be managed and utilized. Even in this time that is more aware of and sensitive to animals, including wildlife, we cannot get from Gifford Pinchot to John Muir. Sad.


  5. I have been a life long progressive often voting for Dems because their policies, on first glance, seemed the most life affirming. In my lifetime, I have not seen one other than Carter occasionally that ultimately fit that bill. I voted for Obama both times but he has pretty much continued or exacerbated any or all of the oppressive policies of the previous administration. Including policies that affected the natural world in any way shape or fashion. The BLM and their handling of the wild mustangs comes to mind. The USDA and their constant take down of organic ag. and support for the likes of Monsanto………..to name just a very few. And then there’s the wolves, the buffalo and on and on it goes. And on the human front it is as dire or worse. Drones.

    How soulless can these bought and paid for politicians be before the game is up for all of creation.

    I am voting for Bernie come hell or high water. If he’s not nominated, Goddess help us all.


  6. i surprised Obama would do this to wolves seeing he is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as far as being a phony


  7. I am not surprised, the worst administration concerning protection of Wildlife. Salazar’s lobby full of hunters and ranchers


  8. At no point did I ever vote for Obama. At no ppoint have I ever voted republican.
    We know that wolves, wildlife, and natural ecosystems never got any moral treatment from Euroamerican immigrants to North America.
    I’m certain we are all repeating ourselves on these issues.

    Why does one repeat oneself? Most likely because one feels that the rationale or position has not been looked at by those to whom we repeat information.

    I make statements that are not politically correct, cultural statements:
    Obama was a product of an urban upbringing. Ranchers would not exist without technology to turn cattle into commodities – Domestication is turning other lives into commodities, disregarding the fact that they have brains, individual cognition within the capacity of their evolved adaptations to the ecosystem niches their ancestors found.

    I have mentioned that wolves, bears, prairie dogs were all regarded as competing with humans and their imported ways of proliferating themselves.

    Obama was the heritor of several cultures – euroculture domesticated animals, cleared entire forests (Scotland’s forests were cleared in great part due to the fact of wolves there having refugia, and the sheep/cattle culture did not wish to tolerate less than 100% exploitation of these domestics. All of Europe had a war on wolves, and there is right now dispute on the wolves slowly returning to areas of now more urban Europe).
    Obama also came from East Africa, which has a long tradition of cattle keeping, killing of large predators, AND now of European mighty white hunters. Without going into this as deeply as necessary in quantitative language we KNOW that some of the most powerful hunting lobbying has resulted there in equating killing predators with conservation of wildlife.
    It is ALL due to the excessive proliferation of humans at the expense of every living organism that does not directly enrich one or more humans in financial/social status.
    Obama was, like so many other humans, eager to find and establish the social niche in which he excelled. that niche was rhetoric and compromise (He got his JD in International Relations, which IS compromise, rather than for instance making war or developing technology as an applied scientist of engineer)
    So he or the groups that sought electoral positions, felt that his qualities would gain them power in society.
    Since that society is efficiently exploitive, wildlife and wildlands are not to them of any value except as humans can enrich themselves socially.
    Fracking, no matter how it poisons water,
    World trade as using cheapest labor to gain highest financial return for investors
    Fossil fuel exploitation in North America to diminish the Southwest Asian hold on the most sure lucrative resource – the one that runs the world since the late 1800s.
    Pandering to the most socially powerful groups. – as you KNOW, Dems wanted Montana to retain senate seat for majority in congress. This is the open secret of why wolves died for human political power fighting.

    THe ONLY way to lessen cease and prevent the total domestication of the Earth, with wolves, griz, prairie dogs, lynx, ancient forests, etc as small numbers for museum pieces, is to CHANGE the culture.
    Bernie will not do it sufficiently as there has ALREADY been a movement by exploiters to redefine conservation as human “gardening” of the entire earth.
    Ecological science has shown this to be a grave error for vertebrate life and biodiversity – but humans so far pursue their personal or partisan gain over other humans.
    THere is a scientific movement whose traces I see little of here on this site; it is one tying compassion for those other lives to the increasing recognition that they also think in their ways, they also communicate, they also deserve attention and understanding. They live lives, individual and species, that have EQUAL value to our own.
    This is not politically correct, as the overpopulating Islamic culture, the overpopulating christian and related cults (like the mentioned mormon ranchers who came west directly in order to evade secular earth governance in favor of religious fantasy of human domination), the overpopulating Asians, the overpopulating African (remember 15 time s as many as 100 years ago), the overpopulating European seekers of cheap status (I have already outlined what happened after those civil war generals decided thaat Native american tribes were also vermin to be extinguished through killing 60 million bison, .
    THere were tens of millions of elk in riparian and normal disturbed habitat between forest and naturally burned areas. They, birds, pronghorn, and other native wildlife fell to the guns of market hunters feeding gold seekers, and burgeoning cities of Euroimmigrants.
    Technology of railroad gave the cattle industry its start. even before refrigeration, icebox cars allowed international shipping of cow bodies.
    Right now, if you have gotten the free emails from USDA under Vilsack, you KNOW that Obama and administration officials have been visiting South America, Europe, Asia perhaps especially, and elsewhere in order to open MORE markets for dead domestic food. It is being aggressively pursued in order to enrich the very cattlemen who refuse to tolerate or allow place for wildlife at all.

    I have traveled the west, perhaps more than most of you.
    EVERY valley, EVERY winter habitat for wildlife and therefore wolves, is coveted, , taken by grazing or farming industry, or real estate for houses and personal yards.
    It is insane.

    Neither major party will get you back to toleration of wild, self-willed life. From Japan and China and Korea, to right in your own culture, there are people waiting to sweep the ocean of both whales and krill, the forests of Malaysia to the redwoods to cut and sell to other humans.

    You have science focused on genetic ways to reduce any possible death from humans only.

    ALL species are basically limited by starvation. Wolves self-limit population growth through suppressing excess reproduction, even while humans fight sometimes to the death to avoid diminution of personal or community reproduction. It’s one of the traits of religions. Humans are primarily trying to prevent their own starvation, and WILL grow again until there is more starvation. That’s the way of animals, unless predators control them. Insufficient predation upon humans exists.

    I have voted for the Green Party since 2000, even though they have been subverted into supporting such idiocy as unrestricted immigration, the original source of death to wolves, griz, and the little bear (I knew one local black bear who looked to be near 400 lbs, and although I have many funny and beautiful stories about him, I suspect he finally died under human guns, as wise as he was.).
    I have mentioned that efforts in this administration to place rocky mt elk in NE ca seem to be slowly working. I checked tracks in mountains east of the entire Sierras in March to find the presence or absence of wildlife – pronghorn are slowly increasing in the northern part, some bighorn are making their way about, even in the rugged mountains of the Mojave, burros, coyotes, mule deer, are all trying to live.

    I have put out pretty much money to buy necessities for a Wolf Recovery organization that advocates, engages ranchers to trust them to prevent or recompense wolf “depredation” in NorthernCA (and do so for other orgs that do not compromise defense of wolves and wildlife) , educate the public, and raise Mexican Wolves for genetic diversity (Mexican wolves are SEVERELY bottlenecked, and unless the captive wolves can add to the wild population, founder effects and other problems will extinguish this beautiful high desert mountain wolf from the earth).

    Babbling about the politics of the excess humans will do nothing for the wolf.

    They will become even more intractable, more inimical, as did the fundamentalist mormon Bundys and their insane idiot nonthinkers who want only guns and death (you see, they fear so much their own extinction that they are becoming violently desperate. They WILL kill you and all others that they could get away with. Over at Malheur they proved this.
    I repeat that I HAVE handled the insane gun tech – the sniper weapons used against distant coyotes and soon wolves (I was right where the CA wolves are next going to disperse, and live also in another close direction , where numbers of roosevelt elk are slowly increasoing enough to support wolves.) I saw the night scopes, the electronic calls, i know the baiting, and much more .
    I also know two or three universities that have conservation scientists who seek to study wolves, bears, forest predators like marten and fisher, and add to knowledge.
    There is a growing understanding that we have to change philosophy and culture to save wildlife and wildlands abd big predators because without them, ecosystems collapse, erosiongobbles up topsoil and fertility of life. THe subject is vast, but read Nelson and Vucetich, read the conservation scientists, and USE that info to establish social validity for your opinion and the life of a wolf.

    You CANNOT do anything by babbling about the past politics – ALL the euros- afro- hispanic- americans want the world for themselves, and all political parties will kill wolves to gain power.

    YOU however, can add your voice FOR wolves, FOR wildlife, FOR public lands as true refuges for native ecoystems and wildlife. IN THAT way you can impress them that they need to make common cause with YOU, in order to gain power. Inthat way only, can you affect politics.
    Obama is now trying to do the usual presidential thing – give something to every clamoring group. He is the child of peoples who care nothing for other life, other minds. But IF you phrase your ethical values, your moral values strongly and clearly, wolves WILL get a little relief.

    It is going on with USFWS right now in AZ/NM release program.
    It must include the change of public lands to conservation and refuge, ending exploitation.
    In Utah the mormons are clamoring to end public lands. There is a big fight going on via the republicans , because they are allied with this idea.

    Do NOT ever vote republican. In spite of the fact that the masses DO understand that immigration has and will destroy wildlands and wildlife, and vote for Trump, they merely want it for their own quasi-european private gun hinting preserve for a generation or two.
    They want the feds to focus exclusively on warmaking, even though the OBVIOUS original SOLE intent for the second amendment was to arm people because there was no standing army.

    FORGET OBAMA.. He was a compromiser who failed to obtain reasonable compromise, and was walked over by the gun-happy republicans and their like. The strategy failed. forget it.
    NOW, make your voice heard, as the contenders for power will ally with the strongest and most socially powerful voices.


  9. Here’s today’s USDA factsheet touting the WTO, the TPP, and new markets for cattle, dead pigs (they exhibit strong intelligence and cognition when alive) diary, monster GMO monoagricultural products, even TOBACCO.


    I personally stand against corporate agriculture and giant trade agreements that overwhel environmental reglualtions, AND givee money therefore poweer to agriculaturalists.

    The humans CANNOT be allowed to grow more numerous, and governments seek to pacify citizens through wealth, which causes humans to grow until they eat the world.

    Unless this destruction can be stopped, the world will die, becoming a giant farm for humans. Later the humans will die out, but the rest of life (wolves are 2 million years in their present form, humans just a 20th of that) will die first. Give out contraceptives to humans, or better do like china did for years, No more than one child per couple.


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