2009 Revisited – Gray Wolves in the Crosshairs

gray wolf

April 28. 2016

 In order to understand wolf persecution, as it stands today, it’s our obligation to look back and re-visit the Obama administration’s war against wolves, which started with the delisting of Northern Rockies gray wolves in the Spring of 2009, four months after the President took office. His rancher Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, wasted no time stripping wolves of their ESA protections. Idaho and Montana almost immediately proposed wolf hunts that started in the fall.


September 16, 2009

The gray wolf stands at a crossroads in the lower 48.  Stripped of their Endangered Species status by the Obama administration,  they are left unprotected from the guns in Montana and Idaho. The first federally sanctioned wolf hunts in the Continental US are taking place as I write this.  Thanks Ken Salazar for allowing the de-listing of wolves to stand.  I thought a Democrat administration would be different, apparently it’s business as usual in wolf country.

Idaho’s hunt started on September 1st, with a quota of 220 wolves from a population of 875.  That’s one-fourth of Idaho’s wolves.  Montana’s hunt began Sept 15, 75 wolves are slated for execution. How did it come to this?

The purpose of this blog is to explore that question and try to understand why this magnificent apex predator is so misunderstood and hated, merely because they exist. I welcome your comments and opinions wolf lovers.

Meanwhile a federal judge in Missoula, Montana holds the fate of gray wolves in his hands. Thirteen environmental groups filed a lawsuit opposing the de-listing and asked Judge Molloy to grant an injunction to stop the wolf hunts, while the lawsuit was pending.

The judge issued a partial ruling on September 8th denying the injunction to stop the hunts but stated the plaintiffs opposing the de-listing were likely to prevail on the merits of the case. Small comfort for the wolf as it’s being hunted. Male, female wolves and pups of the year can be taken. Yes, apparently it’s OK to hunt PUPPIES!!

The war against wolves continues unabated.


Photo: wolf wallpaper

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  1. A tragically short sighted and heartless bureaucrat. He should have stayed in the world of academia and stayed out of the world of leadership. He’s been a very poor leader at a crucial time in the life of the planet and it’s decreasing and essential diversity.


    • Couldn’t agree more Linda.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. Apparently, this is a grand plan by those rogue groups to achieve their goal whether it’s deemed right or wrong. Thanks to all those groupsjuj who fight the protection of the wolves, as without them, we would have no wolves left. Our country has become a war of wills, where whomever shouts the loudest gets their way. Pathetic.


  3. Never having understood the Euroamerican wolf hate, I studied psychology and anthropology long before wolves were delisted anywhere.
    Unfortunately wolves bear the brunt of both the fears of a primate omnivore who has come to feel utterly helpless without guns – long distance lethal projectile weapons, and who invaded the North American west only through the use of guns, liquor (that history is long, and the trappers discovered their ability to seduce native americans in the 1600s with this molecule that shuts down the capacity to think.

    Wolves were killed by Eskimos, a group that appear to have lived in Arctic North America for a period in the range of the time the first known Europeans discovered Greenland and subarctic Canada Viking farmers established colonies in the 900s and did not for very many years encounter any, and the previous arctic human visitors/nomads, population appears not to have used the same technologies, so its likely that Inuit have only been dispersing for 1200 years)
    Why were wolves killed by inuit/Eskimo (the term is Athabaskan or other far more ancient human populations – it means eaters of raw meat)?
    Eskimo lived in a land that had only musk ox, caribou, sea mammals, and wolves, with little wood for shelters. It turns out that wolf fur more easily sheds ice and water than other fur, and this group, perhaps the most utilitarian of the human groups managed to kill wolves to line their parka hoods so they would not be discomforted by their own freezing breath, and when one capsized in a kayak it was easy to shake out the frozen or cold water.
    Having studied some cultures, I can report that the Eskimo/Inuit had a far less reverential view of wolves than did the ancient North American tribes, who themselves regarded the wolf as teacher, fellow hunter, and in some traditions, Brother and Sister on the Earth.
    THe Eskimo/Inuit instead regarded EVERY animal that came within their ability to kill, as a gift. They felt and still feel that an animal gives itself , its life, to the individual who seeks to take life, and to them the wolf was no exception.

    Luckily, the wolf in the arctic (others with more ecological traditions lived in the taiga lands actively prevented the eskimos from colonizing further south) was more mobile than humans.
    So the wolf, a long-distance traveler in the Arctic, could find refuge from eskimo, and did not need to do so from the original peoples of this continent.

    THe eskimo had discovered over their long dispersal that the dogs they brought from Asia could slowly genetically lose their vital and wild desire to run vast distances, and since they understood the relationship of wolf and dog, sometimes staked out a female in her oestral period (late winter/early spring) to reintroduce wolf energy into their captive slave dogs (eskimo still have a rather Asian utilitarian approach to their dogs, rather violently mistreating them to maintain order and mobility).

    The Viking farmers, of course retained their livestock-“owning” dislike for wolves, even though their own original cosmology before the infection of christianity recognized the wolf as intelligent, innocent and friendly to men.

    So that’s some more ancient history to help you understand a couple roots a bit better. I have more on the original Nordic cosmology concerning the failings of men and the dire consequences to even the human gods, of human mistreatment of wolves.

    Obama, as I said in a previous post, was heir to a modern urban and Abrahamic religious falsehood generated by the herding culture that gave you Judaism, christianity, and islam, the tradition that falsely placed humans as separate and somehow above other animals. This anthropocentricity, like the eskimo utilitarian beliefs, are the root of Eurasian antiwolf sentiment.
    This post is long, but in it you can more easily see how the wolf is victim (modern eskimo infected with guns and highly mobile machines, also have decided in many of their urban areas that they do not wish to coexist with the wolf. This is why I choose to use the pejorative native North American term for them. THe caribou themselves in British Columbia are suffering an extinction event due to snowmobile use; the wolf is being persecuted there due to excessive technology of humans.

    Whatever amelioration of Euroamerican violence and injustice toward the Wolf can be accomplished, may have to do with strong regulations against killing wolves and predators until the culture of utility as relationship to animals dies out.


  4. Thank you, Mr President, for your assistance in the extermination of our gray wolves and slaughter of our horses. I really don’t care what your Secretary of the Interior wants in his ranching. Ask him if he ever heard of guard dogs. Africa uses these special dogs to keep big cats away. Are your ranchers so kill happy, they can’t keep up with Africans. I’m really surprised that you didn’t see this when you were there. Shame on you. We are suppose to be protecting wildlife, all life.


  5. Although this page is historical review, I perceive Howling For Justice as a place where humans can find out about critical issues concerning wolf survival today, and wish to bring to your attention the latest news and action you can accomplish for the family of the wolf.

    Due to a very recent agreement by USFWS and wolf-protection groups (Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery, and some others (yes! the latest on Mexican Wolf Recovery includes at last Southern Colorado, Southern Utah, and the Greater Grand Canyon areas – the agreement defeats the original insufficient South-of-Interstate-40 recovery area), the new recovery area will be redefined to include more of the original wolf habitat where they were murdered off – even by Aldo Leopold – in the 20th century.

    You can find two wolf rallies, one in Albuquerque and one in Kanab (UT),
    as well as a very important action YOU can take to save one wolf family from a mistaken removal of its father .the issue is URGENT! PLEASE TELL THE FEDS: LEAVE LOBO FAMILY ALONE,
    and gives phone numbers and address of those with power to cease and desist from this action, which runs counter to Mexican Wolf recovery.
    Please act on this.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks for the link Makuye. We also post on our two Facebook pages everyday.

      Wolf Warriors
      https://www.facebook.com/WolfWarriors/ and

      Howling For Justice

      The links are on the front page of this blog. Right now I’m going through the history because this blog is almost eight years old and I’ve recorded most of the history of the wolf hunts since 2009.Many who read this blog have been here since the beginning and have lived through every defeat and every sad ruling.

      I think it’s important to remember how we all got here. Of course wolves were being persecuted long before the wolf hunts but it just added a new layer of persecution and horror for the wolves and us.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. at this moment it is vital for you to add your voice against an imminent removal of a father wolf from the Mexican Wolf Recoverry area.

    DoI email:
    Southwest FWS Director:
    Mexican Wolf recovery Coordinator:

    This is Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project page with phone numbers to call to object to the removal of an Alpha (reproducing ) Male whose mate is pregnant or denning with pups.

    Removal will almost certainly doom the pups and is extremely likely to break up the pack – as wolf science show a high likelihood of these effects.

    the Mexican Wolf is extremely endangered, and YOUR voice is necessary to preserve the long-term survival of wolves from Mexico to Utah and Southern Colorado – the areas certain to be included in the upcoming new recovery plan.


  7. Yeah, Nabeki, people do not go back through your blog enough.
    It is a REALLY important historical source, and everyone should understand this. I hope sometime, somewhere, that you can write of your personal experience as well.

    By the way, THANKS for supporting “Speak For Wolves” which is again going to happen July 5-17 in West Yellowstone.

    I hope your readers will go there for this important event. It is something of real value and a beautiful vacation area.


  8. So he has not ruled since Sept. ? What is taking him so long , to go through a full year ! This is bull , and I thought he was a good judge ,,, you think Hillary or Trump will be any better than Obama ? we needed Bernie !!


  9. Almost the entire country is based on profit unions are down, loving nature is not as good as it once was and sites like this are so precious!


  10. I should say loving nature and it’s creatures is not as abundant as once was such a shame, it really hurts.


  11. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.


  12. Obama’s choice of Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior has made me think less of him (Obama) since I heard about the appointment. Salazar comes from a ranching family, you know, the people who kill wolves who they think may harm the cattle they ignore out on the range, the same range that they are claiming by removing/hazing the wild horse occupants off the land to send to slaughter houses and holding pens. Great group.


    • Yes, an appointment like Salazar was historically predictable. But Sally Jewell is equally as bad in her own way. I believe running the Parks like a profit-making business is a really bad idea. Cramming as many people into them as possible, supposedly to ‘save’ them, is a bad idea. We can’t seem to see any way other than an economic business model. Not creative at all. Her appointment exemplifies how little people know about environmental issues and ecology, and climate: “she climbs mountains and likes to hike, so she must be an environmentalist’. She exemplifies, to me, one-sided outdoor recreation-ism which is as selfish and damaging to the environment in its own way as any others. Thank God for the election in November. I will never forget her saying that ‘wild horses reproduce a lot’ at some meeting or other. And now, silence when the BLM’s procedure were criticized by the NAS report she was waiting for.

      People should pay fees, and also taxes, gladly to support American’s treasures. Take away the tax breaks from the extraction industries and ranching that may have had a good reason 200 years ago when these industries were just starting, now that they are making money hand over fist (in the case of oil), they do not need them anymore. Redistribute limited dollars in better ways.

      I sure would be much happier if my tax dollars went to support the national parks instead of Wildlife Services and ranching.


      • Needless to say, we will all be waiting avidly to see who the new President appoints. It’s always a disappointment.

        There have only been two worth a s**t in my view; one appointed by Hillary’s husband Bill, who not only was one of the best Interior Secretaries we have ever had (Bruce Babbitt, the other the visionary Stewart Udall), but we had him for eight years of continuity, not having to choose between frying pan or fire of bad. I have no problem holding the feet of an Interior Secretary to the fire because look what is at stake, and look at what has gone awry since this Administration!

        Noone can hold a candle to them; and imagine the gall of trying to ‘improve’ upon the ESA by the spoiled dimwits of today!!!! I have a lot of confidence that Hillary will do the right thing for environment and wildlife. Bernie courting hunters raises alarm.


  13. Speaking of whom, there’s an article today about Sally Jewell fraternizing with the hunters and anglers at an event sponsored by TRCP and the “conservation community” in DC, telling them how important they are to conservation! What it doesn’t say is that the system is rigged in favor of hunting and angling. When has she ever thanked non-hunters and environmentalists for their contributions?

    Hunting and angling is, in our modern world, not sustainable in the future. There’s no point in trying to promote it as if our world hasn’t changed.


  14. Just read your twitter feed Nabeki, makes my day!!!


    • ^^I meant ‘OR politicians and ethics violations’. Politicians and ethics violations, kinda go hand in hand, don’t they.


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