Happy Mothers Week!

Alpha female mom and pup

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Mother’s day is every day for wolves!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting.

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    • True happiness


  2. ~*~ AMAZING GRACE ~*~


  3. Beautiful. Wolf killers and demonizers should be ashamed.


  4. So precious — nothing like a mother’s love! Bless all animals♥️🙏


  5. Here’s the tentative Speak For Wolves Program to be held in West Yellowstone July 15 -17

    Here is a link to an article on the two new pups placed successfully in a wild foster mother’s den in Catron County New Mexico’s wild public lands.
    While the original Albuquerque Journal article seems focused on the pretended woes of public lands ranchers , I can tell you that Mexican Wolves have only been adjudged to have taken about 21 cattle per year. A major problem is the state’s management of ungulate populations for hunting, which does not permit enough elk. Ranchers, you see, are extremely averse to elk existence, as they want all the land for cattle.

    On Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, there are only two wolves left; Global warming has pretty much eliminated the winter ice between the Island Park and Minnesota/NW Ontario, so the wolves are father/daughter as well as half siblings born to the same mother.
    Since the NPS is not moving fast on the issue, a Plan will not be released until November 2017.
    HOWEVER, YOU CAN COMMENT to make the Plan one of releasing wolves on the large island (this is Alternative C) at the comment now link on this page:

    There are only 8 more days to add your voice.

    The large island once harbored three packs. Moose are presently growing to an extent that will require either an artificial “cull” by govt, or return of enough wolves.
    It would take too long a comment to discuss the bioecological fluctuations; instead, consider that the Island can be a refuge for wolves that could be captured instead of killed for conflicts with livestock growers in the Great Lakes area. At sometime relatively soon, the moratorium will end, and it would be nice to offer this alternative instead of the usual hate-politics corrupting DC.


    • Thanks for the info! Unbelievable that the gov’t is hemming, hawing, hedging, and dragging their feet on reintroducing wolves to Isle Royale, and are so quick to jump when a rancher wants a pack taken out!


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  7. Sweet! 🙂


  8. Yep, Ida, so true about those spoiled ranchers.


  9. I’m glad it’s Mother’s Week – still time to comment about protecting grizzly mamas and their cubs! 🙂


    • Here we are ida, first they came for the wolves, now they’re coming for the grizzlies. The Obama administration has been the worst thing to happen to the nation’s apex predators. It’s really a tragedy.

      For the wolves, For the grizzlies,


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