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May 26, 2011

I want to take the opportunity to once again thank Louise du Toit for creating this amazing song for Howl Across America.

Howl Across America was launched in July 2011 to protest the brutal  Idaho and Montana wolf hunts. We continue to demand the end of wolf hunts and wolf slaughter.

Wolves in the Northern Rockies were stripped of their ESA protections in a travesty of justice when the US Senate passed a budget bill with a wolf delisting rider attached.  On a dark day, in the Spring of 2011, wolves were delivered to their enemies on a silver platter. President Obama signed the bill into law, making it the second time in just a few short years he had delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies.

  We call on the USFWS, Ken Salazar, President Obama and Congress to right this wrong and relist gray wolves before state management silences their howls forever.

Louise has been a stalwart supporter of wolves and this cause. Thank you again dear Louise.


August 12, 2011

“The song for HOWL ACROSS AMERICA was written by Louise du Toit as a contribution to the August 2011 events, organized by NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, Howling For Justice and individual wolf advocates around the world, protesting against the killing of wolves. Music, lyrics, performance and recording by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2011.”

Created by members of NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, and Howling For Justice, HOWL ACROSS AMERICA is calling on all wolf advocates to speak up for the wolves in August 2011. Please join their page at the following link and add your voice of protest against the war on our precious wolves”….Louise Du Toit



I watch the wolves go by
It seems as if they fly
As they run across the never-ending plane

With a spirit fierce and wild
And playful like a child
They embrace the earth in sunshine, snow and rain

And we don’t have the right
To keep them from the light
To hunt them down; to let them die in pain

So speak up loud and clear
Let the whole world hear
That roaming free is how they must remain

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

The earth is full of signs
That we have crossed the lines
But we refuse to listen, see or hear

But endless tears will fall
When we will lose it all
We must stop at once to interfere

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

(Music and lyrics by Louise du Toit – 11 August 2011)

Louise du Toit – CD Albums @
Louise du Toit – Official Website @

Video: Courtesy Louise du Toit

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Howl Across America

The beautiful voice of my wolf sister Louise du Toit, telling us what to do.

Please listen!!

Full Wolf Moon Vigil Ontario, Oregon, March 2012


Photo: Courtesy Full Wolf Moon Vigil March 2012

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Be There! Howl Across America For Wolves! Helena, Montana, October 14

Click on the wolf for more information.

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Howl Across America, Bozeman Rally A Success!!

The Howl Across America rally held in Bozeman on Sunday, organized by Jenny Hane, was a success. It garnered a lot of media attention and brought much-needed focus to the brutal, ongoing wolf hunts in Montana and Idaho.

Here’s Jenny’s summary of Sunday’s events.

“Hi folks, so I’m sure you all want to know how the rally went.

Even though the event was fairly small, it created something of a media storm. I got interviewed by three different reporters, and I will probably end up on TV (and someone from the other side probably will too). There was also a photographer — I think he said he was with the New York Times (no, seriously, I can hardly believe it but that’s what I think he said!) who followed us all the way to the courthouse and took a ton of pictures. The counter-protest didn’t follow us when we marched; we left them behind in the park, and they were all gone by the time we got back. So while they had greater numbers, I suspect that we ended up being more visible. Some of them came over and argued with us when we were in the park, but nobody got nasty. We had a couple of people (not associated with the counter-protest, just random Bozemanites) yell and swear at us in passing while we were marching, but no worse issues than that. I congratulate all my attendees on their good behavior. When we got back Billy set his equipment up in the band shell and gave us a nice little concert, and since we basically had the park to ourselves we got some time to relax. Two of our attendees came all the way from Utah to be there, which was pretty cool. (They want a healthy wolf population in the NRM so that wolves can disperse into Utah — once they get their own politicians to allow wolves in the state, that is.) And, um, those are the highlights, I guess. For every person who “booed” us when we were marching, it seemed like there was another one who honked and waved or said a friendly word when we passed them on the sidewalk. I suppose only time will tell the effects of this. And now, I’m going to spend the next week sleeping and catching up on other work and sleeping some more. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.”


Howl Across America is planning more rallies in the upcoming months to protest the slaughter of wolves in Montana and Idaho. We cannot forget Wyoming is pushing forward with their plan to have unregulated killing of wolves in most of the state, which could happen as soon as next year. Wolves in Wyoming would then be at the mercy of a horrific plan to shoot-them-on-site, or they could be run over by a snowmobile. Yes it’s that bad.

I want to thank Jenny for her hard work and dedication to wolves. She did a wonderful job planning and organizing the Bozeman rally!!

For the wolves,



Dueling wolf rallies held in Bozeman

Posted: Sep 18, 2011 8:58 PM by Dennis Carlson (KBZK Bozeman)
Updated: Sep 19, 2011 6:48 AM


Strong opinions shared at opposing wolf rallies

Posted: Monday, September 19, 2011 12:15 am

JOLENE KELLER, Chronicle Staff Writer


Photo: Courtesy Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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NIWA Holds Howl Across America Rally in Spirit Lake, Idaho

This is what Howl Across America is all about. NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance) held a pro-wolf rally in Spirit Lake, Idaho where Governor Otter was “meeting with constituents”.

They brought wolf ambassadors NIWA and Maya from Wolf People. The wolves  represented their species with grace and beauty, even though it looked like the Governor wished he was miles away from them.


Wolf snaps up spotlight

Protestors, citizens come out for Gov. Otter’s visit to Spirit Lake

Posted: Thursday, September 1, 2011 12:00 am | Updated: 1:35 am, Fri Sep 2, 2011. By TOM HASSLINGER/Staff writer

SPIRIT LAKE – The two sides stood apart in the drizzling rain, one holding signs protesting Idaho’s second wolf hunt, the other the state’s governor, about to honor Spirit Lake residents Rod and Nancy Erickson.

“He doesn’t want to talk to us,” said Bill Ross, one of 12 members from the wolf advocacy and education group, Wolf People, out of Cocolalla, who made the trip to Spirit Lake to protest the wolf season during Gov. Butch Otter’s Capital For a Day celebration. “He wants to avoid us like the plague.”

A few feet away from the demonstration, which included two caged wolves that licked their handlers’ hands, stood Otter, fielding questions about his position on wolf management.



Wolf advocates in North Idaho protest against grey wolf hunts


Video: Howl Across America

Photo: Courtesy JEROME A. POLLOS/Press

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Howl Across America Rallies

Howl Across America Pro Wolf Rally, Cour d’Lene, Idaho, Sunday, August 28, 2011

Howl Across America was born just a few short months ago. It was an idea whose time had come. Grass roots wolf advocates were not being heard, our voices drowned out by the radical rantings of the right. In over two years, since Obama delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies, we’ve had very little to celebrate. Our only victory was the relisting of wolves by Judge Molloy in 2010, thereby canceling  that year’s wolf hunts. Since that time wolves have been delisted once again, stripped of their badly needed ESA protections and subject to brutal state management, who aim to severely reduce their populations.

Howl Across America is a campaign created to give wolf advocates a place to gather and plan rallies to protest the barbaric wolf hunts and show support for gray wolves. Our goal is to bring pressure on the wolf states by shedding much-needed light on this dreadful situation. There has been a virtual national media blackout on the wolf hunts. Many local people in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have no  idea what is about to happen to wolves, let alone the rest of the country. We want to change that.

We’ve had some success, baby steps as we move along, learning and growing. We’ve sounded the alarm that wolves in the Northern Rockies are in the grave danger. Without your support they could once again disappear from the American west. This is the time for action, not complacency.  The success of Howl Across America lies with you.

Idaho’s wolves may be on the verge of extirpation once again. We’ve shouted this from the roof tops, yet most wolf supporters, even though expressing support for wolves on FB and other sites,  have not organized a protest rally, or even shown up for existing ones. Today in Cour d’Lene, Idaho we had a modestly good turnout and I want to personally thank my friend and fellow HAA administrator, Ann S.,  for organizing the rally in Cour d’lene. You did a terrific job and thanks to everyone who turned out.  BUT there were many more people who had committed to coming who did not show up . Several days ago 200 people protested the mega-loads,  some were even arrested. Where is that same  passion for wolves?  What do we need to say to make you understand how dire this situation is? Aren’t wolves worth the effort?

Appealing to President Obama or Senators, who voted to delist wolves via budget rider, is really non-productive in our opinion. Why would you appeal to people who threw Montana and Idaho wolves under the bus, in a misguided attempt to help Senator Tester retain his seat?

I’ve repeated this tens of times but I’ll say it again, EVERY SINGLE SENATOR, EXCEPT WYDEN, LEAHY AND LEVIN, VOTED TO DELIST GRAY WOLVES via budget rider.  That includes Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, both Udalls, John Kerry, Cardin and the list goes on. Forget writing to them, you’re wasting your time. They and President Obama are the reason wolves are facing these horrific hunts.

This is the time to take action. Boycott the wolf states and make sure you write to the governors of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming to let them know how you feel about the way they are treating wolves in their states. Tell them why you won’t be doing business or vacationing there until the war against wolves is halted.

It’s up to you. Are you willing to allow wolves to slip away without saying a word? Do you want the wolf hate groups to have their way with these iconic animals and yet say nothing, do nothing? I’m challenging each and every one of you to get up and make a difference.

Visit Howl Across America and get involved.  Network with other advocates. When you commit to attending a rally, SHOW UP. There is nothing worse than planning a rally, having people commit to attending the rally and then on the big day, crickets.

The Idaho wolf hunt starts on August 30, 2011, that’s TOMORROW!! The wolves have no idea the hell they going to face. Their babies are just four months old and still have their milk teeth. They will be targeted along with their parents and pack-mates.  Much blood will flow, wolf families will be torn apart, before the guns, arrows, snares and traps finish their deadly work.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”….Edmund Burke


Washington DC Rally August 2011


Wolf Lovers To Protest In North Idaho

Photos: Courtesy Howl Across America Rally

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Call For Boycott Of Wolf States…

Predator Defense whose “mission is to protect native predators and create alternatives for people to coexist with wildlife“, is joining Friends of Animals and the chorus of groups calling for a boycott of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, until such time as they stop slaughtering wolves. Please click on the Predator Defense link below, all the information is there concerning the boycotts.

These states are arrogant and believe hunting and ranching interests trump wildlife watchers. They have not felt the power of economic and travel boycotts and might think twice about their wolf killing ways.


* I want to include an exception to the Idaho boycott. There are only two wolf education centers in Idaho. Please continue to support them, they’re more important now than ever.

Wolf People
Cocolalla, Idaho


WERC (Wolf Wolf Education and Research Center)
Winchester, Idaho


From Predator Defense

ALERT! Wolf Bloodbath in Northern Rockies Begins Aug 30

Wolves Slated for Slaughter in Wyoming, Idaho & Montana

August 15, 2011 – The hand-off of wolf management from federal to state control has predictably created a holocaust for wolves in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Authorities in these states may not like wolves, but they do like and depend on your tourist and consumer dollars.

Help us stop the slaughter by boycotting these states.

Read more:


Idaho Declares War On Its Wolves….


Wyoming Wants “Unregulated Killing” Of Wolves In Most of the State….Speak Out!!!


Montana FWP Approves Killing 220 Wolves for 2011 Hunt….

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Howl Across America, Please Join In And Howl For Wolves….

Just a reminder this is the month to HOWL for wolves.  We are calling on all wildlife advocates to organize or join a rally to protest the wolf hunt slaughter and show your support for these beleaguered animals.  Initially we designated August the month to HOWL but we’ve now extended it into September and beyond.

Here are the rallies being planned on Howl Across America. Please visit the site and click on the discussions tab. All the rallies are posted there. If you have a rally you’d like to organize, this  is the place to post it. We need advocates from all over the country, not just the wolf states.



We have to get out from behind our computers and protest the wolf hunt slaughter to show our support for wolves. This is the time wolf supporters. There are millions wildlife advocates out there. There are countless wolf groups on FB. If everyone in those groups cooperated to organize protest rallies we could make a real difference for wolves and gain much-needed media coverage.

If you support wolves and are outraged by the hunts, now is the time to show it.  We finally have a chance to do something pro-active.


Top Photo: Courtesy Ray Rafiti

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Cry-Wolf

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We have our own song!!

Louise Du Toit, “Award-winning South African artist, musician, singer, composer, arranger, lyricist, actress, writer and painter” wrote Howl Across America and dedicated the song to the campaign  It’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much Louise!!

It is my hope it will be played tomorrow at the rally in Washington, DC.  Louise is in the process of making a video as well.  In the meantime you can click on this link to listen and download the song.




Wolf Warriors please join Friends of Animals today, Friday, August 12th, in Washington, DC, To Rally For Wolves and Protest the Upcoming Wolf Hunts.

Where:Gather at the Capitol Reflecting Pool at 9.00 a.m. (First Street and East Capitol). Then march to the White House before convening at Lafayette Park (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—directly across from the White House).

This is the time. Stand for wolves. Be a voice for the voiceless. Remember what wolves are facing in Idaho, starting August 30, 2011, eighteen days from now.

Idaho Wolf Hunt

N0 quotas in most of state.  Hunters can kill 2 wolves per calendar year and since the wolf hunt in Idaho extends through March 31, 2012, hunters can apply for 2 more tags in 2012, allowing them to kill up to 4 wolves. Trappers can kill 5 wolves in 2011 and apply for more tags at the beginning of 2012. That would mean trappers could kill up to 10 wolves during this upcoming hunt.

Traps do not have to be checked for up to 72 hours, wolves could suffer for three days in a trap before being killed. Think how long three days is without food or water, with your pack-mates surrounding you, unable to help.

Remember the pups are just four to five months old. They are unable to care for themselves without the pack. Idaho has approximately 1000 wolves, 1/3 are pups. They could be killed outright or left to starve if their parents are killed.

Idaho wants to reduce its wolf population from 1000 wolves to 150. That means 850 wolves could be slaughtered in this hunt.  Mothers, fathers, babies, sisters, brothers…all gone.

Hunters can use traps (leghold), snares, archery, high-powered rifles, the horror of it goes on and on. If the hunters and trappers don’t get the job done Idaho fish and game has stated they will use Wildlife Services, with their helicopter gunships and traps.

Make no mistake, this will be a bloodbath.


Wyoming wants unregulated killing of wolves in most of the state. That means if Wyoming has its way wolves can be  killed every day of the year.   It will be open season on them to be killed in any way possible, even running over them with a snowmobile.  Wyoming has approx. 300 plus wolves. Yellowstone wolves regularly cross over the park boundaries.  If that happens, they are in danger of losing their lives, just like the Cottonwood Pack back in 2009.


Montana has approx. 520 wolves. Hunters can kill 220 wolves with archery and high-powered rifles. Meanwhile Wildlife Services continues to kill wolves in Montana. The wolves will be dodging bullets from the hunts and WS.


Extirpation All Over Again?



Priscilla Feral, President, Friends of Animals, will be a guest on the Jane Velez-Mitchell Show, HLN CHANNEL today @ 7pm EST, 6pm Central, 5pm Mtn and 4pm Pacific, talking about the DC Rally and the upcoming wolf slaughter. Please watch or set your DVR’s.

Visit Friends of Animals For Updates On The Washington, DC rally!!

Howling Across America To Save Wolves


Top Photo: Courtesy Louise Du Toit

Middle Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

Bottom Photo: Courtesy First People

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Howl Across America! Stand Up For Wolves!!


Just to remind everyone to visit the Howl Across America FB page and connect with other wolf advocates, in preparation to HOWL in protest, August 2011.

You can  join an existing  rally or organize one in your hometown.

Speak out against the upcoming brutal wolf hunts AND the proposed unregulated killing of Wyoming wolves.

The Howl Across America Facebook page is the headquarters for this event, providing a forum for networking with others in your area. Advocates can share tips and advice on how to plan peaceful protests, find fellow wolf supporters and devise strategies to garner media attention.

 Visit our online store that offers Howl Across America tees and other items.


Rallies Being Planned

Sign up to attend or start your own!!


Here we go Wolf Warriors!  Be the voice for the voiceless! Get ready to HOWL!!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”… Edmund Burke


Video: Howling4Justice

Photo: Courtesy Skyler T.

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