“Save The Wolf Protest” Boise, Idaho, Today…

 Public Event · By Mato Woksape

Save the wolf protest

Monday 3:00pm until 7:00pm

 Idaho Fish & Game

600 s. Walnut Blvd. Boise, Idaho

Non-violence protest including music and prayer as tools of protest.

We can’t put off another protest there is no time for the wolf. Please join me for another protest lets do it big lets do it right. Stand up for the wolf its time for us to fight.

Bring your drum bring your voice. Rainbow Warriors let us put our faith in actions.



Photo: Courtesy Mato Woksabe

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Happy New Year To All My Dear Wolf Friends…

This is HFJ’s third New Year and I feel very lucky to have so many loyal readers who care about wolves, wildlife and wild places.

Thank you for standing with me and the wolves through thick and thin.  I couldn’t have done it without you!! May this be a better year for the wild ones.

For the wolves,


Top photo: Arctic wolf wallpaper

Rose Photo: http://www.fabiovisentin.com

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