Ode To Magnificence by Louis du Toit

(Louise du Toit — 02-24-2012)

I am wolf

I am
the true spirit
of nature
a perfect creation
walking beside you
guiding your senses
to see
the invisible

I am
a predator
the delicate balance
of nature

a sentient being
no more evil or righteous
than any other creature

born with everything
I need to survive

I am
a true survivor
devoted to my family
loyal to my pack
the defender of my territory

has chosen me
as its enemy
lack of knowledge
brought fear
bred hatred
in a dark cloud
of demonic imagination

Like countless
other earthlings
I am shamelessly

My true destination
will only become visible

when humans
discard their
imaginary fear
false legends
phantasmal myths

to seek the truth

Wolves in lamar valley_ Earth Justice

Video: Courtesy Louise Du Toit

Photo: Courtesy Earthjustice

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Remember The Wolves This Holiday Season…

There are no borders_Louise du Toit

December 23, 2012

To all my faithful readers, I know this a dark time but things WILL turn around for the wolves. I will do everything in my power to make that happen!!

I’ll be off and on the next few weeks, mainly updating hunt numbers and approving comments but not posting much during the holidays. You can use this time to read older blog posts, which chronicle the tragic delisting and slaughter of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies and now Great Lakes.

We hope to unveil our new project in January or February!!

Keep the wolves in your thoughts, the haters are having their way now but it will be short-lived. Keep believing and never, ever give up!

For the 790 slain wolves,



Photo: Louise du Toit

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