Idaho Wolf Trapping Season Starts November 15…..

warning graphic videos

Idaho’s wolf trapping season opens November 15 and runs through March 31, 2012. It will be allowed  in the Lolo, Selway, Panhandle, Dworshak-Elk City and Middle Fork zones. 

I cannot express to you in words how I feel about trapping wolves. This is the very torture that was responsible for wolves’ Western extermination.  My heart breaks daily when I check the number of  wolves slaughtered in the Idaho and Montana hunts. The Montana wolf archery season is particularly horrific to me BUT nothing is going to decimate wolves like trapping.

The blame for this tragedy lays solely at the feet of those  81 Senators who voted to delist wolves via budget rider and the President, who signed the bill into law, with the wolf rider intact.

“Animals caught in leg-hold traps will endure a slow and excruciating death. Some chew off their own leg in an attempt to escape. Others may freeze or bleed to death before the trapper returns. Those who don’t will be strangled, stomped or bludgeoned. The traps used kill not only their intended victims, but also injure or kill endangered species and domestic companion animals.”


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