Wolf Pack Caring For Their Four Little Ones…

Time for an uplifting video of a wolf pack caring for their week old pups. They have their hands full! Momma wolf is fighting a losing battle trying to keep them in the den…lol

Enjoy! ❤


Video: Courtesy YouTube greenbunting

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“A Wolf Called Storm”

I love this documentary, it originally aired under the name “Cold Warriors”.  Jeff Turner does an amazing job filming the  Delta Pack in Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park. Storm is the huge alpha male, an amazing leader, along with his mate Susie. These wolves are buffalo hunters. Watching the pack in action, how well-coordinated and cooperative they are, is truly inspiring. It’s also a pleasure to see wolf pups well cared for by their family, not under the threat of brutal hunts. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing wild wolves in their natural habitat.

A warning for the squeamish, there are predation scenes throughout the documentary.  Predation is a natural part of life, benefiting both predator and prey. As apex predators, it’s the wolves’ job to cull the buffalo herds, keeping them strong.  Only the interference of man upsets that delicate balance.



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Video: Courtesy of YouTube, Natural Kingdom

Photo: Courtesy pbs.org

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Easter At Wolf People….

Wolf People’s wolves went on an egg hunt, well kinda, sorta…lol.  Here they are sniffing, analyzing and tearing their eggs to shreds. Hanta Yo looks particularly upset with his egg.


“I think Hanta expected to be given a steak treat on today’s Easter Tour @ Wolf People, not an Easter Egg!”

“Hanta inspects further… ”  “And decides to attack the egg anyway!”

HANTA YO and his soul mate LEGACY

 Legacy:  “I am much too much of a princess to eat that!”

 or  “If i act uninterested, maybe he’ll leave one for me…” 


Niwa is a Timber wolf, age 3 (and the nicest wolf i have ever met ;D)  He is the “pack clown”  … always doing something funny.  Named “Niwa” because he is the mascot for the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, who advocates for his relatives in the wild.

 “Now if i roll this just right it will drop into my water bucket…”


She is 1/2 Arctic 1/2 Timber Wolf , just turning 5 years old

“Hey…what’s this? Niwa left something uneaten? Unbelieveable!”

These are ambassador wolves that people see up close, inspiring them to want to help wolves in the wild. Having the wolves gives us the opportunity to educate the public about them.  We take the wolves to schools and events for educational outreach and  schools tour the Wolf People facility.

 Wolf People’s wolves are often photographed and filmed , including two Australian documentaries and National Geographic.

Wolf People has been educating the public about wolves since 1993.

Ann Sydow (Co-Chair Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance)

P.O. Box 246 

Cocolalla, ID  83813


Wolf Comments: Courtesy Ann Sydow

Wolf Photos: Courtesy Ann Sydow

Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny Photos: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Wolf People Logo Courtesy of WP (Nancy Taylor)

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The Beauty Of Canis Lupus Arctos


Photo: Courtesy Andrew Johnson Flickr

Photo: Courtesy Tambako the Jaguar Flickr


First Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914…..Huskies or Wolves?


Canis Lupus Arctos Range

Photos: Creation Wiki  and Wikimedia Commons

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February 12, 2010

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