From New West: Is Gardiner, Montana, the Selma, Alabama, of Wildlife Conservation?

This is a must read article written by Michael Leach on the brutal, heavy-handed treatment Yellowstone’s iconic bison are receiving. We can thank the members of the  Inter-agency Bison Management Plan, including the National Park Service, USDA-Forest Service, USDA-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, Montana Department of Livestock and Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks. Shame on what you are doing to Yellowstone’s bison!!

Is Gardiner, Montana, the Selma, Alabama, of Wildlife Conservation?

On bigotry and bison management at Yellowstone National Park.

By Michael Leach, Guest Writer, 2-09-11


5/14/09 Montana Department of Livestock chasing baby buffalo with broken leg.




Video: Courtesy Buffalo Field Campaign

Photo: Courtesy of

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