The Birth of Lily’s Black Bear Cub – Jan. 22, 2010

This is a wolf blog but I thought this was such an amazing video of Lily the black bear giving birth to her little cub, I wanted to post it.  A chance to see life brought into this world.  Enjoy and listen for the little bear cub crying.  Beautiful.

From The Buzz Log:

Lily the bear gives birth
“The Minnesota black bear is the subject of a research study — and fascination on the Web. Lily may live in a cave, but she’s also very much present on Facebook and Twitter. The three-year-old has been trying to hibernate — and gestate — while her daily activities were caught on tape 24/7. So when she gave birth to cub number one, the Web went wild. You can see the video, below.  Biologists who noted her contortions concluded that congratulations were in order. Although Lily is pretty private, you can hear the first sounds of her baby. Searches in the last week for “lily the bear” shot up over 1,600%. Those searching for Lily’s bundle of joy wanted to know “did lily the bear have cubs yet” and how to access the “bear cam.”

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