OR 7 Hanging With Wily Coyote

OR 7/Journey  (Photo Richard Shinn Associated Press)

Looks like Journey/OR7 has found a few friends. He’s still vacationing in the Golden State and was recently spotted romping with several coyotes. Normally wolves and coyotes are not friendly but when you’re the only wolf in California it can get awfully lonely.

Wolves are social animals so I’m sure he’s pining  for canine company, even the little “song dogs” will do.


California’s lone wolf seen mingling with coyotes

Peter Fimrite

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The lone wolf of California may not be as lonely as the experts thought.

The gray wolf, known to scientists as OR7 and to wolf advocates as Journey, was spotted last week in Modoc County cavorting with a group of coyotes.

Karen Kovacs, the wildlife program manager for the California Department of Fish and Game, said state biologists, game wardens and a federal trapper were in the southwestern part of the county Tuesday to discuss with ranchers the presence of the wolf, which had been tracked by GPS signals to the area.

Odd flirtation with coyotes

At one point the group members stopped and scanned with their binoculars a sagebrush-covered hillside, and to their shock and delight, there stood the most famous canine in California.

“He was about 100 yards away and looking toward them. He may have heard their voices and came out to investigate,” Kovacs said. “Then he moved off and was subsequently joined by coyotes.”

Kovacs said two of the three coyotes came up right next to the 90- to 100-pound wolf.

“They were in very close proximity to OR7,” she said. “I think it was kind of a mutual thing. Maybe there had been some prior contact. They did go off in the same direction together, but shortly after that OR7 went off by himself and then disappeared out of view.”

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Canis Latrans

Photo: Courtesy Richard Shinn Associated Press

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