Sacrificial Wolves…

Look closely at this picture, this is what the US Senate is preparing to foist upon wolves.

The Congressional leadership allowed Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) and Representative Mike Simpson (R-ID) to insert a wolf delisting rider into the budget bill  that would remove Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in the Northern Rockies, without judicial review. They apparently haven’t heard about the climate of hate and persecution that surrounds wolves in the Northern Rockies.  For starters the Idaho legislature recently passed a Wolf Emergency Resolution. Wolves, who have never caused a single human fatality  in the lower 48 in a hundred years, are surrounded by hysteria and a deliberate hate campaign. I suggest this as required reading for any Senator who plans on voting yes on the wolf delisting budget bill.

And in the end, hysteria triumphs in Idaho Legislature

Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2011

On Tuesday, Huckleberries — an Idaho blog of the Spokesman-Review newspaper in Spokane, Wash. — posted an online poll that asked readers, “What scares you more: the Idaho Legislature in the Statehouse or wolves in the forest?”

The legislators won, 74 percent to 10 percent.

Just in time for House Bill 343, which would allow the governor to declare a wolf emergency and ask city and county law enforcement officers to hunt down the predators.The House passed it 64-5 on Tuesday and the Senate Resources and Conservation Committee — which used to be the most-respected in the Senate — approved it 7-2 on Wednesday.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. It all started in the Spring of 2009 when the Obama administration delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies, a feat even George Bush couldn’t accomplish. Within months of their delisting wolves were being hunted, something never done with a newly delisted species. 500 wolves died that year in the Northern Rockies, due mostly to the Montana and Idaho hunts, brutal Wildlife Services killings and poaching.

In August 2010 Judge Molloy relisted wolves, a major victory for wolves and 14 environmental groups, who sued USFWS over wolves’ delisting.  Since then things have spiraled out of control. The anti-wolf crowd came up with a new plan. Since they couldn’t win in court they decided to make an end-run around the ESA and join forces with Western politicians to legislate wolves out of their ESA protections, again something never done before to any species. This is the hateful situation the Senate will be placing wolves in. And for what? Jon Tester’s Senate seat?

Tester is battling rival Rep. Denny Rehberg (MT-R) in a tightly contested race for 2012.  Behind closed doors, away from the eyes of the American people, Congressional leaders decided to throw wolves under the bus in some misguided attempt to save Tester’s seat, since both he and Rehberg are using gray wolves’ 2010 relisting as part of their political campaign. Are the Dems so worried about losing their majority in the Senate they would stoop this low?

Guess what US Senate Democrats? The only thing you’re doing is pissing off your base. You know, the people who actually vote Democratic? Those people?

The people you’re trying to placate for Senator Tester’s sake, will never vote for you, ever.  They will vote Republican. Therefore, if you allow wolves’ ESA protections to be removed in a BUDGET BILL, you will go down in history as the Senate Democrats who destroyed the ESA and wolves for political expediency.

I urge  Senators to examine their conscience. You will be dooming the Northern Rockies wolves to pain and death. Wolves are hated by a small, vocal minority in the Northern Rockies,  that mean to do them real harm. Wolves need the protection of the ESA or they will suffer the same fate that befell them the first time they were exterminated in the West.

Wolves are being used in a cruel political game. If Democrat Senators ignore their conscience and vote for the wolf slaughter budget bill it will come with a high price tag, possibly the loss of the Dems Senate majority, because environmentalists and wolf advocates will not forget this betrayal.  Not ever.


Tester’s wolf rider is bad policy

By Michael Garrity

Sunday, March 13, 2011 12:00 am

During his 2006 campaign against then-Sen. Conrad Burns, candidate Jon Tester made many promises. Among them, Tester promised he wouldn’t use “riders,” which are amendments tacked on to unrelated bills, to legislate environmental issues.

Only two months ago, Tester broke that promise when he added a rider to the Omnibus Spending Bill in December to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List. That bill died, but now Tester has slipped another wolf rider on the Senate’s latest Continuing Funding Resolution. Not only does his move set a very dangerous precedent that may well destroy the Endangered Species Act, it also violates the constitutional rights of all Americans.

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Endangered Wolves Sacrificed in Budget Deal

By Glen Hurowitz

Although Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama stood firm against Republican attempts to repeal clean air and clean water protections, wolves in the Northern Rockies weren’t so lucky.

Under pressure from ranching interests in Montana and Idaho, as well as anti-wolf zealots in those states, Reid and Obama agreed to accept an amendment from Montana Democrat Jon Tester mandating the removal of grey wolves in Idaho and Montana from the endangered species list. For Obama, at least, the move isn’t surprising: his administration backed the Bush administration’s delisting of wolves even though it would allow the two massive states to cut wolf populations to as few as 450 individuals between them.

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