Washington Diamond Wolf Pack Hit Again…

Diamond Pack Wolf Pups 2009

Washington’s Diamond Wolf Pack has one less wolf thanks to a Washington hunter with an Idaho wolf tag. He killed a male wolf from the pack near Kalispell Creek, which is not far from the Washington/Idaho border. This is the second pack member killed by a hunter. Diamond pack female WA-382F was killed 300 yards from the Washington/Idaho border last winter. Is there something going on here? 300 yards???? What an outrage!

Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that two wolves from this pack were killed in less than a year? Is the word out on this pack that they range close to the border?

Wolves are in mortal danger anytime they venture near the wolf killing state of Idaho. OR-9, the brother of the famous wandering wolf OR-7,  unfortunately swam the Snake River back into Idaho from Oregon and was killed by a hunter with an expired tag.

It makes me sick to read about dead wolves almost every day. Wolves aren’t safe anywhere. Idaho and Montana wolves are suffering through the third wolf hunt season thanks to the sellouts in the US Senate and our detached President, who has never responded to our pleas for relief for these beleaguered wolves.

This fight is far from over, we may be down but we’re not out!


Diamond Pack wolf killed by hunter in Idaho

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ENDANGERED SPECIES — Even though Washington wolves are still protected by state endangered species rules, Idaho offered a touch of “management” to the Diamond Pack of northeastern Washington over the weekend.

A Washington man with an Idaho wolf hunting license killed a wolf on Saturday just east of the Pend Oreille County/Washington border.

The wolf had the red Washington eartags 379, 378, which means it had been caught, tagged and released by Washington Fish and Wildlife Department biologists studying the Diamond Pack’s movements.

According to Jim Hayden, Idaho Fish and Game Department regional wildlife manager, the male wolf was killed by the hunter in Kalispell Creek. which drains into Priest Lake near Nordman.




Photo: Courtesy Spokesman Review

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