Rescuing Wolf Pups/Killing Wolf Pups….

Wolf pups like this is in Idaho’ s Lolo and Selway Zones don’t stand a chance

June 2, 2012

Little wolf pups are emerging from their dens in Idaho’s  Lolo and Selway zones where the wolf hunt IS ONGOING, stretching into June. Lactating alpha mothers and their pups are sitting ducks  for “hunters”, lambs to the slaughter. So in this context I read the moving  story of the little wolf pup who was found by campers  last weekend in the Sawtooth National Forest. They assumed he was a lost puppy and called the cops who advised them to take him to a vet, where it was determined this was probably a little six-week old wolf pup. A DNA test was done, the results are pending.

There are many unanswered question surrounding this little guy, was his mother poached? Did the pack move to a rendezvous site, leaving him behind accidentally?  Of course we’ll never know. It seems unlikely a wolf mother would leave her little one behind, wolves adore their babies.

There’s a search on for his natal pack so he can be reunited with them, which becomes increasingly remote with each passing day.

“field technicians with the Wood River Wolf Project and Fish and Game have been scouring the area near where the pup was found since Sunday, searching for any signs of the pack the pup might have come from.”

Even IDFG “Regan Berkley, regional wildlife biologist” and “Randy Smith, big game manager for the Magic Valley Region” have commented on the pup.

It’s looking more and more like the little wolf will be spending the rest of his life in captivity, probably a wolf sanctuary and  personally I don’t think that’s such a bad thing, considering the wolf hating climate in Idaho.  Which brings me back to the point of this post.

It strikes me as hypocritical that IDFG managers are taking an active interest in this pup’s welfare when up North in the Lolo and Selway, pups just like him can be slaughtered along with their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.  Idaho is a brutal place to be a wolf.  Hunters snared, trapped, shot and arrowed wolves from August 30, 2011 to March 31, 2012.  The slaughter continues in the Lolo and Selway right through breeding, denning and pupping season. This is not a place where a little wolf pup wants to be.  Not only did Idaho hunters kill 378 wolves in the last seven months but Wildlife Services continues to kill wolves for agribusiness.  A wolf kill order recently went out for Flat Top Ranch, with the Little Wood Pack in trouble.  So more wolves will die.

Idaho is decimating it’s wolf population quicker then you can say lickety-split and earning a nasty reputation for itself.  It’s been just one year since  President Obama signed the budget bill/wolf delisting rider and sent the apex predators into the arms of their enemies and oh how they are delighting in slaughtering them.  Just take a visit to some of the wolf hating sites on Facebook or peruse hunting forums to see the carnage in full color. One thing about trophy hunters, they love to pose over the corpses of their prey, smiling like they’ve won the lottery. Of course they don’t just like to kill wolves, they take pleasure in torturing them.

While America sleeps, the wolves they paid millions of dollars to restore, after almost every last one of them was shot, poisoned and trapped by the 1930’s,  is on the road to extermination once again in the lower 48.

So excuse me if I think the little, lost wolf hit the jackpot by getting rescued and how sad is that? He has a better chance of surviving in captivity and having a life then ending up in a choking snare, or shot in the gut writhing in pain or sitting for days in a trap trying to chew off his own foot, thirsty and alone waiting for the trapper to come back so he can choke him to death from behind or stomp on his head and body until he kicks and crushes the life out of him. No this little boy is better off somewhere else then the hell hole that Idaho has become for wolves.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Lone wolf pup found near Ketchum

Campers thought animal was domestic dog

Photo: Courtesy Idaho Mountain Express, Photo Patrick Graham

     Out-of-town campers picked up a 5-week-old wolf pup last weekend thinking it was a lost dog, state officials reported.

Regan Berkley, regional wildlife biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, said a couple picked up the pup on the afternoon of Friday, May 25, in the Sawtooth National Forest near Ketchum. After calling the Ketchum Police Department, the couple was advised to take the pup to a local veterinarian’s office.



Top photo Wolf Pup:  Fanpop

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