ACTION ALERT FROM OREGON WILD: Oregon Wolves Need Your Help! Time Sensitive!

OR3 Imnaha Pack, May 10, 2011 (ODFW)

Dear Oregon Wild Supporter,

Over the last month, thousands of Oregonians have spoken out against hysterical anti-wildlife measures in Salem. Thanks to overwhelming public opposition, the worst of the worst have been defeated. But dirty last-minute tricks by livestock industry lobbyists threaten to put wolves back in the crosshairs.

Make sure last-minute back-room deals don’t threaten wolves.

In just a few minutes, the legislature will vote on yet another tax break for the livestock industry. As bad as that sounds, that’s not enough for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association. They also want dead wolves.

There’s an old trick used by Salem lobbyists that allows bad bills to go through in the waning hours of the legislative session and avoid public scrutiny. It’s called gut and stuff. Until the session officially ends, it’s a very real threat, and it works like this: find a friendly legislator, get them to take language from an unpopular or otherwise dead bill and stuff it into a more benign bill that’s likely to pass. Done right, by the time anyone notices, it’s too late.

We learned late last night that OCA lobbyists are working furiously to broker a last second deal that would do just that and – stop me if you’ve heard this already – declare a state of emergency, circumvent the Endangered Species Act, and fast track the killing of endangered gray wolves.

It’s the same legislation you helped kill in the Senate earlier this week. I was hoping this morning’s e-mail would be a celebration of that victory, but rather than accept defeat, this dirty trick by the OCA is a credible threat to give life to a bill radically out of step with Oregon values.

Time is short. The stakes are high. Oregon’s wolves need your voice one more time. Take action to make sure dirty tricks don’t give new life to bad idea.

For wolves, wildlife, and playing by the rules,

Rob Klavins
Wildlife Advocate
Oregon Wild

PS – Hopefully we’ll be able to send out that victory e-mail soon and get back to talking about the good news about Oregon’s wolves. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if the threat grows, but please take action one more time so that good news will be possible. Non-Oregonians can call the Governor’s office at 503.378.4582.

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