“The Dark Heart of Madness” by Stephen Capra

dream-wolf Stephen Capra

Thank you Stephen for putting pen to paper. This is all and everything I think and feel about the horrible tragedy that has befallen wolves.

The Dark Heart of Madness

Stephen Capra

 I awoke from a dream the other night, the question I asked myself was-is there a special place in heaven for animals, especially wildlife that spends their last days and hours caught in the 18th century realm of the steel leg-hold trap. Likewise, is there a special place in hell for those people, psychopaths, who live to find an animal that may have spent a week in dreadful pain caught in a beautiful setting awaiting the blow to the head, a blast from a rifle or perhaps a sadistic final few moments where this person enjoys the pain and suffering, like a high, the sense of complete control over innocence.

 I personally can no longer bear the photographs. I cannot bear the Game and Fish departments across the West, which despite the overwhelming numbers, oppose the need, continue to stop this senseless cruelty. Why, because in the end, sportsmen view the loss of trapping as the removal of the firewall that stops the public from saying ‘enough!’  to so-called sport killing.

 It is a sallow argument.

 In my dreams, wolves run free and wild; for those who have met such a fate I can only pray that their afterlife is one blessed with fat elk, with cool streams and mountains that allow a view: that their families live long and hunt in a pack, and celebrate with howls of joy together, living in a wild place that makes their hearts rich. It’s a place, by the way, that I hope to share in my afterlife. It’s a place with clean water, wild rivers, lands that are mature, yet never saw an oil rig, never endured a mine, nor were trashed by clear-cut saws. In such a setting, I will watch and learn. It is there, I hope that the wolf can understand the selfless nature of forgiveness. It is there, I will lay bare in ceremony, the iniquity of man.




Photo: Courtesy Stephen Capra dream wolf

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