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Oregon’s wolves are under attack AGAIN. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is going after the state’s 29 wolves, especially the Imnaha’s, who are the natal pack of OR7, they are his family.  Members of the pack have been under constant threat of death over the last several years for a handful of livestock depredations, even though Oregon ranchers  lost nearly 60,000 cattle to non–predation in 2010. By my calculations that averages 140 cattle a day that drop dead from one thing or another or are stolen by cattle rustlers.  And yet ranchers are screaming bloody murder over 20 cows in two years, supposedly killed by wolves??

No rancher is going to go out of business over 20 cow losses. They seem to be able to absorb thousands and thousands of non-predation losses just fine. This is a smokescreen people, they want to get rid of Oregon’s tiny wolf population. They tried this emergency nonsense in Idaho, which I’m now going to start referring to Eastern Oregon as Western Idaho. They seem to have the same outrageous attitudes toward wolves as Idaho has.

HB 4158 seeks to undermine the Oregon ESA and make it easier for ranchers to kill the state’s tiny wolf population.  They also want to declare a State of  Emergency over 29 wolves.  Talk about dramatics. This is all in response to a kill order placed on the alpha male and sub-adult of  the Imnaha pack, which was stayed by the Oregon Court of Appeals.  Because ranchers didn’t get their way,  it was history repeating itself on a smaller scale. When Judge Molloy relisted wolves in the Northern Rockies, the wolf hating crowd ran to the politicians to remove wolves’  ESA protections. Now the Oregon Cattlemen’s Assoc. wants to weaken the Oregon ESA and allow ODFW to kill the two Imnaha wolves.

What about the 51, 200 cattle Oregon ranchers lost to non-predation in 2010?  They are trying to say losing thousands and thousands of cattle to disease, theft, calving, weather, etc. is acceptable but 20 cow losses to wolves in two years is a state of emergency?  Uh-huh.

2012 session

House Bill 4158

Relating to wolves; declaring an emergency.

Allows killing of wolves to address depredation of livestock.

Bill progress

Measure activity House SenateVotes

Feb 1, 2012: First reading. Referred to the desks of the Co-Speakers.

Feb 1, 2012: Referred to Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Feb 9, 2012: Public Hearing and Possible Work Session scheduled. Public hearing on HB 4158 will be held in Room D. starting at 1 pm.


No votes

 76th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY–2012 Regular Session

House Bill 4158

Sponsored by Representative BENTZ; Representatives ESQUIVEL,
request of Oregon Cattlemen’s Association) (Presession filed.)


The following summary is not prepared by the sponsors of the
measure and is not a part of the body thereof subject to
consideration by the Legislative Assembly. It is an editor’s
brief statement of the essential features of the measure as

Allows killing of wolves to address depredation of livestock.
Declares emergency, effective on passage.


Relating to wolves; and declaring an emergency.
Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:

SECTION 1.  { + (1) As used in this section, ‘livestock’ has
the meaning given that term in ORS 610.150.

(2) Notwithstanding ORS 496.171 to 496.182, the conservation of
wolves in Oregon may include the killing of wolves to address the
depredation of livestock by wolves. + }

SECTION 2.  { + This 2012 Act being necessary for the immediate
preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency
is declared to exist, and this 2012 Act takes effect on its
passage. + }

Imnaha Pack  (ODFW)


What can you do?

Please sign the petition to Governor Kitzhaber

The Governor of OR: SAVE OREGON’S 29 WOLVES, oppose HB 4158

Petition Letter



We, the undersigned, urge you to oppose HB 4158, a bill proposed by the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, which allows killing of wolves to address livestock depredation and declares a “state of emergency.” With less than 30 wolves in the entire state, we find this declaration absurd. We, and most Oregonians, highly value our wildlife and strongly support endangered species protection and the return of wolves to Oregon, and their strong recovery.

Oregon has less than 30 confirmed wolves in the entire state and approximately 1.3 million cows. We feel that a Bill establishing a “state of emergency” over the presence of a tentatively recovering endangered wolf population is an attempt to bypass the Oregon Endangered Species Act and would set a dangerous precedent which could be used to circumvent protections of other endangered species at the behest of special interests. Furthermore, we believe it is an effort to short-circuit current litigation which aims to clarify the relationship of the state Endangered Species Act with the Oregon Wolf Plan.

Statements by Oregon Cattlemen’s Association members and officers constantly stress the aim of lethal removal over the use of non-lethal measures and tools, which they routinely disparage. As quoted in the Lewiston Tribune Online, 7/2/11, OCA Wolf committee Chair Rod Childers said, “To be able to move to lethal control we as producers have to show we tried nonlethal actions. I can’t say if it works or not, it is just things we have been told we have to do, and the whole key to me is getting them to move to lethal control,…” With this in mind, we believe HB 4158 to be an attempt to weaken the commitment to non-lethal measures.

With so many critical issues before this short session of the legislature, devoting precious time to this controversial and unnecessary Bill is a mistake.

Please oppose HB 4158.

Thank you.

[Your name]

Click Here To Sign Petition


Contact Gov. John Kitzhaber 

Governor’s Citizens’ Representative Message Line

Fax: 503-378-6827

Governor Kitzhaber
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047


Oregon House of Representatives

House of Representatives Leadership
Co-Speaker of the House Bruce Hanna
Co-Speaker of the House Arnie Roblan – (D-Coos Bay)

Co-Speaker Pro Tempore Representative Peter Buckley (D-Ashland)
Co-Speaker Pro Tempore Representative Andy Olson – (R-Albany)

House Republican Leader Representative Kevin Cameron – (R-Salem)
House Democratic Leader Representative Tina Kotek(D-N/NE Portland)


Oregon State Senate

Senate Leadership:
Senate President Peter Courtney
Senate President Pro Tempore Senator Ginny Burdick(D-Portland)
Senate Majority Leader Senator Diane Rosenbaum (D-Portland)
Senate Republican Leader Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day)


This is how confident they are.

Clem expects wolf bills to clear House


Capital Press

SALEM — Rep. Brian Clem, D-Salem, says that he believes cattlemen have the votes to get two wolf bills through the Oregon House.

House Bill 4005 would provide livestock owners a tax credit for livestock losses to wolves. A second bill, House Bill 4158, stipulates the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has the authority to kill problem wolves.

The bills are in the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, which Clem co-chairs.

HB4005 is up for a committee vote Feb. 7. The committee meets in Hearing Room D beginning at 1 p.m. HB4158 is scheduled for a public hearing Feb. 9, also in Hearing Room D, beginning at 1 p.m.

Speaking to county Farm Bureau presidents during Oregon Farm Bureau’s Day at the Capitol on Feb. 6, Clem said he believes the House Agriculture Committee will support both bills unanimously. And, he said, the bills should enjoy continued strong support through the House floor.

Getting the bills to the desk of Gov. John Kitzhaber, however, may be difficult, he said.

Several bills last session cleared the House Agriculture Committee and the House floor, but failed to clear the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee, which is chaired by Sen. Jackie Dingfelder, D-Portland.

HB4158 is backed by the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association in response to an injunction issued Oct. 6 by the Oregon Court of Appeals. The injunction prevents the state from killing two wolves that prey on livestock.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in September issued a kill order for the wolves. The wolves are part of the Imnaha Pack in northeast Oregon, one of the state’s four known wolf packs.

The pack is responsible for killing more than 20 head of livestock, according to state wildlife officials.


Please raise your voices for Oregon’s fragile wolf population. Sophie, B-300, the alpha female of the Imnaha Pack, is OR7’s mother. She swam the Snake River in 2008 and established the first wolf pack in Oregon in over 60 years. Do not allow the Cattleman’s Association’s dramatics to overshadow common sense. There is no way on earth 29 wolves could constitute a state of emergency. That is patently ridiculous. This is a witch hunt pure and simple? It will not stop until the American people speak out loud and clear to tell the ranchers, hunters and politicians,  STOP KILLING WOLVES!!

OR10 Walla Walla Pack (ODFW)


In happier times. November 19, 2009

“This video taken by ODFW on Nov. 12, 2009 in the Imnaha Wildlife Management Unit (east of Joseph, Ore. in Wallowa County) shows at least 10 wolves make up a pack that ODFW has been monitoring since June 2008. The video was taken from an adjacent ridge across a canyon and shows a mixture of gray and black individual wolves moving up-slope.”


Photos: Courtesy ODFW

Video:  Courtesy ODFW

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It never ends.  If Oregon HB 3636 is signed into law by Governor Kitzhaber it would create the”Wildlife Conservation Fund”? The name is deceiving.

“The bill would create a voluntary fund for killing predators, including wolves and “fur-bearing mammals.”

Killing animals to conserve them? What fresh hell is this?

This would put Oregon’s tiny gray wolf population in extreme danger as well as other fur-bearers likes foxes, bears, raccoons, beavers and more.

From Oregon Wild:

“Rob Klavins of Oregon Wild says that rather than kill endangered wolves, “the state is required to conserve the species.” He says HB 3636 was “designed to fly under the radar” and slipped through unnoticed in the last days of the legislative session. Klavins says that it “hijacks the hunting license system.” He points out that Oregon’s 17 or so wolves already face 28 active landowner kill permits.”


Contact Governor Kitzhaber and ask him to veto this bad bill. Let him know you are counting on him to do the right thing.


license system.” He points out that Oregon’s 17 or so wolves already face 28 active landowner kill permits.”

You must do this by AUGUST 4th. Time is short. Do it today!! Thank you!!



A so-called Wildlife Conservation Fund is actually a wildlife-killing fund, according to Eugene-based Predator Defense and conservation group Oregon Wild. HB 3636 was passed unanimously by the Oregon House and by the Senate, and it awaits Gov. John Kitzhaber’s signature. The bill would create a voluntary fund for killing predators, including wolves and “fur-bearing mammals.” Oregon’s population of less than 20 gray wolves is state endangered species listed. Wolves in the western two-thirds of Oregon are also federally protected.

If Kitzhaber signs the bill into law, the fund would allow people applying for a license, tag or permit from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to make a voluntary contribution for predatory animal control within the counties that the license allows for the person to hunt.

This means the money will go to killing endangered gray wolves, as well as to lethally controlling bear, beaver, raccoons and foxes, among others. Sally Mackler of Predator Defense calls the bill “reckless” and says, “The state is spending a tremendous amount of money on killing wildlife.” Mackler says the amount of money the state spends on killing predators has doubled in the last biennium to about $840,000, but predators are responsible for very few livestock deaths.

Rob Klavins of Oregon Wild says that rather than kill endangered wolves, “the state is required to conserve the species.” He says HB 3636 was “designed to fly under the radar” and slipped through unnoticed in the last days of the legislative session. Klavins says that it “hijacks the hunting license system.” He points out that Oregon’s 17 or so wolves already face 28 active landowner kill permits.

A recent study in the journal Science says that humans’ destruction of top or apex predators like wolves causes previously unknown reverberations including changes in the landscape, increases in wildfires, pandemics and ecosystem shifts. The study called killing predators “humankind’s most pervasive influence on the natural world.”

The study gives as an example that when wolves returned to Yellowstone National Park it benefited creekside trees, and that without predators to kill deer, the populations explode with consequences such as more deer ticks to spread Lyme disease to humans.

Oregon Wild and Predator Defense are calling on Kitzhaber to veto the bill. Kitzhaber’s press secretary Christine Miles says, “The governor will review HB 3636 before making any decision on the bill.” — Camilla Mortensen


Photo: Creative Commons

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