Taking a Break From The Hate!

It’s not easy running a pro-wolf blog in 2010, it feels more like 1910. Sometimes I write my posts through tears, because I can’t fathom the vitriol directed at wolves. 

When a girl was filmed throwing newborn puppies off a bridge into an icy river, the world was outraged and rightly so, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. But the state of Idaho is talking about gassing wolf pups to death in their dens, sterilizing alpha pairs and the world is silent? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the media? They are reporting this as if it’s just business as usual. What makes killing wolf pups so cruelly any different then tossing puppies off a bridge?

To get away from it all I enjoy hiking and spending time in the wilderness. It’s necessary for my mental health. Nobody could write about this 24/7 without some kind of a diversion. So as we’ve done many times over the years, we hiked into Glacier National Park, traveling up Going-to-the-Sun road to Logan Pass, then on to Hidden Lake. We were so lucky to be on the pass over the past weekend.  Mountain goats, Big Horned Sheep, marmots and ground squirrels abounded. Didn’t see wolves or grizzlies but that’s for another trip. 

I posted some of the pics on Wolf Warrior’s Facebook page. It was a balm to my spirit to see these beautiful animals flourishing in the high alpine meadows on the Crown of the Continent.

Mountain goat billy, losing his horn.

Mama mountain goat (nanny) and her babes (kids)

Hoary Marmot

Alpine Meadow

Approach to Hidden Lake

Big Horn Sheep Rams


Big Horned Sheep Ewe

Hidden Lake


Photos: Nabeki

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