Lab Chimps Held Prisoner For Thirty Years, Set Free, Feel Sunshine On Their Faces, Hug Each Other…

We can be such a cruel species.

Chimps in an Austrian lab were help prisoner for thirty years, subjected to cruel and painful experiments, infected with HIV, never knowing a moment of freedom, or a kind touch, were finally freed. They smiled, hugged each other and marveled at the sun. It was glorious to watch and oh so hearbreaking and heatwarming.

I know this is a wolf blog and our precious wolves are being slaughtered at an alarming rate but I had to take just a minute to share this with you. We must stop experimentation on  great apes and all animals. It is torture, cruel and unneccsary.

Please support

The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (H.R.1513/S.810)

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Chimp Haven

Support Chimp Haven who provides refuge for lab chimps, discarded pet chimps, circus chimps, chimps in need.  It’s located in Louisiana, a 200 acre compound that houses over 130 rescued Chimpanzees. Please give generously to them. Visit their website, adopt a chimp, donate or send them items on their “wish list” needed to care for these wonderful animals, who for the first time in their lives know what freedom feels like.

Thank you!!
For All Suffering Captive Chimpanzees,
Middle Photo: Courtesy Project R & R
Bottom Photo: Courtesy Chimp Haven
Video: Courtesy YouTube 
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