The New War On Wolves…

As soon as federal protection ended, the slaughter began.

By J. William Gibson

December 8, 2011

Congress removed wolves in Montana and Idaho from the protection of the Endangered Species Act in April. And this fall, the killing began.

As of Wednesday, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game reported that 154 of its estimated 750 wolves had been “harvested” this year. Legal hunting and trapping — with both snares to strangle and leg traps to capture — will continue through the spring. And if hunting fails to reduce the wolf population sufficiently — to less than 150 wolves — the state says it will use airborne shooters to eliminate more.In Montana, hunters will be allowed to kill up to 220 wolves this season (or about 40% of the state’s roughly 550 wolves). To date, hunters have taken only about 100 wolves, prompting the state to extend the hunting season until the end of January. David Allen, president of the powerful Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, has said he thinks hunters can’t do the job, and he is urging the state to follow Idaho’s lead and “prepare for more aggressive wolf control methods, perhaps as early as summer 2012.”

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Photo: wolf wallpaper
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Remember The Wolves This Thanksgiving….

As we give thanks,  please remember the Idaho and Montana wolves who are suffering and dying, especially the pups who will never have a chance to grow up. I renew my pledge to do everything in my power to give their story life as they howl for justice.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


Political Wolf Hunts….

21 Idaho wolves and 7 Montana wolves have been killed in the hunts, that number is going to climb very quickly once the cold weather arrives and forest cover is gone.  Trapping in Idaho will lay wolves low. You will see the numbers of dead wolves skyrocket into the hundreds and all this is completely unnecessary.

There is no reason to hunt wolves, it’s a political witch hunt. The livestock industries’ hysteria concerning wolves is pure theater.   Here are the cattle loss figures for 2010:

 Cattle Losses 2010
Non-predation (NASS)
Idaho 86, 900
Montana 74,800
Wyoming 37,100

Total Non-Predation:  198,800 cows


Wolf Predation (USFWS)
Idaho 75
Montana 87
Wyoming 26
Total wolf predation: 188 cows


Even though the hunts are in full swing, Wildlife Services is still killing wolves, paid for by the American people. Remember the recent aerial gunning of  3 wolves on the Peavey Flat Top Ranch in Idaho?

The livestock wolf paradigm is a fairy tale, told to justify the quest for a predator free landscape. Yet almost every media report concerning wolves concentrates on ranchers and cattle losses.

Coyotes are the number one predator of cattle, namely calves but even the little “song dog” does very little damage. Please stop listening to this drivel and arm yourself with facts. This wolf hunt is Salem, Massachusetts all over again.

Myth drives these political hunts.  One of the most repeated is,  “wolves are decimating game herds” , another over the top accusation. Did you know there are almost 400,000 elk in the three wolf states?

Montana 150,000 elk

Idaho 103,000 elk

(up from 101,000 in 2010)

Wyoming 120,000 elk.

That is a huge number of elk. The fish and game agencies are turning our forests into giant game farms. Are wildlife advocates expected to sit idly by while predators are decimated to placate hunters and ranchers?

On the PBS special,  “Cowboys vs. Gray Wolves: Predator Once Again Prey”, wolf biologist, Doug Smith, gave  this statement:

He was asked by the interviewer: Is it healthy enough to allow a certain amount of  (wolf) hunting?

Doug Smith: The short answer is yes. Wolves are tough to live with. they need tolerance from humans. Wolves aren’t going to get that unless problems can be solved. It appears, there’s not really hard studies on this, that social tolerance increases with wolf hunting.

Interviewer: You heard right. Doug Smith, the wolfman of Yellowstone. is OK with wolf hunting. within limits.”

So if there are no hard studies on the hypothesis that social tolerance of wolves increases with wolf hunting, why make that statement? In fact there is plenty of evidence that supports the opposite view. No matter how many wolves are killed it will never be enough for some. It’s convenient to have a voiceless, scapegoat to blame for an unhappy life.

All one has to do is visit FB and read the vitriol, view the tortured bodies of dead wolves, to know hunting wolves will never placate these people.  They hate without reason. It’s a repeat of the same attitudes that were present 100 years ago. It’s the very reason wolves need the protection of the ESA.

Pick up a newspaper and read the endless whining from ranchers about wolves. They are asking us to believe that losing 75 cows to wolves, compared to 80,000 from non-predation, is a wolf crisis? Totally ridiculous. Is this tolerance?

 In sixteen years, ranchers have not developed a “social tolerance” for wolves that I can observe.  There may be ranchers who don’t hold anti-wolf views but their voices are few and far between.

Hunters had their chance to hunt wolves in 2009 and the ugly rhetoric and demonizing of wolves has only increased in my opinion.  Idaho has a no quota hunt in most of the state, targeting 850 wolves.  Wyoming is planning a shoot-on-sight-plan, that would allow hunters or anyone to literally kill a wolf anytime, day or night, in any way possible.  No limits. Wolves are facing a blood bath of epic proportions in Idaho.  When the state takes their wolf population down to 150 animals will there then be tolerance? Do the majority of wolves have to die in the Northern Rockies before they are “accepted”?

This is the sad state of wolf politics.

Please visit Howl Across America. Channel your disillusionment and disgust  by organizing a protest or join an existing one. Think outside the box. You could plan a “run for wolves” if you’re a runner, a “bike for wolves” if you bike, a “motorcycle ride for wolves” if you’re a biker. Wolf advocate, Ann S., suggested a “dog walk for wolves”.  Whatever fits your comfort zone. The point is DO SOMETHING!! Think what a force we could be.


For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.
Simon Wiesenthal


Top Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Howl Across America

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“Dead Wolves Walking” by James William Gibson

I broke down and cried like a baby reading this article. The situation is just so sad, especially when it’s laid out in black and white.

I want to thank Bill Gibson and Earth Island Journal for giving this story legs and keeping it real.

My wish is Howl Across America will move people out from behind their computers to protest the brutal treatment that is awaiting wolves in the Northern Rockies.  BUT if  Judge Molloy finds the wolf delisting rider unconstitutional,  it will put a stop to this horror.  His decision should come quickly, since he is retiring to Senior status in August.

This is playing out like a Greek tragedy. And to think this all happened because a Democrat president appointed a rancher to head the Interior.  What a disgrace!!


Dead Wolves Walking

by James William Gibson – July 21, 2011

Wolf Hunts Scheduled in Idaho & Montana Unless Federal Judge Intervenes

Since April, when Congress removed gray wolves in Idaho and Montana from the protection of the Endangered Species Act by inserting a rider in a federal budget bill, state governments have been racing to prepare for wolf hunts this fall. (Read Gibson’s compelling report,  “Cry Wolf ” on the issue in the Journal’s Summer 2011 edition.)

So far, Idaho’s winning the race. In early July, the state’s fish and game director Virgil Moore announced a full seven-month hunting season — from the end of August to the end of March. Hunters can use any weapon they choose, utilize electronic calls to lure wolves within range, and kill two each.

Photo: Courtesy First People

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There were rumors, I didn’t want to believe them. I heard a quota of 400, which sounded horribly high. I would not let my mind wrap around how far things have fallen from a year ago.  Idaho’s wolves are facing hell.  I have no words tonight.

Idaho to offer looser wolf hunt rules

By JOHN MILLER & MATTHEW BROWN – Associated Press Published: Jun 30, 2011 at 5:26 PM MDT
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho wildlife managers will propose a wolf hunt without quotas in much of the state.


They want your comments.  Let IDGF know what you think about “no wolf hunt quotas in much of state”.

f&g seeks comments on big game rules, wolf hunting


Photo:  Courtesy Drew Avery Flickr Commons

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It’s Finally Over…The Seven Month Long Idaho Wolf Hunt Ends Today!!

Some good news for Idaho wolves. The harrowing seven month long Idaho wolf hunt finally ends today. 

Pregnant alphas (mothers) are returning to their dens to whelp. Thank god they won’t have to worry about being shot while giving birth.  

The misguided Idaho hunt was set to end on December 31, 2009  but the IDFG commssioners voted to extend the hunt to March 31, 2010, an unheard of amount of time for any animal to be hunted, especially one just off the endangered species list. AND it extended through wolf breeding season. 

The quota to kill 220 Idaho wolves was not reached but they weren’t far off the mark.  186 wolves lost their lives to hunters bullets. I mourn all wolves killed in the Idaho and Montana hunts and the wolves who died at the hands of Wildlife Services.

500 wolves died in the Northern Rockies in 2009 and unless Judge Molloy relists them, 2010 will be an even harsher year for wolves. All hope lies with him.

For now we can be grateful for this little bit of good wolf news.

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Remembering Jewel…Phantom Hill Wolf Pack Female B445…Shot Dead


“Jewel” – Phantom Hill Wolf pack member B445

October 31, 2009

Jewel, a young beta female, of the Phantom Hill Wolf Pack in Idaho, was shot dead in the Eagle Creek drainage, north of Ketchum. She was only two years old but had already made her mark upon the pack. When the alpha female took an extended vacation this year, Jewel assumed “nanny duties”, caring for the pups during the alpha’s absence.

Jewel died for nothing yesterday. Here is her story from Western Watersheds Project website

Courtesy to Lynne Stone for photos and content. ====

Lynne Stone documents her encounter with Jewel:

Over a week ago I was hiking north of Ketchum, when a young Phantom Hill Pack wolf trotted into view. From her appearance I knew she was B445, the most recently collared Phantom wolf. When my dog, Bo, noticed the wolf, he bounded after her, but when I called Bo back, the wolf stopped and turned around and continued to watch us with curiosity.

I had observed from afar, a few weeks before, when B445 was caught by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and collared. I watched through a spotting scope, as she woke up from being drugged, and staggered toward the rest of her pack.

jewel 1

Jewel (B445) © Lynne Stone 2007

B445 is often the Nannie wolf to her younger brothers and sisters that make up this year’s pups, stepping into the role after Judith, B326 went on her adventure this year. At least three pups have been seen. There are probably more. I heard them howling recently at night and it sounded like three to four pups howling in response to the rest of the pack.

B445 was still shedding out her thick winter coat of fur when I saw her close-up. Now that weeks of rain (unusual for central Idaho!) has stopped, the weather is finally warm, and B445’s fur will soon be sleek.

During my recent eye-to-eye encounter with B445, I was never for a moment afraid. What I observed, was that B445 was very curious of us (my dog and self), as we were intruders into her pack’s territory. I thought of B445’s older sister, B326 – Judith, and how that this younger wolf, was certainly a jewel. Her beautiful silky movements, her intelligent, inquiring amber eyes — well, the name Jewel seemed to fit her.

(All Idaho wolves when caught and radio-collared are given a number with the letter B preceding it.)

jewel 3

Photos and account © Lynne Stone 2009

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