Oregon’s Imnaha Pack Safe….For Now

Imnaha Pack alpha male (ODFW)

While 55 wolves have been killed in the ongoing  Montana and Idaho hunt/slaughter,  Oregon’s Imnaha Pack alpha male and yearling are safe tonight, after the Oregon Court of Appeals granted a temporary stay of the” kill order”  hanging over the two wolves heads!

Three environmental groups filed a lawsuit on October 5th to halt the killing of the two wolves and the judges listened.  The killing of the alpha male and the younger wolf would likely have been the nail in the coffin for the Imnaha pack, leaving the alpha female, B-300 and her six month old pup to fend for themselves.

Although the injunction is temporary we call on Governor Kitzhaber to end the “witch hunt” permanently and stop the harassment of this wolf pack.

As I stated in an earlier post, Oregon ranchers lost 51,200 cattle to non-predation in 2010, so the continual coverage of miniscule wolf depredations looks like persecution, driven by the livestock industry and is casting a pall over Oregon’s reputation as a moderate and progressive state.

Court orders state to halt hunt for two wolves of Imnaha pack in NE Oregon

Published: Wednesday, October 05, 2011, 9:07 PM     Updated: Wednesday, October 05, 2011, 9:10 PM

JOSEPH — As state biologists combed northeastern Oregon’s rugged mountains Wednesday to kill two gray wolves in the Imnaha pack, conservation groups challenged the kill order in court and called on Gov. John Kitzhaber to intercede.

Late in the day, the Oregon Court of Appeals granted their request to temporarily halt the hunt, The Associated Press reported.

Cascadia Wildlands, the Center for Biological Diversity and Oregon Wild contend that efforts by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to remove the pack’s alpha male and a younger wolf would leave only a female wolf and one pup born this year to fend for themselves this winter.

“They are proposing to take out the leader of the pack, which will, in my best estimate, render the pack unviable,” said Josh Laughlin, spokesman for the Eugene-based Cascadia Wildlands. “Oregonians are not going to stand for that.”

Read More: http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2011/10/conservation_groups_win_tempor.html


Oregon’s Governor Kitzhaber (503-378-4582) 


Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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Where Is The Imnaha Alpha Male?

Imnaha alpha male 2009 ….Is he dead?

He’s been gone for over three weeks and no sign of  him, his radio collar silent. Is he the victim of ramped up wolf hysteria in Wallowa County, Oregon?  I hope he’s found quickly but it sounds like the Imnaha pack alpha male may have been a victim of  SSS (Shoot, Shovel, Stutup). 

 From My Central Oregon:

The wolf was outfitted in February with a GPS collar that is capable of tracking his whereabouts. Morgan says it’s not uncommon for a radio collar to fail, but another possibility is that the wolf is dead.

After seven wolf kill permits were issued to ranchers over five cow depredations AND Wildlife Services was given two wolf  kill permits which have been extended twice, what did ODFW think was going to happen?

You have lots of people running around with guns. There is whipped up wolf  hysteria, even an effort in the legislature to initiate a state of wolf emergency in Oregon over FOURTEEN WOLVES, is anyone surprised one of the Imnaha alphas may have been targeted?

But wait, we were told by ODFW, that won’t happen, the kill permit only allows ranchers to shoot a wolf caught in the act. I’m sorry but I live in the Northern Rockies and I know how it works. We have a wolf hater’s website talking about killing wolves with Xylitol so it’s not too far a leap to think someone targeted the alpha male, knowing that could destroy the pack.  This will make life a whole lot harder for Sophie (B-300) and her pups, the pups would about two months old now. The Imnaha pack is the ONLY breeding pair in Oregon.

I hope they find the Imnaha alpha male and find him soon. This is not only worrrisome but  if it’s proven he was killed illegally, it’s criminal.

I thought Oregon would be happy to have their wolves back after a sixty year absence but it’s the same old story. A few ranchers are holding the wolf population hostage and they get away with it because fish and game agencies go right along with it.  Does ODFW get upset when ranchers lose calves to weather, disease, reproduction or theft? I don’t see any explosive headlines about those losses. But let a wolf look at livestock cross-eyed and the situation is blown completely out of proportion.  

Oregon’s reputation has taken a hit. If the alpha male is dead, people will remember this for a long, long  time.


Missing alpha male wolf concerns ODFW

June 19, 2010    02:27 pm

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife says the alpha male is missing from Oregon’s only confirmed breeding pair of wolves.

Russ Morgan, the ODFW’s wolf coordinator, told The Observer newspaper of La Grande that the animal has been missing for about three weeks.

The wolf was outfitted in February with a GPS collar that is capable of tracking his whereabouts. Morgan says it’s not uncommon for a radio collar to fail, but another possibility is that the wolf is dead.

The Oregon Wolf Plan says four breeding pairs must be established in Eastern Oregon before the animal can be de-listed as an endangered species.v



Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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Wolf Kill Permit Extended AGAIN in Oregon, the Imnaha Alpha Male Is Missing!!

Imnaha Alpha Male 2009   (Where is he?)

Could things get any worse for wolves in Oregon? This has to be the most beleaguered wolf population in the US, besides the Mexican gray wolves.

From Natural Oregon:

Federal agents are getting another week to hunt down two wolves in Wallowa County. This is the second time ODFW has extended the hunt.


the alpha male of the Imnaha wolf pack is missing. He should be wearing a tracking collar. But wildlife officials haven’t seen or heard from him in nearly three weeks.

So ODFW extended Wildlife Services kill order deadline for the second time! It was set to expire on June 19 but now it’s been moved ahead to June 25th. This gives Wildlife Services another week to hunt these two wolves down, even though there have been no depredations since June 4. Why would they do that?  Pressure from ranchers? Does this ever end?

The most disturbing news concerns the missing alpha male. If he was shot illegally, this would be so tragic. The Imnahas are Oregons only breeding  pair of wolves.  The loss of the father (alpha)  is the worst possible outcome. 


Wolf News: Hunt Extended Again, Alpha Male Is Missing

June 18, 2010

By Dennis Newman



Write to ODFW concerning the extension of Wildlife Services kill permit. Are they bowing to pressure from ranchers? 

There are only 14 wolves in the entire state of Oregon and this is how they treat them?


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

3406 Cherry Avenue N.E. 

Salem, OR 97303





Main Phone (503) 947-6000 or (800) 720-ODFW [6339]

Comments:  odfw.info@state.or.us

To Enter Your Opinion About This Issue Into Public Record: Contact: odfw.comments@state.or.us


Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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