Puppies!! Four Imnaha Wolf Pack pups caught on remote camera!

Here are recent pics of four pups from the Imnaha wolf pack…aren’t they cute?  These little guys were caught on remote camera by ODFW, there could actually be more pups. Sadly their dad has not been spotted since May 31.

From the ODFW website:

Four pups for Imnaha wolf pack


July 14, 2010

The Imnaha wolf pack has at least four new pups this year, images captured on a motion-triggered trail camera show.    

An image taken July 3 (attached) marks the first visual observation of new pups this year. The pack may have more pups than these four.

Wolf pups are born in mid-April and litters average four to six pups. Pups generally become active outside their pack’s den in June.

Six adult wolves were also seen in the images captured by the trail camera, including the alpha female. Past evidence, including a video taken November 2009, indicate at least 10 wolves made up the Imnaha pack before the pups were born this year. The alpha male, whose GPS collar has not been detected since May 31, was not seen in the images.

For more images of the Imnaha pack taken by a trail camera set up by ODFW in an area of pack activity, visit the website below (see first six photos). Note the alpha female is not pictured in these images.


It’s nice to report a little good news after all the bad and what’s cuter then adorable wild wolf puppies? Congrats “Sophie” and the rest of the Imnahas. I hope the dad is found alive.

Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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