URGENT: Stop The Coyote Killing Contest – Which Also Threatens OR7…

CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife & F&G Commission: Stop Coyote Killing Contest

UPDATE: January 6, 2013 @ 6pm

The California Fish and Game C0mmission refused to take any action to stop the Coyote Killing Contest that starts Saturday in Modec County.  Animal rights activists spoke out against the sadistic “contest” today in front of the game commission.

The commission gave testimony that OR7 is too far away from the “hunt” and implied he is not in any immediate danger.

Is the California Fish and Game Commission or California Department of Fish and Wildlife aware wolves can travel 25 to 50 miles per day, one wolf is on record traveling 100 miles while being pursued by hunters. The “contest” is several days away, making it very easy for OR7 to travel in that direction. OR7 has also been known to travel and play with coyotes.  Having a bunch of yahoo’s with guns and hounds out in an area, not too far away from OR7,  IS A CONCERN!!! AND aside from that coyotes are very important to the ecosystem.  A reference was made recently concerning the outbreak of Hantavirus in Yosemite National Park. Well who eats rodents, specifically mice, that can carry the deadly  Hantavirus? COYOTES!!

Predators are here for a reason. Mesopredators, like the coyote, help control disease by keeping the rodent population in check. Apex predators, like the wolf, keep ungulate herds healthy and exert a top down effect on ecosystems. Killing coyotes or any animals  for fun is WRONG!  It’s medieval and must be outlawed!

The only good thing to come out of the hearing was Commission president  Mike Sutton “asked staff to clarify the board’s authority to regulate the contests.”…..Tracie Cone, AP

Once again, when we ask officials  to stop the brutal hunting and torturing of animals, in this case killing as many coyotes as possible in three days to win a silver buckle, advocates get the proverbial finger!


Calif. officials to research coyote hunting laws

Associated Press

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UPDATE:  January 6, 2013

Listen to the California Fish and Game Commission Meeting

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Petitioning Director Charlton H. Bonham

CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife & F&G Commission: Stop Coyote Killing Contest

Project Coyote Logo

Petition By Project Coyote

Please join Project Coyote and partners in calling on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CADFW) and the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) to stop a coyote hunting contest planned for early February in Modoc County, California, and to conduct a top-to-bottom evaluation of the state’s approach to managing predators in California.

Specific details about the contest hunt:

What: “Coyote Drive 2013” Coyote Contest Hunt sponsored by the Pit River Rod and Gun Club along with Adin Supply Company
Where: Adin Supply Company, Adin, CA
When: Feb. 8-10, 2013    
More info.: http://www.adinsupply.com/coyote%20drive.htm

Killing coyotes or any wild animal as part of a ‘contest’ ‘tournament’ or ‘drive’ is ethically indefensible, ecologically reckless, and contravenes new legislation (AB 2402) that Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law requiring the Fish & Game Commission to use “ecosystem based management” and the best available science in the stewardship of California’s wildlife.

The contest hunt planned for Adin, CA also poses a significant threat to the recovery of gray wolves in California. This region is where OR-7 (aka “Journey” – the only federally protected gray wolf known to be in California) has been known to range and contest hunts like the one proposed are a threat to his safety and the safety of any other un-collared wolves who may roam the area.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please send the letter below to California Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Charlton H. Bonham and to the members of the California Fish and Game Commission and share this petition far and wide!

Click HERE To Take Action and Sign Petition


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

CDFW Headquarters

   1416 9th Street, 12th Floor, Sacramento, CA 9581

(916) 445-0411 • Email the Director’s Office


 Contact California Fish and Game Commission

Sonke Mastrup, Executive Director

Scott Barrow, Deputy Executive Director – Regulations and Policy

Adrianna Shea, Deputy Executive Director – External Affairs and Special Advisor to the Commissioners

Mailing Address:California Fish and Game Commission
P.O. Box 944209
Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

Physical Address: California Fish and Game Commission
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1320
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone Number: (916) 653-4899

Fax Number: (916) 653-5040

General Comments, Questions, Requests for the Fish and Game Commission (fgc@fgc.ca.gov)

Messages to any and/or all Commissioners should be sent to fgc@fgc.ca.gov


PLEASE SIGN the petition and CONTACT California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Fish and Game Commission.  It’s fairly obvious what this “disgusting contest” is up to,  they’re putting  OR-7 in grave danger besides killing innocent coyotes!

There isn’t much time, it starts on Feb 8.


Groups trying to protect wolf oppose coyote hunt

By Tracie Cone, AP




Photo: Coyote Killing Contest Petition

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