The Wolf That Changed America, The Story of Lobo & Blanca..

Lobo and Blanca of the Currumpaw Pack (Published 1889)

“Ever since Lobo”, Seton later wrote, “my sincerest wish has been to impress upon people that each of our native wild creatures is in itself a precious heritage that we have no right to destroy or put beyond the reach of our children.”




Video: Courtesy Nature Channel

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Western Watersheds Project And Wolf Warriors Presents: Rewilding Montana

Mark Your Calendars


October 25, 7 p.m.
Western Watersheds Project
Wolf Warriors
are co-sponsoring a Public Forum on the Future of Montana’s Wildlife Heritage…
Could Bison Be The Solution to the Wolf Issue?
We will be showing two films (simultaneously) that are changing people’s minds on these keystone species:
“Facing the Storm: The Story of the American Bison”
the new documentary from High Plains Films
“Lobo: The Wolf That Changed America”
a Nature film that premiered at last year’s Wildlife Film Festival
Followed By Panel Discussion/Q&A With These Distinguished Panelists:
Richard Manning
author: “Rewilding the West”
Ron Moody
MT FWP Commissioner
George Wuerthner
author: “Welfare Ranching”
Chief Jimmy St. Goddard
hereditary chief of the Blackfeet Nation
Moderator: Stephany Seay
Spokesperson for the Buffalo Field Campaign
Suggested Donation: $5.00
all proceeds go to support High Plains Films
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