It’s Final: Lummis Wolf Delisting Rider Out!

The Cynthia Lummis Wolf Rider is out of the spending bill! This is a real victory for wolves and wolf advocates!!

Congress  passed a similar rider last Spring which removed ESA protections from wolves in the Northern Rockies, blocking legal challenges. Now the rider is being litigated as unconstitutional in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Because of that rider we have two brutal wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana, with wolves dying daily and an escalation of the brutality, the likes of which most of us have ever witnessed directed at an animal. The Endangered Species Act has been weakened. Maybe Congress didn’t have the stomach for a repeat of that with the 2012 elections looming.

F0r today, wolves in Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan are safe. It’s not often we can  bring good news, lets savor it and live to fight another day!

What made the cut?


They’ll still be wasting money chasing wolves around like terrorists and handing out payments to welfare ranchers.

“Wolf monitoring and

livestock loss programs are continued.”


Wildlife Services  

Wildlife Services had another 47 million cut from their budget which is a good thing but not enough.

“The bill includes $820 million – $47 million below last year’s level
for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). This funding level will continue
support for programs to enhance control or eradication of plant and animal pest and diseases.”


Concessions To Ranching, Inc.

More Giveaways 

•A provision to reduce litigation on grazing issues
•A provision to renew and streamline grazing permits
•A provision to exempt livestock producers from overly burdensome greenhouse gas


Summary: Fiscal Year 2012 Final Consolidated Appropriations Bill


What’s in and out of the bill?

Norm Dicks’ Statement & Summary of Conference Report


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