Wolf Warrior Mato Woksape….

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Thank you Mato for your dedication and sacrifice for the wolves!

Open your eyes everyone and see what a true Wolf Warrior looks like.


Mato Woksape Fasts for Wolves at Idaho State Capitol

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Sitting on the steps of the State Capitol today, Mato Woksape of Corvallis, Ore., is midway through his third day of prayer fasting in opposition to the hunting and trapping of gray wolves in the U.S., including Idaho.

“I’m performing the Sun Dance prayer, which was performed for the buffalo,” said Woksape.



gray wolf USFWS

 715 innocent wolves slaughtered in 3 1/2 months 


Top Photo: Boise Weekly City Desk_Andrew Crisp

Bottom photo: USFWS

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ALERT: Full Moon Vigil For Wolves, March 8th and 12th….

 By Mato Woksape

Warriors there will be two vigils organized by Mato W0ksape  to protest the continued slaughter of wolves in Idaho. They will be held at Eastside Park, Ontario, Oregon on March 8th and March 12th.

March 8th-Full moon Vigil

March 12thVigil For The Fallen


If you are unable to attend because of distance you can hold your own vigil where ever you are.  Please take a photo of your vigil and upload them to:

Howl Across America


We will add them to the vigil post here on the blog. It’s important that we document each vigil to draw attention to the wolves plight.


Photo: Courtesy Ann Sydow
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