Montana FWP Couldn’t Lay Off Wolves For One Day…..

Just when were trying to thank Montana FWP and the Commissioners for the doing the right thing by not extending the wolf hunt, the Director of Montana FWP,  Joe Maurier,  comes out with this little gem.

Montana FWP looking at other ways to manage wolves

Posted: Feb 16, 2012 8:23 PM by Marnee Banks (KXLH-Helena)
Updated: Feb 16, 2012 9:31 PM

On Thursday, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commissioners voted unanimously to stop the wolf hunt in the Bitterroot despite low harvest numbers.

The Commission hoped hunters would harvest 18 wolves in the Bitterroot but only 6 were killed.

Director Joe Maurier says residents need to remember the majority of the problems caused in the area are due to mountain lions.

However, he says he is fully prepared to take a plan to the next legislature which addresses the problem wolves in the area.

“Within the first two weeks of the Legislature, we get this wolf package passed which would allow some electronic calling, more than one wolf to be taken, so more than one license to be purchased, and allowing all of those sorts of tools to be used.”

He says the agency is completing a comprehensive study on wolves and those results will help dictate the next management steps.”

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So it looks like FWP is going to run to the Montana State Legislature to get what they want.

Does any of this sound familiar? Judge Molloy relisted wolves in August 2010 after the Obama administration delisted them in 2009. The anti-wolf crowd went nuts. Oh no, they weren’t going to let the judicial system get in their way.  Senator Tester D-MT came to the rescue. He inserted a wolf delisting rider into the US  Senate budget bill last year  to try to save his  Senate seat by boosting his anti-wolf credentialshoping to “out wolf” his  opponent Rep. Denny Rehberg R-MT.  Senate Democrats went along with the scheme and wolves were delisted via budget rider without judicial review, throwing Montana and Idaho wolves under the bus. A dangerous precedent was set. Any endangered species, who is labeled “inconvenient” to special interests, can be  delisted by Congress, without pesky scientific fact getting in the way. Never mind that wolves have done nothing wrong. Never mind they are NOT a threat to the cattle industries’ bottom line or have little to do with prey fluctuations. All three wolf states have healthy elk numbers, totaling almost 400,000 elk.

Politicians aren’t  scientists, they have no business meddling in the management of wildlife but I guess with wolves anything goes.

This is very bad news for Montana’s wolves and now more than ever we need the Ninth Circuit to overturn Judge Molloy’s decision and declare the wolf delisting rider unconstitutional and get wolves back under federal protection before the states decimate the wolf population and continue to torture them with cruel killing methods.

I’m frankly sick of this continual assault on wolves. They say environmentalists pushed too hard with legislation to keep wolves protected. This is why. The “wolf managers” can’t keep beating up on this species and not come out looking like bullies who are exacting retribution on wolves just for existing.  They are playing to the wolf hating crowd and it’s making them look small and petty just like the people they are trying so desperately to please. Enough, go pick on something that can fight back!!!


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