National Wolf Awareness Week…October 17-23

It’s National Wolf Awareness Week. A time to celebrate wolves AND expose the hateful persecution they live under.

I begin with the ugly face of wolf hunting, if you don’t already know how hideous  it is. This video is very graphic but necessary. Only when we’re confronted with the horrors wolves suffer, will we truly understand and want to commit ourselves to protecting them.

This is why Howling For Justice and Wolf Warriors are fighting to keep wolves protected. No wolf should suffer this fate. Wolf hunting is cruel, causing immense suffering both to wolves and their families. It makes orphans of little wolf pups like the ones in the video.

Montana and Idaho legislators and their fish and game agencies are working overtime to strip wolves once again of their ESA protections and hold brutal wolf hunts. This must not be allowed to happen.

Please speak out for wolves. Call your legislators and tell them wolves need protection of the ESA. They are not recovered and only inhabit 5% of their historic range. They must not fall back into the hands of the Western states who are clamoring for wolf hunts. This will allow them to profit from wolves’ deaths by selling wolf tags. State fish and game agencies should NOT be “managing” predators, because it creates a conflict of interest.

Hunters pay licensing fees, directly contributing to fish and game agency budgets. Since wolves and humans hunt the same prey animals, whose side do you think “wolf managers” will come down on? Wolves or hunters? I think you know the answer.

State game agencies operate under a 19th century paradigm that seeks to keep predator numbers low, under the misguided premise of inflating game animal numbers. This is politically driven policy, not science based. These tactics have no place in modern society.

There are powerful forces who want wolves dead outright or their numbers depleted to unsustainable levels. Please speak out for wolves and vow to be pro-wolf active this year!! Tell your legislators hands off the Endangered Species Act or they won’t have your vote. If they think we don’t care, then they’ll do what’s politically expedient for them. We have to make our voices heard loud and clear!! The wolf haters winning the war of words. We must get our message out and let people know wolves are suffering, even though the hunts have been halted for now. Wildlife Services continues its relentless war on wolves!!


Celebrate Wolf Awareness Week 2010





Montana State Legislators

Idaho State Legislators




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