URGENT: Please Sign Petition To Governor Kitzhaber Opposing The Anti Wolf Bill HB 4158….

This is B-300 (Sophie), alpha female of the Imnaha pack.  Here she is making history, just like her famous son OR7.  “Aerial footage of wolf B-300 in northeastern Oregon. B-300 was the first wolf confirmed to have returned to Oregon from Idaho since 2000. Photo taken January 23, 2008” (ODFW)

UPDATE:February 9, 2012

Nothing to report so far on todays  HB4158 hearing BUT everyone has done such a wonderful job signing the petition. There are over a thousand signatures now!! Thank you so much, you are truly special people!! Please continue to sign and share this petition, it would be amazing to reach the 5000 goal to show Governor Kitzhaber how valued Oregon wolves are. We have to put the brakes on the deadly game the cattle industry is playing with wolves. The persecution continues. Who would have thought a state as progressive as Oregon would be so controlled by ranching interests, that is truly shocking to me.

Another horrific anti-wolf  bill was just introduced in  Idaho:

Idaho rancher’s bill would OK ultralights, use of live bait for wolf control

BOISE, Idaho — A Senate bill would give ranchers more freedom to kill wolves that attack their sheep and cows, including letting them use ultralight aircraft and live bait such as dogs to help lure the predators.



I’m calling on all wolf advocates who read this blog to please sign the petition urging Governor Kitzhaber to oppose the anti-wolf bill 4158. This is time sensitive!!  Do it today, please do it now. Signatures stand at 700,  up 100 from yesterday but we can do much, much better. The goal is  5000!!

There is a public hearing tomorrow concerning HB 4158 and wolves’ enemies will be pushing hard for this bill.  Let’s gather as many signatures as we can to show Governor Kitzhaber and Oregon legislators that Americans care about Oregon wolves. They are a tiny, fragile, 29 wolf population, targeted by the cattle industry for destruction.

Remember the alpha female of the beleaguered Imnaha pack is the iconic OR7’s mother. We can’t allow them to destroy these wolves and their families.  There wouldn’t be a wolf in California, for the first time since 1924, if it wasn’t for the Imnaha Pack and Oregon’s wolf recovery.

Please sign now and share this with everyone you know. Send this far and wide!!


The Governor of OR: SAVE OREGON’S 29 WOLVES, oppose HB 4158

Petition Letter



We, the undersigned, urge you to oppose HB 4158, a bill proposed by the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, which allows killing of wolves to address livestock depredation and declares a “state of emergency.” With less than 30 wolves in the entire state, we find this declaration absurd. We, and most Oregonians, highly value our wildlife and strongly support endangered species protection and the return of wolves to Oregon, and their strong recovery.

Oregon has less than 30 confirmed wolves in the entire state and approximately 1.3 million cows. We feel that a Bill establishing a “state of emergency” over the presence of a tentatively recovering endangered wolf population is an attempt to bypass the Oregon Endangered Species Act and would set a dangerous precedent which could be used to circumvent protections of other endangered species at the behest of special interests. Furthermore, we believe it is an effort to short-circuit current litigation which aims to clarify the relationship of the state Endangered Species Act with the Oregon Wolf Plan.

Statements by Oregon Cattlemen’s Association members and officers constantly stress the aim of lethal removal over the use of non-lethal measures and tools, which they routinely disparage. As quoted in the Lewiston Tribune Online, 7/2/11, OCA Wolf committee Chair Rod Childers said, “To be able to move to lethal control we as producers have to show we tried nonlethal actions. I can’t say if it works or not, it is just things we have been told we have to do, and the whole key to me is getting them to move to lethal control,…” With this in mind, we believe HB 4158 to be an attempt to weaken the commitment to non-lethal measures.

With so many critical issues before this short session of the legislature, devoting precious time to this controversial and unnecessary Bill is a mistake.

Please oppose HB 4158.

Thank you.

[Your name]

Click Here To Sign Petition

For Oregon Wolves, For the Wild Ones,


Imnaha Pack Alpha Male, OR7’s father. He was slated for death until the Oregon Court of Appeals stayed the “kill order”.

Continue to call Oregon’s Governor as well.

Gov. John Kitzhaber 

Governor’s Citizens’ Representative Message Line

Fax: 503-378-6827

Governor Kitzhaber
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047


Photos: Courtesy ODFW

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