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Howl Across America Pro Wolf Rally, Cour d’Lene, Idaho, Sunday, August 28, 2011

Howl Across America was born just a few short months ago. It was an idea whose time had come. Grass roots wolf advocates were not being heard, our voices drowned out by the radical rantings of the right. In over two years, since Obama delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies, we’ve had very little to celebrate. Our only victory was the relisting of wolves by Judge Molloy in 2010, thereby canceling  that year’s wolf hunts. Since that time wolves have been delisted once again, stripped of their badly needed ESA protections and subject to brutal state management, who aim to severely reduce their populations.

Howl Across America is a campaign created to give wolf advocates a place to gather and plan rallies to protest the barbaric wolf hunts and show support for gray wolves. Our goal is to bring pressure on the wolf states by shedding much-needed light on this dreadful situation. There has been a virtual national media blackout on the wolf hunts. Many local people in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have no  idea what is about to happen to wolves, let alone the rest of the country. We want to change that.

We’ve had some success, baby steps as we move along, learning and growing. We’ve sounded the alarm that wolves in the Northern Rockies are in the grave danger. Without your support they could once again disappear from the American west. This is the time for action, not complacency.  The success of Howl Across America lies with you.

Idaho’s wolves may be on the verge of extirpation once again. We’ve shouted this from the roof tops, yet most wolf supporters, even though expressing support for wolves on FB and other sites,  have not organized a protest rally, or even shown up for existing ones. Today in Cour d’Lene, Idaho we had a modestly good turnout and I want to personally thank my friend and fellow HAA administrator, Ann S.,  for organizing the rally in Cour d’lene. You did a terrific job and thanks to everyone who turned out.  BUT there were many more people who had committed to coming who did not show up . Several days ago 200 people protested the mega-loads,  some were even arrested. Where is that same  passion for wolves?  What do we need to say to make you understand how dire this situation is? Aren’t wolves worth the effort?

Appealing to President Obama or Senators, who voted to delist wolves via budget rider, is really non-productive in our opinion. Why would you appeal to people who threw Montana and Idaho wolves under the bus, in a misguided attempt to help Senator Tester retain his seat?

I’ve repeated this tens of times but I’ll say it again, EVERY SINGLE SENATOR, EXCEPT WYDEN, LEAHY AND LEVIN, VOTED TO DELIST GRAY WOLVES via budget rider.  That includes Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, both Udalls, John Kerry, Cardin and the list goes on. Forget writing to them, you’re wasting your time. They and President Obama are the reason wolves are facing these horrific hunts.

This is the time to take action. Boycott the wolf states and make sure you write to the governors of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming to let them know how you feel about the way they are treating wolves in their states. Tell them why you won’t be doing business or vacationing there until the war against wolves is halted.

It’s up to you. Are you willing to allow wolves to slip away without saying a word? Do you want the wolf hate groups to have their way with these iconic animals and yet say nothing, do nothing? I’m challenging each and every one of you to get up and make a difference.

Visit Howl Across America and get involved.  Network with other advocates. When you commit to attending a rally, SHOW UP. There is nothing worse than planning a rally, having people commit to attending the rally and then on the big day, crickets.

The Idaho wolf hunt starts on August 30, 2011, that’s TOMORROW!! The wolves have no idea the hell they going to face. Their babies are just four months old and still have their milk teeth. They will be targeted along with their parents and pack-mates.  Much blood will flow, wolf families will be torn apart, before the guns, arrows, snares and traps finish their deadly work.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”….Edmund Burke


Washington DC Rally August 2011


Wolf Lovers To Protest In North Idaho

Photos: Courtesy Howl Across America Rally

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Howl Across America, Please Join In And Howl For Wolves….

Just a reminder this is the month to HOWL for wolves.  We are calling on all wildlife advocates to organize or join a rally to protest the wolf hunt slaughter and show your support for these beleaguered animals.  Initially we designated August the month to HOWL but we’ve now extended it into September and beyond.

Here are the rallies being planned on Howl Across America. Please visit the site and click on the discussions tab. All the rallies are posted there. If you have a rally you’d like to organize, this  is the place to post it. We need advocates from all over the country, not just the wolf states.



We have to get out from behind our computers and protest the wolf hunt slaughter to show our support for wolves. This is the time wolf supporters. There are millions wildlife advocates out there. There are countless wolf groups on FB. If everyone in those groups cooperated to organize protest rallies we could make a real difference for wolves and gain much-needed media coverage.

If you support wolves and are outraged by the hunts, now is the time to show it.  We finally have a chance to do something pro-active.


Top Photo: Courtesy Ray Rafiti

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Cry-Wolf

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