What About The Wolf Mothers In The Lolo?

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day, the special day that honors all mothers for their unconditional love and dedication to their children. This is a happy day, mothers are given flowers, special cards, taken to dinner and in general shown the respect they deserve.

On this day of  honoring mothers my thoughts turn to the 50 wolves being targeted for death by Idaho in the Lolo zone. The wolves are delivering their pups or have just delivered pups. The babies may be just a few weeks to days old. Of course they have no idea the state of Idaho wants to kill them and leave their pups to starve or worse. They are nursing their babies and caring for them with the help of the entire pack. What is going to happen to the wolf mothers in the Lolo that are facing aerial gunning, the dissolution of their families, the starving of  their puppies?  All this because the state claims wolves are to blame for low elk numbers in the Lolo?

  We all know the number of elk in the Lolo has been declining for years, long before wolves were reintroduced to Idaho. Yet the state has decided to slaughter 50 innocent wolves, so a hunter has a better chance of killing an elk? The pogrom against Idaho wolves in the Lolo mimics the sentiment expressed by the Friends of Animals campaign concerning the killing of wolves in Alaska to “save caribou”. We can change the words around and it would fit the proposed Idaho slaughter of the Lolo wolves, to a tee:

Alaska Version:

“If you shoot wolves to save moose and then you shoot the moose you’re either out of your mind or in Alaska.” 

Idaho Version:

If you shoot wolves to save elk and then you shoot the elk you’re either out of your mind or in Idaho.”


Fish and Game: Aerial shooting of Lolo wolves near

May 3, 2011, 10:17 am


Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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It’s Pupping Season, Idaho Is Preparing To Aerial Gun Lolo Wolves….

From the Lewiston Journal Online:

Aerial gunning of wolves in the Lolo Zone could begin “with all due haste,” if the animals are delisted by the end of this week, said Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore at Lewiston this morning.”

Yes, the state of Idaho is going to carry out their plan to kill 5o wolves in the Lolo,  a misguided attempt to increase elk numbers.  This is just another excuse to kill wolves, using the 10j, right in the middle of wolf pupping season. Elk numbers in the Lolo have been declining for years, before wolves were even reintroduced to Idaho, many factors contributed to this, yet once again wolves have been scapegoated.  This wolf kill is not going to help elk because the supposed “saved elk” will then be targets of  hunters when  hunting season rolls around. Killing predators to increase game herds is backward, 19th century policy.

Let’s put this puzzle together. It looks like USFWS is planning on publishing the wolf delisting rule by the end of this week, making the delisting of wolves official.

Remember Congress passed the “budget wolf delisting bill” and Obama signed it into law, effectively stripping gray wolves in the Northern Rockies of their ESA protections.

“Language attached to a budget bill by Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, that was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama last month ordered the federal wildlife agency to reissue a 2009 rule that delisted wolves. The law also insulates the rule from court challenge.”

After Obama signed the bill on April 16, the USFWS had sixty days to publish the delisting rule.  It looks like they are not going to waste anytime doing it. Why? Because Idaho wants to aerial gun 50 Lolo wolves while there is still snow on the ground. Nice huh?

“We believe there is still enough snow on the ground that we can pursue those animals via aerial gunning and try to reduce those numbers,” 

The department is scrambling to find aircraft to carry out the mission before snow melts and will seek assistance from federal wildlife agents to do the shooting. Once snow has melted, trapping will be used in the Lolo Zone.

Wolf puppies are being born right now and Idaho is planning on carrying out a wolf slaughter in the Lolo during pupping season, which will be a death sentence for the helpless pups, who’ll be left to starve.

Puppies just like these.

Babies will be losing  their lives along with their parents in the Idaho Lolo zone very soon. Will people stand up in protest? Do Americans want their tax dollars used to aerial gun wolves for no other reason then to carry out a disgusting scheme to increase elk numbers for hunters,  leaving wolf pups as collateral damage?

Where is the media on this?  Where is the outrage? Are we now a country that accepts the killing of wolves during pupping season as normal behavior?  How is this not animal cruelty? Please explain to me how this does not qualify as animal abuse?

Please spread the word about this terrible tragedy. If you have any media contacts, use them. Tell the story of what’s  facing the poor helpless Idaho wolves, who only want to live in peace and have their puppies.

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Fish and Game: Aerial shooting of Lolo wolves near

May 3, 2011, 10:17 am



Photo: Courtesy All About Wolves

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