Idaho Wolf Hunt Over In Most Of The State Leaving 374 Wolves DEAD….

The Scapegoat  (William Holman Hunt)

UPDATE: April 1, 2012

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The Idaho wolf hunt is finally over in most of the state but the Lolo and Selway zone wolves will continue to be hunted until June 2012,  straight through wolf denning and pupping season. While wolf mothers will be tending to their newborn pups, they will be sitting ducks for “wolf hunters”.   For the rest of Idaho’s wolves the nightmare is over but in just five short months the brutality will start all over again. 374 Idaho wolves are dead. This won’t be the final count since the hunt is still going on in the Lolo and Selway.

This gives us a short time to mobilize against the madness. Let’s make use of it!!

Meanwhile the sad story of the trapped, tortured wolf  has gone national. Reuters covered it along with other details pertaining to the wolf hunt slaughter that’s been going on in the Northern Rockies since Sept 2011.  The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, Yahoo News,  AlertNet, Oregon Herald, Chicago Tribune,,  Greensboro News,  World News, Richmond Va News and on and on.  The story needs to be told, repeated, tweeted, shared and not be allowed to die.


From Yahoo News:

Dead wolf photos stir tensions in West

ReutersBy Laura Zuckerman | Reuters – 6 hrs ago

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – Photos of dead and maimed wolves have pervaded the Internet in recent weeks, raising tensions in the Northern Rocky Mountains over renewed hunting and trapping of the once federally protected animals.

Escalating rancor between hunters and animal rights activists on social media and websites centers on pictures of wolves killed or about to be killed. Many have text celebrating the fact that Western states are allowing more killing of the predators.

Commenting on a Facebook-posted image of two wolves strangled to death by cable snares, an individual who identified himself as Shane Miller wrote last month, “Very nice!! Don’t stop now, you’re just getting started!”

A person going by the name Matthew Brown posted the message, “Nice, one down and a BUNCH to go!” in response to a Facebook image of a single wolf choked to death in a snare.


Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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