Judge Molloy Rules Against “Settlement”…

Good news Wolf Warriors. Judge Molloy has ruled against the settlement brokered by the ten plaintiffs of the original delisting lawsuit and the USFWS.

From the Wildlife News:

Molloy denies wolf settlement

April 9, 2011 — Ken Cole

Says that the agreement is illegal


Read His Decision:

Judge Molloy’s Ruling



Of course it’s not over yet but this is great news. I never believed Judge Molloy would stay his own decision. The wolves in the Northern Rockies have dodged another bullet. We have the budget battle to fight now but at least we can celebrate today!!

Thank you to the four non-settling groups for standing strong for wolves!! Click on their sites below and show your support!!

Western Watersheds Project

Friends of the Clearwater

Alliance for the Wild Rockies

Humane Society of the United States

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