Take a Deep Breath And Soar With Sacred Spirit…..

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Sacred Spirit~Ly-O-Lay-Ale-Loya


Sacred Spirit~O-Loa-Ki-Lee

Sioux Prayer

Grandfather Great Spirit All Over The World

The Faces Of Living Things Are Alike.

With Tenderness, They Have Come Up Out Of The Ground.

Look Upon Your Children That They May Face The Winds

And Walk The Good Road To The Day Of Quiet.

Grandfather Great Spirit

Fill Us With The Light.

Give Us The Strength To Understand And The Eyes To See.

Teach Us To Walk The Soft Earth As Relatives

To All That Live.

Sacred Spirit~Looking For North

If only we could live in harmony with the wolf, as Native Americans did, wolves would not be facing the persecution and bigotry they suffer today.


Photos: Wikimedia Commons, Fantop wallpaper

Background Photo: Wolf Conservation Center Ambassador Wolf, The Beautiful Atka

Sioux Prayer: Native American Prayers and Blessings

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