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I’m not an environmentalist. I’m an Earth warrior.  ~Darryl Cherney, quoted in Smithsonian, April 1990

Romeo Sweet Romeo


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Howl Across America

May 26, 2011

I want to take the opportunity to once again thank Louise du Toit for creating this amazing song for Howl Across America.

Howl Across America was launched in July 2011 to protest the brutal  Idaho and Montana wolf hunts. We continue to demand the end of wolf hunts and wolf slaughter.

Wolves in the Northern Rockies were stripped of their ESA protections in a travesty of justice when the US Senate passed a budget bill with a wolf delisting rider attached.  On a dark day, in the Spring of 2011, wolves were delivered to their enemies on a silver platter. President Obama signed the bill into law, making it the second time in just a few short years he had delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies.

  We call on the USFWS, Ken Salazar, President Obama and Congress to right this wrong and relist gray wolves before state management silences their howls forever.

Louise has been a stalwart supporter of wolves and this cause. Thank you again dear Louise.


August 12, 2011

“The song for HOWL ACROSS AMERICA was written by Louise du Toit as a contribution to the August 2011 events, organized by NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, Howling For Justice and individual wolf advocates around the world, protesting against the killing of wolves. Music, lyrics, performance and recording by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2011.”

Created by members of NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, and Howling For Justice, HOWL ACROSS AMERICA is calling on all wolf advocates to speak up for the wolves in August 2011. Please join their page at the following link and add your voice of protest against the war on our precious wolves”….Louise Du Toit



I watch the wolves go by
It seems as if they fly
As they run across the never-ending plane

With a spirit fierce and wild
And playful like a child
They embrace the earth in sunshine, snow and rain

And we don’t have the right
To keep them from the light
To hunt them down; to let them die in pain

So speak up loud and clear
Let the whole world hear
That roaming free is how they must remain

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

The earth is full of signs
That we have crossed the lines
But we refuse to listen, see or hear

But endless tears will fall
When we will lose it all
We must stop at once to interfere

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

(Music and lyrics by Louise du Toit – 11 August 2011)

Louise du Toit – CD Albums @
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Video: Courtesy Louise du Toit

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Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston’s Comments, IDFG Commissioner’s Meeting…

 Comment–Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners Meeting, March 21, 2012, Boise, Idaho

Hello, Commissioners,

I am Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston. I live in Cottonwood, Idaho. I am an Environmental Historian and wildlife rehabilitator. I am the author of four major books related to environment,  wildlife and human-wildlife relations, including my latest work from Penguin, Wolfsong: A Natural and Fabulous History of Wolves. I am also a journalist. I represent the educational  Ravensong Group and I represent the will of the American people.
     As an American and an Idaho tax payer, I call each and every one of you out.  I remind you that wolves are apex predators and wolves are a globally endangered species.  Anyone who manages to pass  Wildlife 101 in college understands that healthy elk herds need healthy predators. I could confuse you with more facts, but Commissioners, I know you are not really ignorant or stupid and you know the facts. Wolves do not decimate herds–wild or livestock. Less than one percent of livestock depredation comes from all predators–PERIOD.  And as for elk, deer and bison herds–the number of predators, including wolves, is dictated by the number of prey–not vice versa.
Wolves are a type of dog.
In fact, they are America’s dogs. What kind of man kills dogs? If a dog killer enters my neighborhood or your neighborhood–they would be stopped and arrested. Yet Idaho persists in killing America’s wolves. The American people demand that you reassess your roles in the brutal destruction of American wildlife resources. The American people demanded and implemented the Endangered Species Act in 1973. The American people spent $300 million in wolf recovery. This includes the wolves of the Northern Rockies–of which you and men of your ilk have slaughtered 524 since October 2011. You sell game tags and demand hunters obey Idaho game laws when it comes to elk and deer. Yet you sell wolf tags and do not punish wolf poachers, like the female outfitter and her husband in northern Idaho who deliberately lured a wolf and killed him–without a tag. And like OR-9, the Oregon wolf who was poached by a killer without a tag a few weeks ago. The American people demand justice for these wolves and the other 500 killed for no reason.
            Your clear plan is extirpation of all wolves in Idaho. The American people are not stupid and we are angry at your killing. The children of Idaho do not have decent education and many are hungry. Yet you, in your arrogance, complained that not enough hunters killed our wolves in the Lolo and you contracted with the brutal federal Wildlife Services and spent $35,000 of Idaho tax dollars to butcher 14 Lolo wolves. Wolves who were bothering no one and only wanted to live in peace in American wilderness. $35,000 could have paid an Idaho teacher’s salary for a year. And it could also have fed hungry children. Some would say America has been sleeping while you destroy our wolves and our tax investment. Commissioners, THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED.
We are mad as Hell and we will not take your abuse of our investment and our wolves and wildlife any more. At this rate of your irresponsible killing and mismanagement,  you are putting Idaho wolves on the fast track to federal protection.
You have demonstrated that you are incapable of responsible wolf and wildlife management. We will see you in court and your state will remain boycotted. You can’t love Nature from the barrel of a gun.
Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston



Photo: wolf wallpaper

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80 Wolves Dead In Idaho/Montana Hunts….

Remember the fallen: mothers, fathers, puppies, wolf families destroyed.

Wolves are dying every day.

Speak out, visit Howl Across America and join other wolf advocates who are standing up for wolves.

Say NO To The Wolf Hunts!!


On November 8th, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will revisit the request, by conservation groups, for an emergency injunction to stop the wolf hunts.

Appeals court allows wolf hunts in Idaho, Montana but will consider injunction

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday denied the emergency motion for injunction pending appeal, saying the request from the Alliance for the Wild Rockies  “seeks relief prior to oral argument.” The court said it will consider the motion during oral arguments scheduled for Nov. 8.

Read more:
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NIWA Holds Howl Across America Rally in Spirit Lake, Idaho

This is what Howl Across America is all about. NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance) held a pro-wolf rally in Spirit Lake, Idaho where Governor Otter was “meeting with constituents”.

They brought wolf ambassadors NIWA and Maya from Wolf People. The wolves  represented their species with grace and beauty, even though it looked like the Governor wished he was miles away from them.


Wolf snaps up spotlight

Protestors, citizens come out for Gov. Otter’s visit to Spirit Lake

Posted: Thursday, September 1, 2011 12:00 am | Updated: 1:35 am, Fri Sep 2, 2011. By TOM HASSLINGER/Staff writer

SPIRIT LAKE – The two sides stood apart in the drizzling rain, one holding signs protesting Idaho’s second wolf hunt, the other the state’s governor, about to honor Spirit Lake residents Rod and Nancy Erickson.

“He doesn’t want to talk to us,” said Bill Ross, one of 12 members from the wolf advocacy and education group, Wolf People, out of Cocolalla, who made the trip to Spirit Lake to protest the wolf season during Gov. Butch Otter’s Capital For a Day celebration. “He wants to avoid us like the plague.”

A few feet away from the demonstration, which included two caged wolves that licked their handlers’ hands, stood Otter, fielding questions about his position on wolf management.



Wolf advocates in North Idaho protest against grey wolf hunts


Video: Howl Across America

Photo: Courtesy JEROME A. POLLOS/Press

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They Want Their Wolf Hunts And They Want Them Now!!

Just like two-year olds, who don’t know the meaning of the word no, Montana and Idaho have petitioned the feds to HUNT  endangered wolves, which they say is allowed under the ESA. Fat chance. Oh yes, the ESA has a little clause somewhere that allows fish and game agencies to hunt endangered animals. I wonder how long their attorneys dug around looking for that little gem? Who are they kidding?

Montana wants to slaughter 186 out of 500 wolves and Idaho wants to kill 50 wolves who “are eating all their elk”. Are these people nuts? Seriously, I’m starting to wonder what the heck is going on at the fish and game agencies.

Judge Molloy JUST relisted gray wolves in the Northern Rockies on August 5, 2010 and barely two months later Montana and Idaho want to go forward with their hunting plans. I guess the lawsuit was just a joke. Of course we can hunt animals protected under the ESA, didn’t you read the fine print?

What the heck is a conservation hunt anyway? Who are they conserving? It’s certainly not wolves. It’s the “Hunt Wolves to Save Wolves” mentality over there at Montana for Hunting and Cattle. Seriously, if the USFWS even thinks of approving this abomination, I can’t imagine there won’t be a lawsuit almost immediately. What did we win this victory for, so the states could just go ahead and start killing wolves anyway? And don’t forget Wildlife Services are busy little bees killing wolves for agribusiness. 

Is anyone as fed up with these continual wolf killing schemes as I am?

The irony is a study just came out stating the planned hunts, that Montana now wants to go forward with, are actually damaging to the wolf population in the Northern Rockies. What a shock. Did anyone doubt that 500 wolves dying in the Northern Rockies last year was devastating to wolves?

Scientists: Wolf Hunts More Deadly Than Previously Thought

by Virginia Morell on 29 September 2010, 8:00 PM

“A policy to sustainably manage gray wolves via recreational hunting appears to rely on faulty ecological science, says a new paper published today in PLoS ONE. The paper challenges a long-held assumption that gray wolf populations won’t be decimated by hunting and predator-control programs. It has been believed up till now that such efforts can remove as many as 28% to 50% of the animals in a population without causing long-term harm to their numbers.”

Further they state:

“It’s unprecedented for a species to move directly from the endangered species list to a harvest of this magnitude,” Creel says. “And, when combined with the predator-control programs, the data suggest the effect will be larger than previously thought.” Northern Rocky Mountains wolf packs may be more susceptible to being harmed by hunting because they are generally small, with few adult members. It’s thus more likely that any wolf killed in a hunt will be a breeding adult. When a pack loses its breeding adults, it is apt to fall apart.”

Finally, a study to prove what I said back in July, you can’t slaughter 186 wolves in a Montana hunt and have WS come along and kill another 145 wolves, as they did last year and have a thriving healthy wolf population. Now there is finally scientific proof. But I’m sure the state game agencies will ignore it and forge ahead.

I have to tell you I went to one of Montana for Hunting and Ranching meetings, on wolf quotas, before wolves were relisted and they were thrilled about having another wolf hunt. Thats all they talked about.  They were asking people in the audience, “Who killed a wolf last year?” And blah, blah, blah interest is up from out-of-state hunters who want to come to Montana to kill wolves. 

Someone in the audience asked, why are you killing wolves, since they account for just one percent or less of livestock losses and there are 150,00 elk in Montana? Whoever was leading the meeting (I have no idea what his name was) said,  “BECAUSE WE CAN“. That’s it people, BECAUSE WE CAN. It’s not about cows, it’s not about elk. It’s about “BECAUSE WE CAN“. Well someone told them on August 5th, 2010, NO YOU CAN’T!!

I guess they didn’t read Judge Molloy’s ruling! Lord, when will this madness ever end?

At least one positive has come out of this. Montana and Idaho have shown their true colors. They just want to kill wolves and they will do anything to please their hunting and ranching lobbies. Montana will try to push a ridiculous “conservation hunt” past the ESA and Idaho is not even listening to their own study that said wolves are not responsible for prey declines. like they’ve been accused of. Get this, the study actually said human hunters are contributing to prey declines in Idaho. OMG, stop the presses, I would never have guessed.

From the Times News,

“……the report showed that hunters were the biggest cause of elk kills in two other areas with declining populations: the Pioneer zone east of Ketchum, and Island Park near Rexburg. In the Island Park zone, hunters killed 17 percent of collared elk while wolves killed none.”

But of course Idaho continues to complain about the Lolo and use that excuse to kill wolves. They’re going to keep wolf numbers low there for the next five years to “save the elk” Elk have been in decline in the Lolo for decades, long before wolves ever showed up and they know it.

“……deteriorating habitat in the Lolo zone has contributed to declining elk numbers since at least 1988, before wolves entered the picture. The population dropped by 40 percent during the severe winter of 1996-97 alone. Bears and cougars also kill many elk. Just across the border, Montana biologists are starting a similar collaring study in Ravalli County, where one factor of elk decline may be high human population growth.

I think they also forgot the ‘prey decline” issue is being litigated in front of Judge Molloy. Environmentalists want “prey declines”stricken from the 10j rule, which was added in 2008 as a way to kill more wolves and tighten the feds control over them.  Prior to that they could only kill wolves for depredations.  But facts are pesky things. They get in the way of agendas.


Montana, Idaho send wolf hunting plans to feds

By MATTHEW BROWN, Associated Press Writer Matthew Brown, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 27, 5:41 pm ET

BILLINGS, Mont. – Montana officials are seeking federal approval to kill 186 endangered gray wolves in a special “conservation hunt,” while neighboring Idaho wants permission to kill up to 50 of the predators that officials say are eating too many elk.

Documents released Monday detailed the states’ new plans to kill wolves despite a court ruling that restored their endangered species status.

Wildlife managers say the Aug. 5 ruling from U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy did not account for the growing impact of wolves on livestock and big game herds across the Northern Rockies.

In separate applications filed over the last two weeks with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Idaho and Montana said their plans to kill wolves were permissible under the Endangered Species Act.


MSU study: Hunt would cut Montana wolf population in half

Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:45 am

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Don’t Forget To Comment On The Increased Wolf Hunt Quotas…Deadline June 14

Please don’t forget to comment on the terrible increase of wolf hunt quotas, by the Montana FWP commissioners. The deadline is June 14.

Just to refresh, Montana is going after wolves with a vengeance.

Wildlife Services is killing entire packs for agribusiness and Montana FWP wants to double to almost triple the wolf hunt quota from the current 75 to between 153 and 216, for the 2010 wolf hunt season. PLEASE TELL THEM NO TO INCREASING WOLF HUNT QUOTAS.  This is a war on wolves, make no mistake about that.

Please CLICK HERE to read the post I did on the in the increased wolf hunt quotas and the hearings that were held throughout Montana last Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

CLICK HERE to post your comments to Montana FWP commissioners. Please tell them NO to any increase in the wolf hunt quotas, that wolves on the landscape are a good thing for the state. Ask them to stop “managing” wolves for hunters and ranchers.

Please use the articles and post below I’ve provided as talking points to explain the ecological benefits of having wolves on the landscape, when you compose your comments.

Apparently the commissioners want comments that explain in detail why we need wolves and why they shouldn’t raise the hunt quotas. I know it’s hard to believe we have to explain to these people why wolves are important, when they should already know the answers.

One other point, please remind the commissioners that you may not be a hunter or rancher but the state of Montana should be representing all its citizens not just two small vocal minorities.

Tell them every wolf they kill reduces the chance for wildlife watchers to view them in the wild. We have just as much right to view wildlife alive as hunters want to kill our wildlife. 

If you are out-of-state remind the commissioners you may not want to visit Montana and spend tourist dollars here if they continue to carry out such brutal practices against wolves by reducing their population to mere shadows on the landscape. 

Tell them this was not the purpose of ESA, to start slaughtering wolves almost immediately after they were delisted. Inform them Minnesota has 3500 wolves, in a smaller state with more people and a very large deer herd. Wolves haven’t decimated the ungulates there. Why does Montana feel they need to reduce the population of wolves in this way when Minnesota has vowed if their wolves were ever delisted they would hold a FIVE YEAR MORATORIUM on any wolf hunt, or no wolf hunt.

Yellowstone wolves bring in millions of dollars to the GYA (Greater Yellowstone Area), much more than hunting does for that area. The commissioners should be thinking of tapping into eco-tourism dollars that wolves generate, instead of trying to eliminate them for ranchers and hunters.




Conserving Wildlife and Boosting Local Economies

Many people have written to me saying they are taking their tourist dollars elsewhere because of the way gray wolves are treated in Montana.

The West needs more, not fewer, wolves

Guest column by GEORGE WUERTHNER | Posted: Monday, June 7, 2010 7:49 am


Tracking science: Biologist’s findings show forest diversity, health influenced by wolves


Wolves ARE The True Lords Of Nature


The Odd Couple….Wolves And Pronghorn Antelope


Giving the Livestock Industry a License to Kill

Gunning for Wolves in Idaho


*(this article has lots of good information on the ecological benefits of wolves)


Please vote NO in the Bozeman Chronicle poll on the wolf hunt quotas. CLICK HERE to vote. HOWLS!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Photos: Wolf wallpaper

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