For The Fallen Idaho Wolf Pups….

For the little ones who won’t grow up, who won’t see another sunrise or romp in the next snowfall, or play with their pack-mates or the hundred things young wolves experience.

I wish with all my heart I wasn’t typing this and you didn’t die violent, painful deaths. I wish I could have saved you.

In Sorrow,




In Idaho, wolves killed by hunters must be checked by IDFG personnel. A form called a Big Game Mortality Report (BGMR) is filled out, which is supposed to report the age, sex, kill location, weapon used, method (predator call, bait, stalk, incidental, etc) and other information. To date, over 29% of 109 BGMR’s list no age for the wolf. Here is preliminary data on pups and sub-adults (yearlings) killed so far in Idaho – for BGMR’s that have an age listed
As of 11-11-11, there have been 114 wolves killed in Idaho’s hunt, 29 of those wolves were pups or sub-adults. (at least)

Pups Killed 24

Sub-adults Killed 8


     Total 32 Killed 



BGMR #33. A male pup shot on Sept 30 in Unit 6 in Rochet Creek. No color listed.


BGMR #57. A female grey pup shot on Oct 12 in Unit 10 at Meadow Point, on a guided hunt. There were 5 wolves with the pup.
BGMR #91 – Grey female pup killed on Oct 26 in Unit 10, at Kelly Ck/Cayuse Ck Jct.

Dworshak-Elk City

BGMR #3 & 4 – Two female pups shot on Sept 3 in Unit 14 on Dairy Mountain. No color listed.

Middle Fork

BGMR #9 – Black male pup shot on Sept 3 in Unit 27, Diamond D Ranch.
BGMR #39 & 40 – Two grey sub-adult pups, a male and female, shot on Oct 6 in Unit 27, Pistol Creek Ranch Ck to Garden Ck.
BGMR #107 – Grey female pup shot on Nov 5 in Unit 20A, Porphrey Creek. Six months old. She was with 3 other wolves.
BGMR 108 – November 5, Grey, male subadult wolf killed in Wimstick Creek, Unit 20A, Middle Fork Zone. “Unsure of age, either young of year or 1.5 years”.
BGMR 115 – November 4, grey male pup, killed on Rush Creek Ridge, Unit 26, Middle Fork Zone. Six months old. Shot with a rifle. Days hunted: 4
BGMR 116 – November 4, grey male pup, killed on Rush Creek Ridge, Unit 26, Middle Fork Zone. Six months old. Shot with a rifle. Days hunted: 4


BGMR #69 – Black female pup shot on Oct 18 in Unit 28, in China Basin/Iron Creek. 3 other wolves were howling.
BGMR #83 – Black female pup shot on Oct 27 at Corn Creek, with 5 other wolves.


BGMR’s #7 & #8 – Two female greys, one a pup, one a sub-adult, shot in the SFK Salmon River drainage by the same hunter, on August 31, Unit 25. Saw 8 total wolves.
BGMR #44 – Grey female pup shot on Oct 10 in Star Creek near Pollock Mtn Lookout, Unit 23. “1 wolf heard howling & other wolf sign seen. Porcupine quills in face.”
BGMR #66 – Grey male “pup of the year”, shot on Oct 18 at Cloochman Saddle, Unit 23.
BGMR #100 – Male wolf pup shot on Nov 1 in Stoller Meadows, Warm Lake area. One larger and smaller wolf with pup.


BGMR #2 – Grey male sub-adult shot on Sept 4 in Scriver Creek, Unit 33.
BGMR #34 – Grey female pup, killed Oct 2, Hawley Mt Lookout.
BGMR #102, #103 – Two grey pups, one male, one female, killed on Nov 2, Unit 39, top of Black Warrior.

Southern Mountains

BGMR #17 – Grey male pup, killed on Sept 17 by a bow hunter in Unit 29, Trail Creek (Lemhi Mts/River)
BGMR #58 & #59 – Two grey male pups shot on Oct 12 in Edna Creek, Unit 43 (SFK Boise River). “Observed large group of wolves while deer hunting. Partner shot one, then called this one in by howling.”
BGMR #71 & 72 – Two wolves killed, a grey adult male and black sub-adult male. Shot in Antelope Creek, Unit 50, Pioneer Mountains. Pack size 5 black, 1 grey.
BGMR #109 – Grey sub-adult female shot on Nov 5 on Boulder Creek, Boulder Mts, Unit 48 near Ketchum Idaho. 



BGMR #11 – Grey female sub-adult (54 lbs) was shot on Oct 30, Unit 59, Huntley Canyon. Shot with muzzleloader. (Saw) 5 wolves total.

Island Park

BGMR #16 – Black female “pup of the year” shot Sept 17 at Fall River, Unit 62. “Method” used was a Predator Call and Howl.
BGMR #73 – Black male pup shot on Oct 21 at Dry Creek, Unit 61.


Photos:  Top wolf pic: Courtesy orionbula deviant art

Middle wolf pic: Courtesy A.S.

Bottom wolf pic: Courtesy

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