New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Suspends Trapping in Wolf Recovery Area

Middle Fork Pack alphas both  missing their front legs, Alpha male AM871 lost his limb to a leg hold trap.

What a breath of fresh air. Positive wolf news for a change.  Governor Bill Richardson has suspended trapping on the NM side of the wolf recovery area for six months.  He wants to know what effect trapping has on the highly endangered Mexican gray wolf population and has ordered New Mexico Fish and Game to study the issue.

Actually they don’t have to do a study, I can tell you trapping is devastating to all animals, including gray wolves. The alpha male of the Middle Fork pack lost his front leg to a trap. He and his mate are both missing their front legs. The alpha female lost her front leg to a bullet.

Even though this is a suspension for six months and not a permanent ban it certainly is a step in the right direction. We need to get traps and snares off all public lands. 

I commend the Governor for doing something pro-active for wolves. We should write and thank him for his efforts.

Contact Governor Bill Richardson:


NM governor suspends trapping in wolf area

Associated Press – July 28, 2010 4:55 PM ET


Photos: Courtesy USFWS

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