What a Crock!

I’m sure everyone has heard the “story’ about the hunters in Northwestern Montana, that were “so scared” of a wolf pack they ended up shooting one of its members. In self-defense of course, they say, cause the big, bad wolves were scaring them.

I don’t buy their account of what happened. I think what might have happened is wolves could have been feeding on the carcass when the “hunters” came back the next day to retrieve the meat. They may have shot at the wolves to scare them off the carcass, killing one in the process. Or it could have been something more sinister, like they shot the wolf on purpose and are trying to cover it up. Nobody knows, it’s their word against the wolf and wolves are voiceless!!

If there is any truth to the story it’s that they left an elk carcass on the ground, in the woods, overnight, WHERE PREDATORS LIVE!!  Of course they never could imagine a grizzly, mountain lion, coyote or wolf might want to feed on that carcass. Oh no? Have they ever heard of this:

“you need to respect that you are in wild regions and that you must clean up after yourself. You must “Leave No Trace”.

There may have been wolves in the area or even on the carcass but I don’t believe for one second their wild west account of what happened. I think this is CYA big time and sensationalism. It’s a chance to demonize wolves further. There’s already a website set up for people to report their “wolf encounters”. The anti-wolf crowd has jumped on this story big time, it’s their new “cause célèbre ” to demonize wolves. It’s not going to work!!

Anyone who lives in Northwest Montana knows you can run up against a predator at any time. A grizzly or any predator could be just around the corner when you’re hiking or hunting in these mountains. Isn’t that just common sense? Heck you’re not allowed to leave a gum wrapper in the woods let alone a carcass. Basic hunting and hiking 101?

This is a crock and I hope the USFWS investigator gets to the bottom of it. If these “hunters” killed the wolf illegally they should lose their hunting licenses for life and face all penalties.

“Killing an animal protected under the federal ESA is punishable by a fine of up to $100,000, one year in jail, or both.” But there’s one exception….self defense. Hmmmmm, interesting isn’t it?

I’m sick of this backward mentality toward an innocent animal. The wolf goes silently to its grave and the “hunters” can say whatever they want. Same old, same old.

If you kill an elk, and leave it on the ground overnight, expect there will be predators in the area when you return. A six-year-old could tell you that!

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please”……Mark Twain


Wolf incident reported in Northwest Montana

Posted: Nov 4, 2010 12:18 PM by Mark Thorsell (KAJ Media Center)


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