Wedge Pack Slaughter Hangs Like A Pall Over Washington State….

This is a do-over of my previous post in which I got a few facts wrong. The alpha pair is dead, effectively ending the Wedge Pack.  Yes, a few wolves got away, it was estimated there were either 8 or 11 wolves in the pack but killing off the alpha pair will cause those wolves to disband. And what about the pups? Were they killed?

 This is a very dark week for Washington state, 6 wolves killed in three days. I have no doubt other wolves will fill the Wedge Pack’s territory and it will be rinse and repeat of this situation if cows are still grazing in the Wedge unprotected.

End grazing leases and kick these ranchers off our public land. That is the only solution to this, not pandering to them and using taxpayer dollars to kill native wolves. Badly done WDFW, badly done!!


Wildlife agents finish job of eliminating wolf pack


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Posted on September 27, 2012 at 3:02 PM

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OLYMPIA, Wash. — The collar around its neck was supposed to lead biologists to a better understanding of how an alpha male wolf leads its pack.

Instead, that GPS collar is what sharpshooters in a helicopter used to track down and kill the followers of the Wedge Wolf Pack in northeast Washington state. And on Thursday, after leading most, if not all, members of its young pack to their deaths, the alpha male was shot and killed.


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Death Rains Down From The Sky, 2 Washington Wedge Pack Wolves Aerial Gunned…

Sad, sad news Wolf Warriors. 2 Wedge Pack wolves met death from the sky today as WDFW sharpshooters slaughtered two wolves and are in pursuit of the rest of the pack, including puppies. This is a dark day for Washington state. Do not travel to Washington or buy Washington potatoes. Call the Department of Tourism and Governor Gregoire and let them know you will NOT be traveling to a state that kills innocent wolves for public land grazing ranchers.

This is just the beginning of pack removal in the state of Washington. Does anyone think another wolf pack won’t claim this territory? It will be rinse and repeat, resulting in more dead wolves. Until we retire grazing leases and get cows off our public lands,  wolves will continue to pay the price with their lives.

State shoots two wolves in Wedge Pack today; six or more to go

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Sept. 25, 2012 4:51 p.m

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Governor Gregoire

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