Wisconsin Sinks To New Low..


We all know Wisconsin is allowing trophy hunters to chase down wolves with dogs. It was challenged in the courts by humane organizations who recognize this for what it is, cruelty, pure and simple.  An appeals court recently ruled  the state can go forward with this disgusting, ugly practice, essentially sanctioning  dog fighting.

Wisconsin is gaining the reputation as Idaho east, except even Idaho, as brutal as their policies are toward wolves, don’t allow this. Just wondering how these so-called Wisconsin “hunters” would like to be chased down by dogs?  They wouldn’t be so “brave” then, now would they?



LETTER: Wisconsin has poor version of ethical hunting

July 23, 2014 3:03 pm  • 

Black bears should no longer feel solely terrorized and persecuted by hound hunters in training activities; the gray wolf has now joined their ranks.

Here’s how hound training on both bears and wolves works: Bear baiting begins April 15, 111 days longer than the six other states still allowing pre-season bear baiting. Gallons of sweet treats are dumped in our woods to habituate bears and newborn cubs into showing up at dumping sites daily. After three months of getting fat on sweet treats, July 1 the rules and their world changes. Now packs of hounds are released into the woods from baiting stations or on a bear track crossing the road and the chase is on.

These chases can last for hours and cover up to 10-plus miles while hunters stay on the roads and drive from one block of woods to the next while following hounds on GPS, who are running their quarry to exhaustion. If cubs are lucky they make it to a tree before the hounds; some are not so lucky.

Now add wolves and wolf pups who, unlike bears, are now being run down by an unlimited number of hounds for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no license required. Contrary to what the DNR and hound hunters state, walking up to a dog and wolf fight to put a leash on dogs while skipping home unscathed is far from the truth. Poaching of wolves will be rampant.

Bear hounds are bred to be tough and fight, but history tells us they are no match for a wolf as $500,000-plus in depredation payments have gone to hound hunters. This is canine against canine. In less than one minute a wolf can either break the neck or back of a bear hound or disembowel and rip it’s hide off. In the 20 minutes to an hour that it takes the hunters to make it from their trucks to the fight in the woods, how many hounds, wolves and wolf pups at rendezvous sites will already be dead? Since there is no limit on number of hounds on wolves, maybe 12 to 18 hounds on one wolf will get the upper hand?

Make no mistake, this will be brutal. Thank you, Wisconsin legislators, for Act 169.

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 Wis. Court: Hunters Can Train Dogs On Wolves

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A state appeals court ruled Thursday that hunters can train dogs to chase down wolves, rejecting arguments from a group of humane societies that wildlife officials are allowing deadly wolf-dog clashes and cementing one of the most contentious elements of Wisconsin wolf hunting.
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Is Trophy Hunting a Form of Serial Killing? By Gareth Patterson

Lion expert and conservationist Gareth Patterson takes aim

“For me – and the many people who contact me to offer their support – killing innocent animals for self-gratification is no different from killing innocent people for self-gratification. By extension, then, trophy hunting – the repeated killing of wild animals – should surely be viewed as serial killing. And in the same moral light humanity’s thinking is, I feel, beginning to approach such a level of morality.

What are the comparisons between trophy hunting and serial killing?

To attempt to answer this question, I did some research into the gruesome subject of serial killing. I learnt firstly that serial murder is a grotesque habit which analysts regard as addictive. Serial murder, I learnt, is about power and control – both linked to the killers’ longing to “be important”.

It appears when the serial killer commits the first act of murder, he experiences feelings such as revulsion and remorse, but the killing – like a dose of highly addictive drug – leads to more and more murders until the person is stopped. Researchers have discovered that serial murderers experience a cooling-off period after a killing, but as with a drug craving, the compulsion – the need to kill – keeps building up until the killer heads out again in search of another victim.

Trophy hunters are mostly “repeat” killers. This is further fueled by elite trophy hunting competitions. It has been calculated that in order for a hunter to win these competitions in all categories at the highest level, he would have to kill at least 322 animals.

Pornography is perceived by analysts as a factor that contributes toward serial killers’ violent fantasies – particularly “bondage-type” pornography portraying domination and control over a victim.

Hunting magazines contain page after page of (a) pictures of hunters, weapon in hand, posing in dominating positions over their lifeless victims, (b) advertisements offering a huge range of trophy hunts, and (c) stories of hunters’ “exciting” experience of “near misses” and danger.

These pages no doubt titillate the hunter, fueling his own fantasies and encouraging him to plan more and more trophy hunts.

Trophy hunters often hire a camera person to film their entire hunt in the bush, including the actual moments when animals are shot and when they die. These films are made to be viewed later, presumably for self-gratification and to show to other people – again the need to feel “important”?

This could also be seen as a form of trophy which mirrors in some respect pornographic “snuff” videos known to be made by some serial killers. Other serial killers have tape-recorded the screams of their victims, which were kept for later self-gratification.

There is a strong urge to achieve perceived “heroism” in serial murderers. This is linked to the individual’s craving for “self-esteem”. Student Robert Smith, for example, who in November 1996 walked into a beauty parlour in Mesa, Arizona, and shot five women and two children in the back of the heads, said of his motivation to kill: “I wanted to become known, to get myself a name”.

Multiple killer Cari Panzram (among whose victims were six Africans he shot in the back “for fun” while working for an oil company in Africa) once stated of his actions: “I reform people”. When asked how, he replied: “By killing them”. Panzram also liked to describe himself as “the man who goes around doing good”.

The “Stockwell Strangler” of South London in the mid-1980s who told police he wanted to be famous is another example of how the serial killer clearly confuses notoriety for fame.

Are the trophy hunter’s killings linked to the serial killer’s addiction to murder, to achieve what is perceived to be heroism, to deep-rooted low self-esteem, to wanting to be famous – the “name in the trophy book”?

Certainly one could state that, like the serial killer, the trophy hunter plans his killing with considerable care and deliberation. Like the serial killer he decides well in advance the “type” of victim – i.e. which species he intends to target. Also, like the serial killer, the trophy hunter plans with great care where and how the killing will take place – in what area, with what weapon.

What the serial killer and trophy hunter also share is a compulsion to collect “trophies” or “souvenirs” of their killings. The serial killer retains certain body parts or other “trophies … for much the same reason as the big game hunter mounts the head and antlers taken from his prey … as trophies of the chase,” according to Colin Wilson and Donald Seaman in The Serial Killers, a book on the psychology of violence.

In The Serial Killers, the authors wrote about Robert Hansen, an Alaska businessman and big-game enthusiast who hunted naked prostitutes through the snow as though they were wild animals, then shot them dead. Hansen would point a gun at his victim, order her to take off all her clothes, and then order her to run. He would give his victims a “start” before stalking them. The actual act of killing his victims, Hansen once said, was an “anti-climax” and that “the excitement was in the stalking”.

How many times have I heard trophy hunters describing their actions in similar terms? “No, hunting isn’t just about killing,” they say. “It’s also about the stalk, the build-up to the kill”.

Hansen was a trophy hunter, who, according to Wilson and Seaman, had achieved “celebrity by killing a Dall sheep with a crossbow”. He also trophy hunted women but, as a married man with a family, he couldn’t put his human trophies next to those elk antlers and bear skins in his den.

As an alternative, Hansen, it was revealed, took items of jewelry from his victims as “trophies” and hid these in his loft so that, as with his animal trophies, he, the hunter, could relive his fantasy-inspired killings whenever he wished to.

According to Wilson and Seaman, Jack the Ripper cut off one victim’s nose and breasts and “as if they were trophies, displayed them on a bedside table, together with strips of flesh carved from her thighs”.

Jewellery, body parts, clothing such as underwear and so on, are all known “trophies” of the serial killer. One serial killer flayed his victim and made a waistcoat from the skin as a “souvenir” or “trophy”.

What could the non-hunting wives, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children reveal of the nature and behavior of a hunter in the family? Could they reveal that the hunter had a very disturbed childhood?

Almost half the serial killers analyzed during behavioral research were found to have been sexually abused in childhood. Environmental problems early in life manifest in many cases in violence such as cruelty to animals. Maybe they have a frustrated craving for “self-esteem”, a deep desire to be recognized, a resentment against society? All these factors are some of the known links to the profile of the serial killer.

Lastly, serial killing has been described as a “20th-Century phenomenon”. The same could be said of Western trophy hunting in Africa.”



 Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Care2 Petition: “Tell Idaho’s Governor That Wolf Hunters Shouldn’t be Allowed to Hide”

A Care2 Petition asks Idaho’s Governor why wolf hunters should be allowed to hide their names? Last year Idaho passed a law protecting the identity of wolf hunters. Why?

Tell Idaho’s Governor That Wolf Hunters Shouldn’t be Allowed to Hide



There are already plenty of laws on the books that address harassment. What about wolf advocates? We are harassed and have received death threats. Does anyone care? A wolf advocate friend had a picture of a dead wolf sent to her. Another friend had threatening phone calls made to his house.

Read Bill Gibson’s excellent article, in the current Summer issue of Earth Island Journal, called Cry, Wolf. to get a feel for the toxic atmosphere wolves live under in the Northern Rockies.

There are wolf hating websites, horrific pictures of dead wolves on the net and sickening descriptions of how to kill wolves.  On one website called Lobowatch,  which Bill Gibson quotes  in Cry Wolf,  the author discusses Xylitol, an artificial sweetner that is toxic to ALL canines.  He states:

“Wolf control now has a new, until now secret, weapon.  I have a feeling that if Molloy goes against the wishes of today’s hunters, there’s going to be a whole lot of very sweet gut piles and wolf-killed carcasses dotting the landscape this fall.  Along with some supplemental feeding of wolf pups come next spring.  –  Toby Bridges”

Supplemental feeding of wolf pups? The meaning is pretty clear don’t you think?

Who is being threatened here? The wolf hunters or wolves?

My website has been spammed by wolf haters many times.  Just to refresh your memory, I’m posting a few of the newer comments and older ones I’ve received. This is just a tiny sample, nothing close to the real number. And I’m not alone, many pro-wolf sites receive the same kind of hate mail. Are there any laws protecting us or other wolf advocates? Or better yet, who is going to protect wolves from this kind of hatred?

These comments are the best example of why wolves need the protection of the ESA!! Worrying about the people who are going to kill wolves  is wasted energy.
What about the wolves? What about wolf advocates?
Submitted on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 5:21 PM
wolve killer
that was me in that picture u get that off of this sight that was a good shot by the way we got 5more and this one i shot whined and cride for like 5 min befor i shot it in the face agin hahahahahaha

Submitted on 2011/03/25 at 3:37 pm

Ha..ha..and I will be playing mine when you are crying over the picture of dead wolves from the upcoming 2011 Idaho/Montana wolf hunts!! Just remeber that all your money and time was wasted.



Dead Moose

Submitted on 2011/02/17 at 6:08 pm

Pay back time!!!!


I see you need to up your med’s. The tide has changed, and your wolf promoting day’s are going to be filled with anguish.It’s wolf season!


Anti-hunters can’t post true comments! You anti-hunters are destroying the planet!


Submitted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 5:28 AM

About time the FAKE endgnagered wolves is taking away from the corrupt Marxist Judge Mollory. Common sense sure is short on the anti Americans, anti ranchers, anti hunters, anti humans wolf lovers side. Time for you spoiled brats to grow up and face reality the wolves are recovered and need to be controlled. Stop stomping your feet and crying like a spoiled brat. I already know you don’t have the guts to allow my comments up. But that is what liberals do!!!!!! it is called book burning and censorship.


Submitted on 2010/04/16 at 11:26 am

Fuck all of you hippies


Submitted on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 2:58 PM

I saw shoot every wolf out there


Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:50 PM

I would like to see nebeki name and state where she is from so we can send her death threats

Submitted onWednesday, February 17, 2010 8:58 AM
I tried to post a comment but it looks like it got deleted. I put absolutely nothing negative in my originial post but since I am a hunter and have a different view the moderator here decided to delete it. That is completely fine, I only tried to educate some but like any anti-hunting group, it always falls on deaf ears. I am now agitated and I am making a promise to you all, I am going to go out this next winter and kill as many wolves as I can in this websites honor and everyone who posts here. In Alaska where I live, you can kill 10 wolves a day in most areas, and they are very abundant. I am going to go back and count every post negative to hunters and kill or trap a wolf for every one. I am going to kill double for you Nabeki. Sweet dreams!!
Submitted onWednesday, February 17, 2010 7:11 AM
“I have an idea. Lets declare open season on wolf lovers. Wear your “I (Heart) Wolves” into a bar in rural Montana on Saturday night. You narrow-minded bleeding hearts make me sick. You don’t have a friggin clue about anything except what is popular. I suppose you are all Obama supporters and believe in the Global warming myth. Screw all of you. May something bad happen to your family, and it gets announced on world news.”


Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 7:04 AM

wolves kill.  I kill. seems pretty simple to me. If they were smarter and had opposable thumbs, maybe they’d have guns. No? too bad. They die!


Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:58 AM
I hope you guys get your way and the wolves kill every living thing there. Then when they get hungry enough maybe they will take care of all you people too. After that they can starve to death and nobody will have to worry about either of you!
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:22 AM
Shoot all these worthless wolves. You raise and feed  in your backyard.If you want them so bad.
I’ll gut shoot one and let it painfully die for days.

Gallatin Canyon has plenty for target practice this spring.
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:59 PM
Can’t wait to kill me some Woofy and publish the bloody kill and butcher photos on the World Wide Al Gore Internet :Big ‘ole Grin Here to all the Woofy Lovers :) .
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:13 AM
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:21 AM
How do I get my name listed on this list of GREAT people. I would like to thank them for a job well done and my calfs thank them.
 Take a child hunting today
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:10 AM
Congrats to all the lucky hunters!  Well done.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to knock a few over here soon.  The only good wolf is a dead one, and if I see one, he’ll be a good one.
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:50 AM
I love wolves and I cant wait til I have a full body mount in my living room! They are so Beautiful, And they will look GREAT on my wall or in front of my fireplace.     IF you want facts,  Fact #1   THe only good Wolf is a Dead WOlf!   Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:49 AM
Good for them… I hope they kill them all… They are NOT native wolves, they are Canadian wolves that should of NEVER been introduced here!!! They are MUCH bigger than the native wolves were, and they are throwing everything out of wack… I hope they kill them all ! ! !
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:49 AM
Congratulations to all who harvested a wolf. I’m looking forward to killing a few more next year. RMEF open your eye these bastards are coming after you.
Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:28 AM
 you a moron…you need to get out a see the cycle of life…wolves eat each other….maybe you all can eat each other too.. :-)
 Submitted on Thursday, December 17, 2009 2:49 AM
I’m not sure what is going through your heads with all of this talk.  These animals will starve or die a slow painfull death due to mange.  This is where the animal rubs the fur off of their body and they slowly freeeze to death.  Maybe some of the animals that are shot are not killed right away but I’m sure it would be better than slowly freezing to death.  They will also become over populated then they will start to devour all of your beloved deer.  So before I sign off I hope you will think of the over populated coyotes that will be forced to eat dead, frozen, mangey relatives.
Submitted on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 1:09 PM
 shoot the blasted things then maybe we will have some deer and elk again.


Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:03 PM

 Indeed. Karma. The wolves reap what they sew.

Submitted on Monday, February 8, 2010 4:48 AM
Submitted on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 8:48 PM
It doesn’t matter what law is passed, in the remote areas of the west many people still go by shoot, shovel, and shut up.  Why punch your wolf tag if you don’t have to, that way you can get two for the price of one.
Submitted on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:44 PM
You people are a bunch of crazies!
Submitted on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 5:18 PM
I almost feel sorry for killing a wolf.  When I pulled the trigger I think I saw the wolf cry.  Then it’s guts where blown onto the hillside and it moaned.
Submitted on Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:22 PM
Hey jerry b cry a little more ill make sure the next one shot is dedcated to you :) .   KILL EM ALL ONE PACK AT A TIME
Submitted on Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:11 PM
God damn u people are pathetic what’s cowardly about hunting the cowards are u pussys sittin at home bitchin wgile I’m 7 miles in the woods packin elk out on my back give me a break
Submitted on Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:44 PM
To those folks listed above, congratulations on a successful hunt.  To you other whining, godd for nothing pieces of communistic crap, move to China, North Korea or some other communist regime…you DO NOT belong in my country.  You are not Americans and do not deserve to live here in the land of the free!
Submitted on Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:47 PM


Submitted on Saturday, December 19, 2009 4:54 AM

Nabeki, Wolfs are predators and predators shall be managed, if they are not managed they will run rampid and start killing all living animals.  It is all you liberal son of a bitches plan to have wolfs desimate the elk and deer population so there will no longer be hunting, well fuck that, kill everyone of those damn wolfs and I hope the fucking wolfs eat your ass and your pets as well……….HUNT ON!!!!


Submitted on Sunday, December 20, 2009 4:28 PM

you guys are just plain fools
save the poor animals introduce wolves
some wolves should eat you while you are screaming in pain and still alive.
wolves should be completely removed your experiment is a failure it should have never happened in the first place.
you guys need “fools” tattooed on your foreheads
the liberals of this nation need to be required to where pink so when we have had our fill of you idiots we can know who you are and deport you and that’s my second choice of things to do with you

Submitted on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 1:42 PM
you people need to shut the hell up.
Submitted on Wednesday, December 16, 2009 2:53 AM
The only good wolf is a dead wolf! You people are so ignorant! Live your sheltered uneducated lives, and leave us normal hardworking people to manage the wildlife we live and deal with everyday!
Submitted on 2009/12/15 at 10:19pm
You are a joke. You all just need to remember one thing you do nothing to benefit wildlife. All you do is fund groups that sue, cause wildlife agencies to spend money on lawyers, and legal defenses instead of wildlife. If you want to help wildlife buy a hunting liesence as this is how all truley helping wildlife is funded. Please get a life and go do something productive.
One more reason to buy Leupold…..
what is wrong with a predator derby?
wait till coyotes come and attack your pets or worse your children you bunny huggers will have a new outlook on coyotes when you bury a loved one because of them.
You people are so fricken ignorant!
The only good wolf is a dead wolf! You people are so ignorant! Live your sheltered uneducated lives, and leave us normal hardworking people to manage the wildlife we live and deal with everyday!
yeah save all the wolves and coyotes cuz i hate to look at deer and elk! you people are nuts!!!
Shoot all the grey wolves. They are not native to the MT, ID or WY area. You do gooders really have no business in those states, why don’t they re introduce the wolves in central park in NY, see how see how that goes over. Go mind your own b usiness and live your lives and don’t tell us how to live ours!
you guys seriously need a new hobby check out the number of predators in the united states. there is an estimated 50,000 coyotes within the city limits of L.A. predator hunters like myself are an important part of a healthy wildlife management system, maybe we should stop hunting coyotes, allowing them to over-run your neighborhood stealing a couple of your lap dogs out of your back yard and then maybe, you would understand, or maybe you would like a mountain lion to come down and drag one of your kids down the street while swinging on your swingset……the choice is yours but i think you guys should review on who is “degenerate mental patients”\
Wolves are cold-blooded killers. Their numbers should be tightly controlled, if not eliminated, by any means necessary!  The wolf lovers are a small minority of most rational thinking citizens of this nation.  (apparently wolf lovers are the most rational people in the nation!!)


Submitted on 2009/12/11 at 6:22pm 

Nabeki, it’s the weekend and that means wolf hunting, when folks find out you know how to call them in, your dance card is always full. I can’t tell you how much your comments have motivated me to fine tune my craft, thanks. weather has been cold, pelts ought to be awesome. Hopefully with my help we can fill the 220 quote and get that darn season closed. Just trying to do my part to help relieve some of the stress. Wish me luck.

Submitted on 2009/12/10 at 12:46am
Nabeki, As I mentioned hacking into your site though easy enough kind of gives me the creeps, we’re thinking about starting our own site. Calling it/ Justice for All. Also have you thought any more about our wager. After the latest 2009 reports out on elk, I have a person who would like to double our bet giving you 2 for 1 odds. All we ask is that we can right them off as donations.. Come on Nabeki go out to the porch get some sun light and at least consider it.. I could actually send a fresh killed wolf hide and skull to your town, so you could actually say you’ve seen and touched one. Call me old fashioned but I have wolf meat you can try., color and texture similar to bear, but not as good. If your not interested it will end up as coyote bait, how ironic
Kill one. Maybe You’ll understand…= ^)
Its fun!

I Hope the phantoms are smoked. Way to much lynne drama in ketchum.


Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 1:52 PM

I’m not sure what is in the Kool Aid that you all are drinking but you should really take a break!  Hundreds more elk and moose will make it through this year without being slaughtered by these indiscriminate killers.  Sure I have shot a few elk and eaten them all.  Please set that double cheeseburger down before you lay into me for that one.  If you love these wolves so much why don’t you invite them to to live in YOUR back yard with your house pets and see how misunderstood these poor animals really are?

Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 2:41 PM
what a bunch of out of touch whackjobs.


Submitted on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 2:58 PM

I say shoot every wolf out there.


Submitted Wednesday, February 17, 2010 3:41 PM

Congrats to the wolf hunters! Keep up the good work and get some more

Submitted on Thursday, November 26, 2009 8:06 PM
Have any more phantoms been killed?
Hoping to make wildlife services job easier to wipe out the rest of the “problem” black wolves!!!
going out to smoke one next weekend….
and maybe enter the sfw contest!!!!
Wish me luck

Who needs protection??

Top Photo: Copyright Lynne Stone
Middle and Bottom Photos: Courtesy All About Wolves
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