OR7 The Journey – World Premiere – Sunday May 25, 2014!


‘OR7 – The Journey’,  is a mesmerizing new documentary film about one adventurous young wolf, from Northeast Oregon, who struck out for new country and ended up making history.

While the reasons behind the radio-collared wolf OR7’s extensive journey were most likely humble and based on instincts alone, the moment he stepped into the state of California, in the fall of 2011, OR-7 became a worldwide celebrity. He’s the first wild wolf known to make tracks in California in almost 90 years.


This amazing story has been recreated for the big screen by accomplished Oregon filmmaker, Clemens Schenk. While initially intrigued by this one wolf’s story, researching  the film led the producer to discover issues and social attitudes negatively impacting all wild wolves in the U.S. Exposing the shameful way American wildlife agencies are treating wild wolves became a driving force behind the movie. While telling the story of this captivating wolf’s journey, the film is interspersed with thought-provoking interviews and information that will shake the status quo of so-called “wolf management” in America.

OR7 – The Journey promises to be a treat for the eyes that will touch your heart and soul as well. Order your tickets for the world premiere of ‘OR-7 -The Journey’ in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, May 25th, here:


Starring in the film is Niwa, a captive-born ambassador wolf, named after the wolf advocacy group, the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, which also goes by “NIWA.” Clemens Schenk visited the Wolf People wolf education center in Northern Idaho three times throughout 2013,  to spend time filming Niwa running free in a five acre enclosure at the Wolf People compound. Niwa is a big, sociable, fun-loving wolf with a heart of gold, and he had no trouble at all charming Clemens into picking him as the star! Niwa’s petite and princess-like mate, Maiah, has a few cameo moments in the film, as do the rambunctious young Wolf People pups, Mahaway and Cuan.


Wolf People of Cocolalla is the exclusive dealer of the official OR7-The Journey tee shirts and other souvenirs. Check out the Wolf People online  store at http://www.wolfpeople.com/wolfstore/search.php?mode=search&page=1 to order your own OR7 tee-shirt today!


Howls To OR7,

Ann Sydow

Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance



Photos: Courtesy Ann Sydow

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Easter At Wolf People….

Wolf People’s wolves went on an egg hunt, well kinda, sorta…lol.  Here they are sniffing, analyzing and tearing their eggs to shreds. Hanta Yo looks particularly upset with his egg.


“I think Hanta expected to be given a steak treat on today’s Easter Tour @ Wolf People, not an Easter Egg!”

“Hanta inspects further… ”  “And decides to attack the egg anyway!”

HANTA YO and his soul mate LEGACY

 Legacy:  “I am much too much of a princess to eat that!”

 or  “If i act uninterested, maybe he’ll leave one for me…” 


Niwa is a Timber wolf, age 3 (and the nicest wolf i have ever met ;D)  He is the “pack clown”  … always doing something funny.  Named “Niwa” because he is the mascot for the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, who advocates for his relatives in the wild.

 “Now if i roll this just right it will drop into my water bucket…”


She is 1/2 Arctic 1/2 Timber Wolf , just turning 5 years old

“Hey…what’s this? Niwa left something uneaten? Unbelieveable!”

These are ambassador wolves that people see up close, inspiring them to want to help wolves in the wild. Having the wolves gives us the opportunity to educate the public about them.  We take the wolves to schools and events for educational outreach and  schools tour the Wolf People facility.

 Wolf People’s wolves are often photographed and filmed , including two Australian documentaries and National Geographic.

Wolf People has been educating the public about wolves since 1993.

Ann Sydow (Co-Chair Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance)

P.O. Box 246 

Cocolalla, ID  83813


Wolf Comments: Courtesy Ann Sydow

Wolf Photos: Courtesy Ann Sydow

Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny Photos: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Wolf People Logo Courtesy of WP (Nancy Taylor)

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Howls To The Wolf Advocates Who Participated In the Vigil Tonight!!

What a beautiful photo, Courtesy Keith n Anna

Thank you everyone who participated in the vigil  for the fallen Montana/Idaho wolves, who continue to be slaughtered in the hunts.

We received wonderful responses from all over the world.  Thank you to Ann Sydow and Nancy Taylor of  NIWA who organized the vigil in Coeur d’ alene. To Arctica and Nini, Wolf Peoples’s eight month old wolf pups, who were so cute on camera. To Beckie and  Trap Free Oregon for organizing the vigil in Ashland Oregon, to Wally, to Tallulah for the vigil in Santa Barbara, to Dr. Raven, to Agnes Delanis in France to Lynne S. , Katie, Brianna,  Keith n Anna for your wonderful picture, Wazaiyata, Norma, Sandra, wolfdog, Holly C., vibeke, Iszaria, Gitte, Erika,  Sheila, Barb, Josie, Zia, Captain Sakonna, N.Parry and all the dedicated wolf advocates who lit a candle for  wolves tonight.

NIWA had great success @ their vigil in downtown Coeur d’ alene.  KREM Channel 2 Spokane, KXLY Channel 4 Spokane, The Coeur d’ alene Press and NPR covered the vigil.  More on this tomorrow and hopefully people will be posting their pictures on Howl Across America so we can compose a montage and post them here on Howling for Justice. If you don’t want your face shown on the picture we’ll white it out.  We’d like people to tell us where your picture was taken but you don’t have to include that information. Also if you have a link to any media that covered your vigil let me know so I can post that as well.



For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Wolf lovers hold vigil to protest Idaho wolf hunts



North Idaho group holds vigil for wolves killed during hunt



Pro-wolf vigil tonight in CDA



Photo Courtesy Keith n Anna

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The Sweetest Little Wolf Pups…

Here they are the beautiful, adorable Wolf People puppies at seven weeks. They are growing so fast.

Their mom and dad are mimi x baci (he’s pure arctic wolf).

You can see these adorable babies at Wolf People in Cocolalla, Idaho!!

From the Wolf People’s website:

“We are a Wolf Education Facility educating the public about the true nature of wolves and showing the loving side of these magnificent animals that we have come to know and love. This has been our passion since 1993!”

Wolf People


Photos: Courtesy of Wolf People

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Wolf Puppy Power!!

 Here’s adorable Agiwa and Tuffy, two little pups born at Wolf People!

Visit Wolf People and you’ll have a chance to see these little guys in all their cuteness overload.  (-:

Wolf People


Photo: Courtesy of Wolf People

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Mohawk, Wolf Ambassador Extraordinaire!

Ambassador wolf Mohawk, of Wolf People, Cocolalla, Idaho. He’s a beauty!!

“Mohawk’s howling for justice for his wild brothers”

Wolf People is a wolf education facility run by Nancy Taylor. Visit their website to learn more about Wolf People and their wolves. Mohawk will be happy to meet you!

Wolf People



Wolf People FB Page



Photos: Courtesy of Wolf People

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