I Am Wolf…


I am wolf. I speak to you for my species. Please stop killing us.

We have walked this earth for thousands of years. We want to live in peace and raise our families. If we occasionally kill livestock it’s because we are hungry and you make it so easy. Nobody is guarding the cows and sheep. We are hunters and so we hunt. You kill billions of animals every year for food yet you blame us for a a few dozen cows?

People chase us with guns and shoot us. They use nasty traps that hurt our legs. Once in Alaska, one of our kind, a mother wolf, was stuck in a leg hold trap for fourteen days, she was so hungry her teeth were broken from eating rocks. Would you like to have your leg or arm stuck in a trap so you couldn’t get away? Then after you have been stuck for days or even weeks, with your family surrounding you but helpless to set you free, someone comes and shoots you?

You make us orphans to starve or kill us with our parents. You chase us in helicopter gun ships, we run for our lives but we can’t get away. Your shotguns riddle us with buckshot. We cry and howl in pain, then we die.This is wrong.We would never treat you this way.

 We are wild, we don’t understand your rules. We can’t read signs or understand your boundaries. We are driven by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. What we do is in our genes. We were put on this earth to keep ungulate herds healthy. We mean you no harm. Please stop killing our families. There is room on this land for both of us. You only have to find a place in your heart for us to dwell.

I am wolf…


June 27, 2010 



Photo: Courtesy Jason Hahn 2007

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