Priscilla Feral Speaks Out For Wolves On CNN!!

Priscilla Feral, President, Friends of Animals appeared on Issues With Jane-Velez Mitchell, Friday, August 12th. For once we heard the truth spoken on national television about the absolutely atrocious situation wolves are facing in the Northern Rockies.

Unless the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals grants an Emergency Stay to stop the hunts, wolves will face the tortures of the damned, starting August 30, 2011 when the Idaho hunts begin.

Priscilla slams the Obama administration for appointing a rancher to head the Interior. She speaks about the upcoming hunts in Idaho and Montana AND the awful  unregulated killing of wolves proposed by Wyoming. If Wyoming has their way haters could kill wolves in the most horrendous ways.

Friends of Animals is calling for a boycott of all the wolf states.  Economic boycotts are one of the ways we can push back against this brutality. All three states are  dependent on tourism and losing tourist dollars could make a difference.

The nightmare started with Obama’s appointment of Ken Salazar to head the  Interior. Obama has the distinction of being the only President to delist wolves twice and he hasn’t even served a full term. With the Presidents blessing  Western politicians were able to insert a wolf delisting rider into a must-pass budget bill, which stripped  gray wolves of their ESA protections. This never would have passed as a stand alone bill, the only way the anti-wolf lobby could accomplish the dirty deed was by sneaking into an appropriations bill, without the knowledge of most Americans. Every Democrat Senator voted yes, except three, even though many of them professed to support the ESA and wolves.  Senators like Boxer, Feinstein, Kerry, the Udall’s all voted to delist the gray wolf.   We can’t blame the Republicans this time. Our Democrat President signed the budget bill into law with the wolf delisting rider intact. Now wolves are facing extirpation AGAIN,  if the wolf states have their way.  And why is the USFWS going along with Wyoming’s “shoot-on-sight” policy, when they fought it in court before? It is vile and will damage Wyoming’s reputation. Who will want to visit a state where the iconic wolf is treated with such brutality?

If we don’t speak out now, if we don’t protest these terrible policies, wolves could disappear once again from the Western US.




Governor Butch Otter

Office of the Governor
State Capitol
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720

Phone: (208) 334-2100
Fax: (208) 334-3454




Governor Matt Mead

By Mail:
State Capitol, 200 West 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010

By Phone or Fax:
307.777.7434 (phone)
307.632.3909 (fax)




Governor Brian D. Schweitzer

Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529




Video: Courtesy YouTube Sub4SubNewsToday’s Channel

Photo: Courtesy First People

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Lawsuit Looming Over Montana FWP Wolf Coalition!!

Montana FWP held a meeting on August 20th with the purpose of forming a coalition of hunting and ranching groups, to find ways to circumvent Judge Molloy’s decision to relist gray wolves. It looks like they violated Montana’s Sunshine Laws, which are some of the toughest in the nation.

Wolf Warrior Jerry Black is fighting back!!

From the Great Falls Tribune:

“Black said the agency failed to adequately inform the public of the meeting, and therefore failed to abide by the state’s open meeting laws.”

We’re tired of wolf advocates and environmentalists being shut out of the decision-making process concerning wolves and other wildlife!


Man threatens to sue FWP over wolf-ruling coalition

By JOHN S. ADAMS Tribune Capitol Bureau • September 9, 2010

HELENA — A Missoula man has threatened to sue the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks over a newly formed coalition aimed at overturning a federal judge’s decision to return wolves to the federal endangered species list.On Aug. 20, Joe Maurier, FWP director, and Bob Lane, FWP attorney, met with representatives of the state’s livestock industry, outfitters, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts in Helena.

Multiple news reports of the meeting state that the outcome of the meeting was the formation of a coalition that would “present a unified front” with the state in trying to overturn U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy’s ruling that effectively put a stop to Montana’s scheduled wolf hunt.

Jerry Black, a retired airline pilot and activist from Missoula, sent a letter this week to Maurier requesting that FWP “disband the coalition and cease any further collaboration.” Black’s letter also requests that the agency withdraw any work the coalition already has done on the issue.

Black said the agency failed to adequately inform the public of the meeting, and therefore failed to abide by the state’s open meeting laws. Black said he is prepared to take “any means necessary” to stop the agency from moving forward with the coalition, or the groups involved.

“This meeting obviously was directed at special-interest groups,” Black said. “I don’t know of any environmental group that was invited to this thing. That, by itself, should say something.”

Lane said Wednesday that the FWP wasn’t required to notify the public of the Aug. 20 meeting because it was merely an “informational” meeting among interested parties.

“This was not a meeting in which we were making any decision, or even talking about a decision,” Lane said.

He added that media reports stating that FWP had formed a coalition were inaccurate.

“There was never a coalition formed other than a mailing list,” Lane said. “The only thing we had in common was we were frustrated that (the) state of Montana couldn’t manage wolves as a delisted species.”Black said he doesn’t buy Lane’s explanation. He pointed to separate newspaper articles published before and after the meeting that repeatedly referenced the formation of a coalition between the state and certain stakeholders. According to an Associated Press report published the day before the meeting, FWP spokesman Ron Aasheim stated that FWP would meet “with stockgrowers, woolgrowers, hunters, farmers and other groups to discuss forming a coalition.”

Separate newspaper reports published after the meeting also stated that a coalition had been formed to draft a new strategy “for getting more state control over wolves.”

“What FWP is saying and what has been reported in the newspapers doesn’t jive,” Black said.

He said he has contacted attorneys in Helena and Missoula, and is prepared to take the matter to court.

“I’m fed up with the fact that the nonconsumptive user is left out of these decisions,” Black said. “Wildlife belongs to all of us, and all of us should be making these decisions — not just special interest groups.”


It looks like Montana FWP has “got some ‘splainin  to do!!”

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