EMERGENCY TAKE ACTION!! Oregon’s Imnaha Wolf Pack Goes Under The Gun Today!!

Imnaha alpha male…August 2009

The Imnaha wolf pack in eastern Oregon is going under the gun today. Five ranchers in Wallowa County have been  issued wolf  kill permits in the Imnaha pack’s territory.

The famed wolf B-300, who dispersed from Idaho, is the alpha female of the pack and has pups. Both she and the alpha male are collared. No collared wolves have been implicated in livestock depredations but she is most likely be killed because collared wolves are an easy target. Four of the wolves in the Imnaha pack are collared in including the alpha female and male.  How easy would it be to pick up the radio signal of any or all of the  four collared wolves.? Some ranchers have been given radio receivers.  This is one of the main ways Wildlife Services tracks down wolves.

The situation centers on two calf depredations in their territory. Now half  the Imnaha pack of ten wolves, could be killed. Oregon has 14 wolves in the entire state but they want to kill five of them for two calves? 

What the heck is going on in Oregon? 

Look at the stats below. Do you see how they have blown wolf depredation into a huge issue when the majority of cows die from other causes?  This has been done to demonize wolves, just like the first extermination in the West. Who do you think was responsible for pushing the feds to get rid of wolves then?  RANCHERS!!

One Year of Cattle Deaths in Oregon (NASS 2006)  Thanks for the stats Erin!!

Digestive problems: Cattle – 1,600. Calves – 9,700.

Respiratory problems: Cattle – 7,500. Calves – 12,600.

Metabolic problems: Cattle – 1,700. Calves – 300.

Mastitis: Cattle – 1,700.

Other diseases: Cattle – 1,600. Calves – 800.

Lameness/injury: Cattle – 1,600. Calves – 1,200.

Weather related: Cattle – 200. Calves – 1,400.

Calving problems: Cattle – 1,400. Calves – 6,900.

Poisoning: Cattle – 400. Calves – 600.

Theft: Calves – 100.

Other non-predator: Cattle – 2,200. Calves – 800.

Unknown non-predator: Cattle – 2,700. Calves – 3,500.


Please without delay call ODFW or email them to protest this horrible action!! Tell ODFW you won’t spend one dime on any Oregon business that supports wolf killing or you won’t visit the state unless they treat their wolves properly and mandate ranchers to practice sound animal husbandry practices!! 

What is the point of trying to recover wolves when they can’t take one step without the livestock industry playing the “gotcha game” with them, even though they know wolves kill very few livestock and their major losses come from non-predator related causes.

This has to stop. Issuing five wolf kill permits for two calf deaths is wrong!

Let’s raise our voices in defense of these wolves, who are just trying to raise their pups.

Here is all the contact information. This cannot wait, the entire pack is in danger and people know where their den site is.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

3406 Cherry Avenue N.E. 

Salem, OR 97303





Main Phone (503) 947-6000 or (800) 720-ODFW [6339]

Comments:  odfw.info@state.or.us

To Enter Your Opinion About This Issue Into Public Record: Contact: odfw.comments@state.or.us


Here is a video of wolf B-300 in northeastern Oregon. She is the alpha female of the Imnaha pack.

B-300 was the first wolf confirmed to have dispersed from Idaho, returning wolves to Oregon and now they want to kill her.

Here are the beautiful Imnaha wolves showing off their pups last November. 



Wolf kill permits issued to ranchers

Imnaha pack alpha male, 2009


Photos: Courtesy ODFW 

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