1161 Fallen Wolves Idaho-Montana-Wyoming-Wisconsin-Minnesota Wolf/Witch Hunts 2012/2013 » BloodDrip

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  1. Please stop the delisting of America’s Gray Wolves! If they are taken off of the endangered species list, this same thing will happen in every state in the U.S. that has wolves. Within two years or less, we will lose our Gray Wolves forever. Stop this now and sign here!



    • Sign the petition. Seems like I’ve signed dozens to save the wolves, maybe between the petitions and the rally in Washington this Saturday the 7th maybe the wolves will be pardon from their death sentence.


      • It’s an uphill battle I know Nancy but the grass roots movement is growing by the day. We can win this but sadly it’s going to take time.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  2. I love wolves and I really hope they aren’t killed off in america!! That would throw it’s ecosystem out of balance!!!


  3. wolfs are my life i have a brown norther timber wolf her name is Star.i have hade her since she was a pup she has imprinted on me already and she never leaves my side .


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