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  1. I hope someday wolf killing to be stopped, these animals ,as many others too, deserve having a better life. Also the foto is really nice, my dog still tries to howl “normally” she’s still young 🙂


  2. The Wolves need to keep their right to life


  3. Most wolf lover’s know the truth about these majestic animals. . . They are good at creating and maintaining a healthy, well balanced ecosystem. This has been proven time and again, especially in Yellowstone. They bring more money to the states that border Yellowstone because more often then not, people go there to see them in the wild. They are also in danger because of human arrogance and ignorance. What boggles my mind is that while many people sit at a desk and sign petitions, very few get out and become proactive and that bother’s me. How can one say they love our wolves, but never stand up and truly fight for them. I will not be stopped. . . I will yell at the top of my lungs that only by uniting can we save the wolves~


  4. I agree Wolves deserve more, they SHOULDN’T be getting killed!!!! How does it help anyone, I know bounty hunting is aloud in some places still, But its very hard to hear what goes on.. when I hear about wolves I hear horrible things that happen to them, Its not happy news.. 😥 every time a wolf is gone with a Arrow or a Gun I lose a piece of my heart. #HowlingForJustice

    And I know some of you wanted to know what happened, because I have not been on in a while :”( Im sorry Guys Its just I have a lot going on In my life. Please Understand that I will never Ever let a wolf down.

    And that is a promise that I will never break. #HowlingForJustice


  5. It saddens me that so many wolves are being slaughtered in the Rockies, as they are all over the world. I’ve been researching wolves for many years now. I’ve read so many books and I’m familiar with the entire story of the wolves reintroduction into Yellowstone national park. I know how hard everyone fought for and how much work went into getting those first wolves being released. My heart and gratitude go out to you in your current struggles. It sounds like you are facing the same thing as so many all over the world. Perhaps you should start a petition. I have worked on a few for Wolves going up against politicians. They did some Good. All I’m suggesting is you discuss it. You’ve got nothing to lose but a few minutes time.
    I live in Canada. We have Wolves.

    If you think I could help you please feel free to send me a note and I’ll do everything I can to assist.

    Your friend
    Judith Campbell

    Leave me a message if I’m bizzy and I’ll return
    Your call ASAP

    Thank you


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