Keep Calling and Emailing To Save The Wedge Pack…. » Digital StillCamera

Wolf Pups Snoozing

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  1. I have lived with this pack for years. They are not just another obscure pack in the woods to me. They used to howl with my hybrids. I fed them fish, in thanks for them leaving our chickens alone, as we saw their tracks in the snow leading right to where the chicken house is in the yard with our own wolfies. Our wolfies were so happy and excited when they’d pass through, they’d race the length of the fence and try and pull it down, anxious to try and run with their wild brothers. These local bastards poisoned 2 of our dogs in their enclosures, one in 08, One in 09, after their neighbour and pal Senator Bob Morton failed to get his bill banning hybrids passed due to my intervention. There are also sheep next door, that the wolves never touched. Then these bastards shot 2 of this pack, fish & game ignored the poaching report, and now this from WDFW? This group of cowards are corrupt beyond belief, and I PROMISE they will pay for these wrongs in the end!


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