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ODFW yearling wolf killed by Wildlife Sevices

I’m still here, I have a few personal issues to deal with but I’ll be back.  Please hold down the fort while I’m gone. Feel free to read through the archives, it will give you a very clear picture of what wolves have been through since the first delisting in 2009.

Get your thinking caps on, we’re going to need all the brainpower we can muster to defeat this evil.

We will not allow our wolves, America’s wolves, to be used as target practice for the pleasure of a few sickos at the expense of the many.

Howl if you agree!!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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  1. Nice to hear from you Nabeki, actually glad you could and can take a few days “off” whatever that means is up to the reader, please do not get me wrong, it’s just that I wish, at least for a moment, I could forget about all this, I wish I could be,say, normal..just like all that people I see everyday at high school.. they don’t look troubled at all, it seemed that their only worries are school, friends, an extracurricular activity and/ or a social webpage..I wish I could take a vacation from this madness…I don’t have a wolf sanctuary anywhere near me so I cannot be there to rest, wherever I go it just keeps getting back striking harder and deeper.. Stupid for “others” but important to me, more than I would wish it to be.. I have not heard any ggod news for wolves..I now do not know if these emails of the full de-listing of wolves across the coutry are true, after all, they are already being slaughtered… but the trend is that it will worsen way before it gets any better.. Heh..I now find it difficult to remember the time I got involved.. I wonder if this love fotlr the wolves is a gift or a beautifully plotted curse against me… go figure I tell myself..
    Good night good people, don’t let this get to you as much as it does to me, it hurts..


    • Dan, do not feel bad. Every person you have a conversation with, steer it toward their family dog (as most people have dogs) and casually mention..”Gee, what would we do without our loyal companions? Thank God for the wolf, because without them….we’d find out.” Every time I open my just sort of naturally goes into howling for justice. Always a way to shed light on the plight of the wolf. 😉


      • Indeed, Anne, I would not like to find out what would happen or what I would do if the wolves were gone..I’d be purposeless in this world at best.. What I was trying to convey is that I simply cannot take a “vacation” from this.. wherever I go it haunts me..hence my hesitating that if my love for wolves is a gift, or a curse..


  2. Great to hear from you. Please, rest, get well. You do so much for the wolf that I would considerate no less that astronomical. Wishing you the best and sending you a chorus of howls and hugs.


  3. My best wishes for you, Nabeki! We – the wolves – the world need souls like you and we need all the brainpower, that love can create.
    Many hugs


  4. We all need a brief respite once in a while, at least for our emotional well-being. Occasionally, it’s good to step back and take time to re-charge as well. Take care, Nabeki….and everyone here.


  5. Just howling.


  6. Again, thank you to all of you, especially Nabeki, for making this forum beautiful, positive and helpful to all of our mourning and shock at the viciousness of men. You are a respite, a place of peace where we cry and laugh and help each other. Thank you, Nabeki! Hope all your personal issues are worked out to your satisfaction and you can stay as strong and beautiful as you are. We need you in the same way the wolves need and love their leaders! You are our alpha female.


  7. You bet, Nabeki! Take care,


  8. We will hold down the den! 🙂


  9. Loving wolves is a BLESSING! However the horrid pain we feel from the
    plight wolves are going through, comes with the love. We are human
    and full of all kinds of feelings. I just got a new left hip, and have been using a cane to walk for the past year.I keep the number of dead wolves written on my cane. Every time I change the number I sob my heart out.(in private) When people see my cane and ask about it I get
    to tell the story of wolves. Sometimes people cry with me. I get to be a voice for wolves, and will be as long as I’m on this earth.
    Thank You Nebeki, for all you do for the wolves and us wolf lovers.
    Hope things work out well for you what ever it may be.I think I speak for all of us in wishing you well.
    Howl with your friends, Christy


  10. Just saw this on facebook:

    Urgent !! Minnesota action!!!

    URGENT!! We need you to FLOOD the MN Legislature and Governor’s office with calls! An amendment banning the recreational trapping of wolves in MN for 5 yrs has been introduced into the House by Representative Jason Isaacson and a vote may come today! Needed NOW:

    MN Residents: Call your your state representatives! House first, then State Senators.

    Tell them specifically you want recreational trapping, baiting and snaring of wolves banned. You want them to support Rep. Isaacson’s amendment. Feel free to tell them you want ALL recreational wolf hunting banned.
    Non-MN Residents: Call Governor Dayton, 651-201-3400

    Gov. Dayton can halt these cruel practices and the wolf hunt at any time he chooses. Tell him how wolf hunting affects your image of MN and how the presence of wild wolves & wilderness affects your plans to visit the state.

    As ever, plse be respectful. Calls are not stressful; the office will simply transcribe your views and shared. The last time we had an urgent call to action like this we literally rang the phones off the hook -we need to do it again!! Your representatives need and want to hear from you!


  11. No comments to the above good news re MN wolves??? Maybe it appeared elsewhere on this site and I missed it?


    • Gail…I’m on break but Howling for Wolves is all over this. They concentrate on Minnesota wolves.



  12. Save the wolves specie!


  13. Nabeki…may your needs be met, may your spirit be refreshed, may your fires be rekindled. Never apologize for renewing yourself. Blessing and healing prayers for you.
    A helpful howling from Illinois!


  14. Here’s some good news that I’ve read about wolves lately that I wanted to share with all of you:

    *Scientists petition for Feds to keep gray wolves protected:

    *USFWS delays decision on nationwide gray wolf delisting indefinitely :

    *Michigan wolf protection petition generated the required amount of valid signatures required to put wolf hunting on the ballet:


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